How To Promote Your Books In Online World

How To Promote Your Books In Online World
How To Promote Your Books In Online World
Now I assume that you had published you first book, and you want to promote it. These are many way you can use to promote books online.

1. Make use of your signature online. Make sure you put your link to where your book can be found or purchased in your signature. In your email, you can link to websites, blogs, or whatever you want. Don’t make it too long, it’ll annoy the readers. And another important point is to make a post to relevant groups or forums.

2. Google and Yahoo group are the best places to go. Join the groups that are for readers and post often. The other will see your site through your signature

3. Go to chat spot and start chatting, Offer them a gift or related promotional items to come to your sites ( That where the address of your book.) If the chat is somethings about writing, offer them a critique. That will make your book more interesting in their point of view, just remember, people always love critique.

4. Try finding a related websites or blogs that are in your genre, offer them to do a reviews or maybe a short interview on their site or blog. If the blog has a very high traffic, the more people will see your book. Follow the golden rules of selling online, “the more traffic, the more sales”

5. Put up your own website or blog. You will argue me with this. You might say that you don’t want to afford the hosting or domain. I have to tell you that, your site or blog can be a huge different. Your book’s site will add the book more value from the customers’ eyes. What’s more is that when you publish another book just simple put it there, where your promoted site is. That make your life a lot more easier because you have to promote once and for all.

6. Create a mailing list. That way you can interactive with your readers. You don’t have to make a newsletter about your books or your goods. It’ll scared the readers away. Try to make if fun and friendly, convince them that you are their’s friend. The friend that introduces them a great books ( of yours, exactly)

7. In your blog (or your website, but I recommend you to setup it with Wordpress to use blog feature. It’s very easy for you because you don’t have to worry about on-page factor) try to write it as often as you can. If it possible, try to write it everyday, Visit other people blogs and don’t forget to comment on their’s blog. By doing this will keep him/her happy and the important thing is don’t forget to link back to your blog for his/her comment.

8. After you have finished setup your site, try to exchange your link with your author friends or others. That will make your site more visible to a horde of internet users.

9. Every time you finish reading a book, try writing a review article of it. You can submit it else where. That will make you backlinks.

10. Join the internet contests. Usually, It’s free. You don’t worry about winning the first place. If you don’t win, your title will be list anyway. So many more people are watching you!

Be friendly, Go everywhere and make friend. Be helpful to everybody. Giving your time. Pay respect to other and say them a congrats when they make a nice post or article. This is the most important thins I want to tell you above all. You will get help by many people, you’ll be the inspiration of the other, they’ll promote you without saying a word. Friendship rule the world

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