Choose Your College Housing Carefully

Choose Your College Housing Carefully
Choose Your College Housing Carefully
You may not think it matter much where you live in college so long as you have a roof over your head, but it actually can make a big difference in how much you enjoy your time as a student and how much you get done when it comes to schoolwork. While there is no one perfect solution for every student, there are some things that all college students should consider before ever committing to a living situation to ensure that their needs are met and they have the best college experience possible.

Noise. There are a variety of factors that can go into making an apartment a loud place to live: proximity to trains and highways, neighbors who like to party, closeness to nightlife and even the roommates you choose. If you’re the type who needs peace and quiet to work and sleep, you might want to stay away from lodging in a fraternity or above a bar.

Roommates. Choosing a good roommate can be hard and some students do better with no roomies at all. When you’re choosing a place to live, you need to carefully consider whether or not the personalities of you and your roommate will mesh well enough to make things work between you and keep both of you happy throughout the semester.

Space. Can you save money by living in a small place? Sure. But will it drive you nuts by the end of the school year? Maybe. You need to decide how much room you need to function well in school and in your social life. If you’re good with living in a small space, fine, but if not you’ll need to do some serious thinking before committing.

Privacy. This is a big issue, especially when you’re living with roommates. Whether you want privacy to study, sleep or have friends over, you need to determine whether or not the place you set your sites on to call home will offer it to you. All people need privacy now and then, so make sure you’ll get what you need from anyplace you call home.

What each person wants and needs from college housing will be different. Some will want to be surrounded by friends while others will need peace and quiet to get work done. Whatever your needs as a student, make sure to spend time carefully considering where you’ll be living. It can be a big part of how much or how little you take away from the school year, so know what you want, need and are willing to put up with before ever signing on the dotted line.

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