11 Colleges With Incredibly Bad Weather

11 Colleges With Incredibly Bad Weather
11 Colleges With Incredibly Bad Weather
While some students enjoy classes in beautiful climates, others find themselves trekking to the library in snowstorms, extreme heat, or rain. Although these schools offer a great education, their weather leaves something to be desired. Check out these 11 schools with the worst weather.
Loyola: Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Loyola weather has the worst of both worlds. Every few years, there’s a big snowstorm, and the grocery stores get mobbed. Loyola students pay their dues in the cold winters, but don’t get a break in the summer — there’s plenty of humidity, and temperatures up to 100 degrees. Baltimore is subject to tropical storms and hurricanes, as well as the rare tornado.
UNLV: Sometimes, going to school in Vegas is awesome, but other times, not so much. When it rains, it really pours, and the winds can be extreme. And before you start thinking you’ll go to the desert of Vegas to escape snow, know that Vegas can still get slammed with record snowfalls.
University of Miami: Normally, Miami is home to beautiful, sunny weather that its residents enjoy almost year round. But what lands the University of Miami on this list is the hurricanes. Miami is prone to deadly hurricanes that can really throw a wrench in your class schedule.
University of North Dakota: Those who live in North Dakota should be braced for buckets and buckets of snow every winter. Snow storms from November are likely to stick around until the spring, and it’s not unusual to find temperatures below zero.
UTEP: El Paso is in hot West Texas, right near the Mexican border. In the spring, you’ll have to brace yourself for a kind of storm you probably haven’t seen before — sand blows around quite a bit. The desert climate means it’s dry all year long, and triple digits are common in the summer, but there are also very cool winters.
University of Washington: If you’re a fan of gray skies and rain year round, Seattle is for you. And don’t think that because you have to deal with constant dreariness, you’ll be excused from cold — it gets downright cold, and the wind coming off the ocean is bone chilling.
University of Oregon: Like the University of Washington, Oregon has terribly dreary weather. It’s constantly cloudy, humid, and wet.
Tulane: Tulane is a great school, but attending means that you’ll be living in New Orleans, where heat and humidity is a way of life. It’s one of the rainiest places in the US, and you can’t survive the summer without air conditioning. Oh, and let’s not forget the city is prone to hurricanes.
Syracuse: Going to Syracuse means dealing with constantly unsettled weather. There’s lots of cloud cover and precipitation, and when it’s not gloomy from rain, it’s snowing. Syracuse typically receives well over 100 inches of snow each year.
University of Chicago: When it’s nice in Chicago, it’s absolutely beautiful. But you never know what you’re going to get. It can be extremely cold, windy, and icy, and it’s a good idea to bring a jacket any time of year. Temperatures can change 40 degrees in a day, with extreme weather changes happening rapidly.
University of Minneapolis: The Twin Cities are amazingly cold in the winter. In fact, temperatures are colder in the Twin Cities than in any other major US metropolitan area. On top of that, this area is subject to floods, droughts, tornadoes, and wind.

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