10 things to do in Liverpool

10 things to do in Liverpool
10 things to do in Liverpool
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Liverpool is a city in celebration. Wining the 2008 Capital City of Culture award has brought fresh investment intended to match the amenities of the old city to the passion of its devoted citizens. With money poured into renovating the city centre, improving shopping facilities and areas for nightlife along with the rapid growth of Liverpool as a city of art and culture Liverpool is the booming city of the North, genuinely a city that has something for everyone. It is certainly worth a visit with lots of places to stay too.

The Cavern Club

The self-proclaimed ‘most famous club in the world’ is the legendary birthplace of the Beatles and without doubt one of the most important cultural landmarks in Liverpool. Inspired by Parisian cellar bars the Cavern Club opened in 1957 but it wasn’t until November 9th 1961 when the unknown Beatles were introduced to Brian Epstein that the club cemented its place in pop history. Since the Beatles completed their 292 show residency artists such as The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Who and recently the Arctic Monkeys have gone on to play at The Cavern defining the club as a hot-spot for emerging talent and an icon in world music.

The Cavern Club is situated along the lively Mathew Street just off the city centre and is open daily from 12pm holding live music nights and DJ events playing anything from Mersey Beat to Brit Pop.


Albert Dock

This secluded patch of Liverpool’s heritage offers a break from the city centre with plenty to see and do across a picturesque waterfront. Combining bars and restaurants with museums and tours the Albert Dock has something for everyone. The Merseyside Maritime Museum and the National Slavery Museum as are certainly worth a look and Babycream and Panamerican Club are both great places for something to eat or a quick drink.albertdock.com/

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