Admission Requirements of Devry University

Admission Requirements of Devry University
Admission Requirements of Devry University
Before going off to the university of your choice, you would be asked to submit some requirements to see if you are qualified to take any of the courses and programs offered by the school. If you do not want to delay any longer with the long process of admitting yourself to the university, you should research about its admission requirements. If you are interested in Devry University , here are some of its requirements that you should comply with so that you will not have a hard time starting out with the school.

Age requirement. As per the official website of the university, you will only be eligible to go to college if you are already 17 years of age.

Interview. An interview is a must with the university. You need to set an appointment with its admissions counselor or any authorized person. An interview is needed for those who are wishing to take classes in the brick and mortar school or online.

High school diploma. A high school diploma is needed or a GED if such a diploma is not applicable for your situation. This should be filed before the registration closes. For US high school graduates, you should be part of the 50 th percentile or achieved 2.7 taking into account a 4.0 scale after the 11 th grade. B is required for the Algebra 1 math course.

Prior college work. You must have obtained an associate degree from a Devry approved institution or graduated with a GPA of 2.0 or C on a 4.0 scale.

International students. You can visit the site on the requirements for these types of students.

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