Creative Ways to Earn Cash on Campus

Creative Ways to Earn Cash on Campus
Creative Ways to Earn Cash on Campus
Earning a college degree can help an individual prepare for a career in their chosen field. However, many schools offer students on-campus job opportunities. In addition to providing some extra spending money, these positions can help enhance one’s resume as they pursue their education. Although each college offers students different opportunities, here are a few of the most common on-campus jobs.
Tutor: Students who excel in a particular subject may want to consider becoming a tutor. Individuals who need assistance writing a paper, or simply would like to run it by another set of eyes, can typically go to a school’s writing and reading center or individual departments for help. For instance, the Writing Center at Harvard University is staffed by trained undergraduate students who offer free tutoring sessions to those who require assistance with school assignments, according to the institution’s official website.
Resident advisor: Students who wish to acquire strong leadership and interpersonal skills might want to take on the role of a resident advisor, or an RA, as they are more commonly called around campus. These individuals live in a dorm where they are available to answer any questions other students might have, according to Resident In addition, they are tasked with making sure that those in their building are abiding by campus rules.
Newspaper staff: Working at a college’s official student newspaper can not only be rewarding, but help prepare individuals for a future in journalism. Most on-campus papers operate similarly to professional news outlets, with positions for writers, designers and editors. Student newspapers can cover a wide range of topics, from the latest on-campus news to stories that are taking place beyond the classroom in local communities. Many of these student newspapers are as well-known as the institutions that print them. For instance, Brown University’s Daily Herald has served the school’s community since 1891, according to the news source’s official website. Brown students can join the Herald as reporters, photographers, columnists, web staffers and in other positions.
Literary journal staff: Some institutions sponsor creative publications that allow students and faculty to submit fiction, poetry and other art forms for publication. The English department at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth produces several publications throughout the academic year, according to the school’s official website. Among them are Temper, an annual literary review which accepts works of fiction, poetry, one-act plays and other forms of writing. Temper offers students an opportunity to not only have their work published, but work on the faculty-sponsored literary review’s staff.
Cafeteria worker: Although it may not be the most glamorous college job, the school cafeteria and other on-campus eateries can always use help. Cleaning up after fellow students might even provide an extra incentive to study hard and work toward that dream career.
Office jobs: Depending on the college or university, there may be several clerical jobs available on campus in financial aid and other offices. An institution’s information office can also provide students with an opportunity to enhance their resume, according to In a college’s information office, students typically perform simple tasks such as answering phones and dealing with the public.

It is important for college students to remember that if they want to work on campus, they need to act quickly. Getting into school is a competitive process and finding on-campus employment can be just as challenging. If a student who lives on campus does manage to land a job, they are sure to experience the easiest commute to work they will ever know.

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