Graduate Study Abroad Can Be an Asset to Your Education

Graduate Study Abroad Can Be an Asset to Your Education
Graduate Study Abroad Can Be an Asset to Your Education
When most people think of study abroad, they think about undergrad study abroad, but there many opportunities for graduate students to study abroad as well. Going to another country when pursuing a masters or doctoral degree can be a great way to not only learn about another culture but pursue some one of a kind research opportunities and have some fun to boot. If you’re in graduate school and debating study abroad, consider some of these reasons to take your studies overseas.

New resources. With a new college comes loads of new resources. As a graduate student working for the most part independently on your thesis or dissertation, you’ll have a host of other resources at your disposal that could help make your work all that much more rich and well-researched.

Work with experts. Sometimes experts in your field of study aren’t always to be found close to home. Study abroad can bring you into contact with professors and researchers who are at the top of their fields, no matter where in the world they choose to work.

Language learning. Study in another county is an excellent way to polish your language skills. Many graduate degree programs require students to be fluent (or at least be able to get by) in at least one other language, so study abroad is the perfect opportunity to brush up on the basics and learn new words from native speakers.

See research first hand. If you’re studying art, architecture, history, anthropology or another humanities topic, leaving your home country and studying in another can let you work face-to-face with the very places and people about whom you’re researching.

New friends, new ideas. Anytime you work outside your comfort zone you’re bound to learn something new about yourself and the world around you. Graduate study abroad can help you to see things in a different light, help you make friends and maybe even open you up to whole new areas of research you wouldn’t have otherwise known about.

While not every student will want to head overseas to take courses and do research for their degree, those that do will be met with a host of opportunities that can enrich their studies and make for better work and a more well-rounded educational experience.

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