Key Questions Every Job Applicant Should Ask

Key Questions Every Job Applicant Should Ask
Key Questions Every Job Applicant Should Ask
By Mariana Ashley

Amid the economic downturn, many people have lost their jobs. Although the market is showing signs of recovery, several individuals are still struggling to enter the workforce. When a person lands the opportunity to meet with an employer for an interview, it is important to prepareaccordingly. Although it may take a little time to research a company, create mock questions and understand the position at hand, these steps can help jobseekers make a positive first impression during the interview process. Experts say there are a few key questions applicants should ask the employer to increase their chances of landing the job, according to CNN.
What is the position like? Inquiring for more information about the job is one way a person can show a hiring manager that they are sincerely interested in the position. Although researching the job beforehand can give an applicant a better understanding of what the company is looking for, the employer has details that may not be on the original listing.
How does the business operate? Another way to shine during an interview is by asking questions about the company’s business practices. Asking for more information about how management operates and what type of work the position entails will show an employer than an applicant is enthusiastic about the job. In turn, individuals will also learn crucial information about the position at hand.
What are the highlights of working for this company? Asking about the positives of the workplace is one way an individual can get a feel for the company, in addition to the research they conduct beforehand. A hiring manager who is happy to share their experiences with the company may indicate that the workplace is an uplifting environment. However, an interviewer who struggles to come up with an answer might indicate to an applicant that the job may not be the right fit.
Is there anything else you would like to know? Because an employer is interested in learning more about the individual, it is important that an applicant keeps this in mind when going into an interview. A resume is an important piece to the puzzle, providing a hiring manager with extensive details on an applicant’s professional history. However, it may be worth the time to ask an interviewer if there is more they would like to know during the interview. Additional questions may provide an individual with the opportunity to elaborate on their previous answers or resume experience.
What resources will be available to me in this position? Company resources can make or break a deal for many applicants, which why it is important to ask for details during the interview process. Whether it’s a budget or a personal assistant, individuals are encouraged to ask what will be available to them if they are asked to stand up to the task.
When will you be in contact? This question is typically the final inquiry during an interview, but it is an important one. Applicants are encouraged to ask the hiring manager for a method of contact, whether it is a business card or an e-mail address. Individuals should also ask for a time frame within which they can expect to hear back from the employer. Even if the interviewer cannot answer the question, the applicant will be able to show that they are interested and eager to start the position. To make sure an employer keeps the individual in mind, applicants are encouraged to stay in touch with the company following the interview. Sending an e-mail or making a quick call might help a person make the final push to land a job.

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