How To Sell In Your Article Without Selling

How To Sell In Your Article Without Selling
How To Sell In Your Article Without Selling
Ok, so you’re passionate about your website, you love talking about your subject and you’re excited to share your knowledge, information, and maybe your products and services with the world. But how do you share your enthusiasm with your readers without coming across like you’re making a pitch? How do you sell your products or services without ’selling’ them.

No one likes a sales pitch and as soon as a reader senses they’re being ’sold’ they’re likely to click away from your article. Yet quite often, in order to motivate your reader to be inspired enough to visit your website, you need to give them a bit of a pitch. Here’s how to motivate a reader to action, without selling them.

The best way to motivate your reader is to provide them with a benefit. One of the reasons tips and how to articles are so popular is that they offer a reader an immediate benefit. Ten tips to make more money today. 3 steps to looking ten years younger. The secret to retiring early. These are all examples of article headlines that promise a benefit. When your article offers content that follows through on your promise, readers are going to be hungry for more information. You’ve kept your end of the bargain in your article, they’ll trust you to provide more benefit on your website.

Tap into your readers’ desires. We all desire to be more attractive, wealthier, smarter, happier, more respected etc…when you tap into these desires in your article you immediately have your reader’s attention. How does the content of your article help solve their problems and attain their desires?

For example, if your product is an accounting software program and your article is about how to balance your checkbook, you could tap into your reader’s desire to be wealthier by keeping track of their money or tap into their desire to be respected or smarter by having their finances at the tips of their fingertips. The headline might look something like this, “Ten Tips to Give You Control Over Your Finances, and more money in your wallet.

When you tap into your reader’s desires and offer them a way to attain them, you’re a virtual hero and your readers will be excited to visit your website and learn more from you.

Don’t give your reader the whole story. Write an article about 3 ways to do something and then in the last sentence of your article tell them this isn’t the whole story. Tell your reader if they want to learn more about your article’s topic, they can visit your website and learn the whole story. Note that if you are publishing your article in an article submission site, they may not allow you to plug your website in the body of your article. If this is the case, you can plug it in your author’s resource box. However, if you’re publishing the article in an e-zine or on another website, this is a great way to draw traffic to your site.

Selling in your article copy is as easy as offering valuable content and solving people’s problems. This approach also makes it easy to write copy. Tips and how to articles are amongst the easiest types of article content to write. Get writing!

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