Transitioning from School to 9-5

Transitioning from School to 9-5
Transitioning from School to 9-5
For years, you’ve spent your days in school, and now that you’ve graduated and found a job, it’s time to get used to your new life. Now that you’re in the reality of a new job, deadlines come a lot sooner, you’re always being tested, and skipping is a lot more difficult to do. Here’s how you can make a smooth transition into corporate life after graduation.

Become punctual. If you were used to rolling out of bed and into class at your leisure, you’ll have to make a change. Gradually adjust your schedule before you start your new job in order to get used to waking up early every day. You should always arrive to work on time or early, and stick to your allotted lunch time.

Watch what others are doing. Chances are, your coworkers have spent a lot more time working in offices than you have, and you can take cues from them. Listen and observe to learn more about how you should behave and dress in your office. You’ll learn a lot about fitting in to office culture if you just pay attention to what everyone else is doing.

Ask lots of questions. If you don’t know what you’re doing and you need help, say so. Learn what you need to know instead of trying to muddle through. Find out how to complete assignments properly within your specified time. You should always ask for help before your deadline comes up-it’s always better to take care of things right the first time than have to redo it later.

Plan vacations ahead of time. In college, you may have been able to get away with long weekends and big breaks, but now you’ll have to take your free time on the company’s schedule. You may not get a lot of vacation time at your first job, so make the most of what you have by planning early and letting your employer know of your plans as soon as possible.

Find a mentor. A mentor in the office can be extremely valuable, offering you an insider’s look into the way your company works and how to get ahead. Look for someone that does similar work to yours, or who has in the past, especially if they are in a supervisory role.

Corporate life is a lot different than college, but that doesn’t mean you have to be in for a culture shock. Make the changes you need, ask questions, and observe, and you’ll be able to fit in easily.

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