The Most Financially-Efficient Laptops for Distance Learners

The Most Financially-Efficient Laptops for Distance Learners
The Most Financially-Efficient Laptops for Distance Learners
Many working professionals who want to finish earning a postsecondary degree to advance their careers are turning to online education as a viable option. Internet-based classes give students the opportunity to work at a reasonable pace from the comfort of their own home. Online colleges can also be cheaper than traditional schools and help individuals earn a degree in a shorter amount of time. These courses can be accessed wherever internet is readily available. However, it can be difficult for a student to get their work done without the proper technology. A laptop is ideal for busy individuals who want to be able to work on the go. Because Wi-Fi is available in many public places, this device is more practical than a desktop computer that cannot be toted around.

Laptops come in a variety of different sizes and prices. A number of different companies make laptops as well, meaning new students have a lot of comparing to do and a difficult choice to make. For individuals who do not want to dish out a pocket full of cash for a laptop, there are a number of financially-efficient options that can last throughout the course of college.
HP G60t, 15.6-inch screen laptop. For approximately $500, this Hewlett-Packard laptop is an affordable option for students who want a fast hard drive and an ample amount of memory. The device has a 160 GB hard drive, along with 2 GB of memory that can be used to store those extensive college essays. The HP also comes with Wi-Fi capabilities, a DVD burner and a built-in web camera with a microphone. Although these features may seem frivolous, they can be a necessity for a distance learner who needs to keep in video contact with professors. The camera and microphone are two things a student will not have to buy when it comes time to begin class.
Dell Inspiron 14, 14-inch screen laptop. This Dell laptop is also listed as around $500 with similar conveniences to what is included in the HP. The device has 2 GB of memory and Wi-Fi capabilities, but has a monitor that is slightly better than the HP at 720 pixels in high-definition. The Dell also comes with a DVD burner, but no camera or microphone. For a little extra money, buyers can add features to the product to customize the laptop prior to purchase.
Apple MacBook. This computer may not be as affordable as the Dell or HP, but for approximately $1,000, students can buy a durable Apple laptop for all of their education needs. The MacBook comes with a standard hard drive of 250 MB, along with 2 GB of memory. However, consumers can pay a few dollars more to upgrade this amount to 4 GB. A built-in camera and microphone are included with the laptop, along with two USB ports for any external devices.
Dell Studio 15 (Studio 1555 version), 15.6-inch screen laptop. For students who are looking for a heavy duty laptop for multimedia work, the Dell Studio 15 might be the answer. This laptop comes with a screen that is almost 16 inches in width, but it is light enough to be toted around on the go. With a 720-pixel resolution, the monitor is ideal for students who need to be able to see the fine details of their work. For a little extra cash, consumers can upgrade to 1080 high resolution. The Dell comes with a 320 GB hard drive, which is larger than most for its price of approximately $700. As always, the company allows buyers to customize their device prior to purchasing as well.

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