Most Common College Majors for Women

Most Common College Majors for Women
Most Common College Majors for Women
By Mariana Ashley

Business administration, psychology and nursing are among the top college majors, according to The Princeton Review. However, of all the different areas of study available to students across the country, is there one subject that is more appealing to woman than men, and vice versa? Though no one field was created to meet the demands of an entire gender, sometimes it is interesting to see that there are a few that are popular among a specific demographic. Here are some of women’s favorite college majors.

Everybody’s Favorite Major

Maybe there is one major that comes close to matching the desires of both men and women. A survey of American freshman that was conducted by the University of California, Los Angeles in 2010 revealed that before raising a family, undergraduates’ main objective in life was the be financially well-off, Forbes reported. In addition, their primary reasoning behind choosing a degree program was based on whether or not graduates found good jobs. Due to these modern priorities, business is the most popular major for both women and men, according to data from the U.S. Department of Education. This area of focus prepares students for careers in finance, sales, consulting, marketing and management, Forbes reported.

Judy Touchton, founder and CEO of the consultancy for women in higher education,, told the news source that in this economy, practicality reigns. "Women are choosing business majors because they, often guided by their parents, think they will be more likely to find jobs after college," Touchton added.

A Desire to Help Others

Following business, health professions, education and psychology are top majors for female students, according to Forbes. "Research has shown that women tend to gravitate towards fields of studies and career paths where they can have a positive social impact and work with others, often collaboratively," said Linda Basch, president of the National Council for Research on Women, quoted by the news source. Basch added that this is the reason why female professionals dominate fields such as healthcare and education.

According to Forbes, individuals who once would have become education majors might be flocking to programs related to the healthcare industry. Researcher Laurence Shatkin told the news source that the majority of workers in this field are women. In addition, the healthcare industry is expected to produce 3.2 million new jobs by 2018, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, Forbes reported that for women, interest in studying education has declined a bit over the past decade.

The Old Favorites

In the past, many female students have been attracted to English and liberal arts programs. This still holds true, according to Forbes. Women who earn degrees in these areas can go onto careers in teaching, writing, editing, public relations and sales. What’s more, although men tend to dominate many of the scientific college programs, women are known to gravitate toward biological and biomedical science majors. "Students have found that boys and girls have different approaches to pursuing science," Basch told Forbes. "Boys and young men often pursue science for science’s sake, whereas girls and young women tend to view science as a tool for some other purpose, often attached to social good."

What About the Guys?

Aside from business, it turns out that many male students are attracted to some of the same programs as women, Forbes reported. These shared areas of interest include social sciences and history, education and psychology. What men appear to gravitate to more than the opposite sex are degrees in engineering, computer and information services as well as communication technologies.

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