Smart Resolutions for Students

Smart Resolutions for Students
Smart Resolutions for Students
By Mariana Ashley

With the new semester just starting, this can be the perfect time of year for students to take a hard look at their lives and make some resolutions for the coming months. No matter what you’re studying or how great of a student you may be, there’s always some aspect of your life that could use a little work. Here are some ideas for smart resolutions that college students can make to ensure they’re getting the most out of their studies and time in school.

Spend more time studying. If you’ve haven’t exactly been the model student in semesters past, there’s no better time to start than now. Resolve to spend more time on your studies and make it easy to stick to that resolution by scheduling it into your life.

Be healthier. There are numerous resources on campus to help you live a healthier life, so why not start as soon as possible so you can reap the rewards? Make time for workouts in campus facilities and start learning how to cook quick and healthy meals. It might be more work, but it will be worth it when you feel and look better.

Make new friends. College is often a place where people find friends who they’ll be close with for the rest of their lives. You might already have a few besties but don’t be afraid to branch out and meet new people. It could change your life for the better.

Read more books for fun. If you’re like many college students, most of your reading is done for class. Yet taking time to learn new things just for fun and for your own personal enrichment is just as important. Resolve to make more time to spend more time learning on your own terms or even just reading a fluff book.

Have more balance in life. Balance should be something that you strive for in life, whether you’re in college or in the working world. Make it your resolution this year to do a better job of sharing time between school work, work and fun so that you get to experience not only the parts of life that are necessary to get ahead but those that are fun as well.

There is no better time than now to start having the best semester of your college life. Whether you start focusing more on your studies or branch out into new and uncharted experiences, make the time you spend at college, memorable and good for your mind and body.

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