Strange But True College Campus Rules

Strange But True College Campus Rules
Strange But True College Campus Rules
When students get to college and move into their dorm, they are told what they can and cannot do in their room and on campus. Of course, not everyone will follow these rules, no matter how reasonable they may be. However, flip through any school’s student handbook and there might be a few guidelines that will genuinely shock you. Here are some strange but true college campus rules.
No drinking…coffee? No alcohol is understandable, but no hot beverages such as coffee and tea? Students who do not think they can make it through those 8 am classes without a steaming cup of joe might want to think twice before enrolling at Brigham Young University. According to the institution’s official website, faculty, administration, staff and students are expected to demonstrate a personal commitment to the moral virtues encompassed in the gospel of Jesus Christ, both on and off campus. This means using clean language, being honest and abstaining from substance abuse.
No rock and roll allowed. At Bob Jones University, students can bring their cell phones and even mini refrigerators. However, that poster of Justin Bieber has to stay at home. According to the institution’s official website, posters of stars from the world of movies, music and fashion cannot adorn dorm walls. It would also be a smart move to double check what discs students are putting in their CD player, as rock, rap, jazz, country and religious music that borrows from these genres is not allowed. During the packing process, make sure to leave the television, DVD player and violent video games back home, as they will not be tolerated on campus, either.
No R-rated movies. Yes, you are in college. No, you still are not allowed to watch R-rated movies. Asbury College’s handbook for community and residence life states that students are required to follow the Biblical principles and use discretion in the media they choose to view. Movies with a PG or PG-13 rating should be appropriate for viewing, unless they counter the college’s established guidelines. However, an R-rated film "would rarely provide the educational or redeeming value which would warrant its viewing," the handbook states. There is a glimmer of hope in the handbook, which says that students are invited to engage in dialogue with their residence director about possible exceptions to this rule.
No unsupervised touching. For students who plan on dating — or even talking to — a member of the opposite sex while they are away at college, may want to think twice before heading to Pensacola Christian College. According to the Student Voice, an unofficial information website for the institution, males and females are not allowed to interact with one another unless they are in a chaperoned area. The genders must not use the same stairways, elevators and in certain cases, sidewalks. Rules also extend to life off-campus. There is to be no interaction away from school without prior approval or an approved chaperon. Finally, any young women who hope to find a chivalrous man at Pensacola can forget it, because a suit jacket cannot be given to a date.

These rules may seem strict, and yes, strange to some, but individuals continue to apply to and enroll in these colleges and universities. So while many students could never imagine living on a campus where coffee and Lady Gaga posters are not allowed, it is important to remember that there are people for whom these school mandates are perfectly fine.

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