Internet Banking Means Fewer Hassles for Students

College freshmen face a long list of hassles when they leave home for the first time and move into a dorm or their own apartment. Today, thanks to the growth of Internet-based banks, setting up a checking account for college students is no longer on that list of dreaded tasks.

Internet-based banks, such as NetBank, allow students to set up a checking account from their parents' home with just an e-mail account and a driver's license. Students arrive at college with pre-printed checks, as well as an ATM, debit or credit card.

According to a survey by NetBank, nearly 92 percent of students said they arrive at college with their own computer and 87 percent are able to connect to the Internet from their dorm or apartment without any problems. Of those respondents, 50 percent use online bill-paying services, compared to 28 percent of the general banking population.

"Today's college students represent a new wave of bank customers who will never set foot in a bank branch," said Jerry McCoy, chief marketing executive for NetBank. "They recognize that banking online is more convenient to their lifestyle and allows them to focus on more important tasks such as schoolwork and extracurricular activities."

Internet bank accounts provide additional convenience to students, such as NetBank's free, unlimited access to online bill pay, which eliminates the monthly exercise of writing and mailing checks. It's an easy way to ensure students don't forget to make a payment or don't get hit with a late fee during busy times like mid-term exams and homecoming week celebrations.

Students can also earn more interest and pay fewer fees, because an Internet bank doesn't need to cover the costs associated with running a local branch.

A NetBank account is as mobile as today's students. No matter where life takes them - a semester abroad, summer vacation, first job - there's no need to switch banks.

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