Managing Loss While a Student

Managing Loss While a Student
Managing Loss While a Student
By Mariana Ashley

No one wants to think about how losing someone close to them, whether a friend or a family member, will impact their lives. Sadly, some students have to figure out how to not only deal with the loss of someone they love but also how to work through their studies and stay on track at school at the same time. If you’re trying to handle both a personal crisis and stay enrolled and focused on school, consider some of these ways to help you weather the storm and come out stronger.
Use school counselors. Most colleges and universities provide students with free or extremely low cost counseling services. If you’re feeling depressed or upset or just need to talk to someone don’t hesitate to seek out these kinds of resources. Keeping your emotions bottled up won’t help you in life or in school, so get help if you need it.
Find a support system. Getting through a rough time isn’t something you should have to do on your own. Find friends, family members and other students who have shared your experiences and develop a support system that can help you make it through the worst days of your loss.
Take a break. If you’re simply not doing well and can’t focus on schoolwork, you might need to just take a break for a week or so. Sure, you’ll miss classes and might fall a bit behind, but your family, friends and your mental health are more important than grades in the long run. Be kind to yourself and take time off if you need it.
Just do it. If you do want to do schoolwork while trying to cope with a loss, sometimes the best way to get it done is to just plow through it as quickly as possible. This doesn’t mean doing a poor job but just not procrastinating. Once you’re done with your schoolwork you can focus on yourself and feeling better.
Talk to professors. Most professors will be incredibly understanding if you’ve lost someone close to you. Tell them what happened, ask if you can take some time away from class and possibly get extensions on papers and assignments. Most students will find that professors are willing to be accommodating and it can take a lot of pressure off students to focus on school work and the process of grieving at the same time.

There is no easy way to deal with loss, especially when you’re still trying to focus on getting your education as well. With some perseverance, kindness to yourself, and time to heal, you can make it through even when things get tough.

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