101 Lectures to Learn All About China

101 Lectures to Learn All About China
101 Lectures to Learn All About China
With China quickly becoming a powerhouse in the world’s economic, political and cultural spheres, college students are smart to learn more about the nation if they want to work in a global marketplace. China is a vast country with a long history, so gaining a comprehensive education on it can be tough. These lectures can provide a great starting point for understanding the culture, politics, economy and social aspects of this nation and the people who call it home.


Watch these lectures to understand how China has changed and evolved over the centuries.
Mao’s Use of Propaganda: Learn how propaganda was used to control Chinese citizens during the reign of Mao Zedong in this lecture from Victoria White.
Marco Polo: Silk Road to China: Explore the history of the Silk Road and the changes it brought to Europeans and Chinese alike in this lecture from biographer and historian Larry Bergreen.
The Political Machine of Wang Shouxin: This fascinating lecture explains the history of one woman who gained control of the Bin County Coal State Enterprise during the Cultural Revolution.
CCTV Chinese History: Check out this video for a great overview of Chinese history.
Great Wall of China History: One of China’s most famous landmarks, the Great Wall has inspired poets and artists for thousands of years. Learn more about it here.
Oracle Bones: A Journey Between China’s Past and Present: This lecture brings together history, archaeology, language and culture to explore China both past and present.
How the War of Resistance to Japan Made and Unmade China: Here you’ll find a lecture that gives an account of the true human costs of the Sino-Japanese War, using firsthand accounts and the research of two history professors.
Sino-Japanese Exchanges in the Eighteenth Century: Gain a better understanding of the trade relationships between China and Japan during the 1700′s in this lecture.
Mao’s China, McCarthy’s America and the Persecution of John S. Service: In this lecture, you’ll hear about the fascinating history of one U.S. Foreign Service Officer who predicted the cultural revolution– and warned officials about it– long before it happened.
John Burns on 1970s China: You’ll gain some valuable insights into what was going on in China during the 1970′s from this short talk with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist John Burns.
China Boys: Ambassador Nicholas Platt talks about his experience service as a foreign service officer with President Nixon in 1972.
China 1972: Nicholas Platt’s Home Movies: If you’d like to get a glimpse into what it was like to be there when Nixon visited China, these videos are the way to do it.


These lectures explore the educational system in China as well as Chinese language learning in American schools.
Lessons from Japanese and Chinese Education: While these school systems aren’t perfect, this professor explains why there are some important, applicable lessons to be found in these school systems.
Chinese Education: Social Life and Work Ethic: Here, you’ll be able to see how cultural factors impact education.
Business Education in China: Dean Danos of the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth explains the ways that Chinese business education is lacking.
Globalization of China’s Education System: Hear what the Secretary of Education for the Chinese Embassy has to say about the role of globalization in education.
US-China Relations and the Role of Education: This video showcases a panel of business, education and policy experts as they talk about the importance education in bridging the gap between these two large nations.
China’s Reforms in the Coming Decade: Wang Dinghua lays out his plan to reform Chinese schools over the next ten years to create a stronger workforce in this lecture.
US-China Educational Exchanges: Mme Liu Yandong speaks about scholarships for American students who want to study Chinese and English in China in this video.
Confucius Classrooms Network: Here, you can learn about one Chinese language program that’s working.
US-China: Smart Power: China and the United States have a tense power struggle, and the Under Secretary of State Judith McHale talks about the importance of language fluency in developing what she calls, "smart power."
Chinese Language in the Schools: In this lecture, you’ll hear from educators and politicians on why it’s important for young Americans to learn Chinese if they want to enter the business world.


One of the most common ways China is discussed in the news is from an economic standpoint. These lectures touch on China’s role in the global economy from a variety of different angles.
The US and China: Economic Allies or Adversaries?: Hear a discussion of Zachary Karabell’s book Superfusion: How China and America Became One Economy and Why the World’s Prosperity Depends On It in this lecture.
Adam Smith and Beijing: In the 18th century, Adam Smith predicted the rise of China as a economic power. Learn more about this and other economic topics in this engaging lecture.
Made in China: A Changing China: Learn more about the growing manufacturing power of China in this lecture.
China’s Economy in the Global Context: In this lecture, you’ll hear about what impact the Chinese economy is having on global business and trade.
Economic Impact of Population Growth: Learn how the immense growth of the Chinese population has had on their influence and abilities in the economic sphere from this Yale lecture.
Enter the Dragon: Understanding the History and Future of Chinese Development: Dr. Christopher Lingle explores some of the changes that have helped China to grow as an economic leader.
Understanding China’s Economy: While certainly a complex issue, this lecture can help lay out some of the fundamentals of the Chinese economy that will improve your understanding.
The Road to China: Fresh Insights to the World’s Fastest Growing Economy: This lecture from the Wharton School of Business offers a new way of seeing the growth and expansion of China’s economy.
China and the West: Divergence and Convergence: Niall Ferguson examines the impact of China’s economic strength when it comes to the international economy.
The Emergence of China in the Global Economy: Lester Thurow, Professor of Economics, sheds light on China’s move from communism to capitalism in this lecture.
Global and Domestic Imbalances: Why Rural China is the Key: Learn about the amazing role Chinese peasants, often overworked and underappreciated, played in forming the backbone of the nation’s economic transformation.
Automobiles in Growing Economies of the Developing World: The streets of China were once full of bicycles, but today are clogged with automobiles. Learn about the role of the car in China and beyond from this lecture.
China as Number Two: In this video, a panel of experts discuss the rise of China as an economic power, surpassing Japan as number two in the world.
The Dragon’s Gift: China in Africa: Many might not be aware of China’s growing trade relationships with Africa, but this lecture from Deborah Brautigan helps illuminate this political and economic movement.
China’s Currency Debate: Hear an in-depth discussion of China’s exchange rate in global finance.
China’s Make or Break Moment: Hear from Chinese experts on the current economic crisis and how it’s affecting both the U.S. and China in this panel discussion.


Those who want to do business in China, or with Chinese companies, will find some enlightening discussions on entrepreneurship, Chinese business culture and the Chinese marketplace in these lectures.
Cultural Aspects of Doing Business in China: Learn the ins and outs of doing business in China from this lecture.
China’s Business Outlook: This lecture discusses how the current financial crisis is affecting businesses in China and the world economy at large.
Jonathan Chu: Tea and the Origins of the China Trade: Dean of UMass Boston Jonathan Chu talks about how ingenuity, good fortune and commercial freedom gave rise to the China Trade in this lecture.
Development and Entrepreneurship in China and India: Get some insights into the development of business culture in India and China from these series of lectures.
Slave Labor in China: Shocking as it may be, learn how slave labor might still be happening in parts of China.
Guanxi (The Art of Relationships): Microsoft, China and Bill Gates: Bob Buderi and Greg Huang offer rare insights into the discussions between American business giant Microsoft and students, businesses and leaders in China.
Global Entrepreneurship: Inefficiency as Opportunity in the Developing World: Learn what an impact the latest technology can have on struggling businesses in the developing world from this lecture.
China as a Strategic Partner: Check out this talk from Asia Society Executive Vice President Jamie Metzl about the promise of China as an economic partner for the U.S.
Have the Rules Changed in China?: In this panel discussion, the risks and rewards of doing business in China are weighed carefully.
An ‘Open, Entrepreneurial’ China: Booz & Company’s Edward Tse offers up these traits as what he hopes define the business world of modern China.
The China Strategy: Want to know how to get into business in China? Edward Tse lays out a long-term strategic plan in this lecture.
The Shift in Chinese Customer Behavior: Wal-Mart Sr. Director of International Sustainability Beth Keck talks about changing consumer behavior in China and new attitudes towards food safety in this talk.


Explore the rich cultural history of China through these lectures on food, music, art and literature.
A History of Sport in China: Check out this lecture to learn more about how organized sports developed and grew to popularity in China.
China and India: Future of Past Traditions: In this lecture, you’ll hear about some artists from China and India and the ways their work bridges past and present.
Conservation of China’s Cultural and Historical Heritage: Hear from a panel of experts on ways China’s national heritage sites can and should be preserved, and the challenges they are facing in trying to do so.
Snow Falling in Spring: In this lecture, writer Moying Li tells the compelling story of one girl’s difficult but determined coming-of-age during the Cultural Revolution in China.
Confucius and Confucianism: Explore the history behind this ancient Chinese philosophy in this lecture.
Culture of Food in Rural China: See what food means to the people and communities of rural China in this engaging lecture.
Chinese Cultural Identity and the Beijing Games: What did having the Olympic Games in China mean for the national identity of the Chinese people? Learn more here.
Tea and Chinese Cultural Aesthetics: This lecture will teach you what an impact tea has had on Chinese cultural practices in the past and today.
Qi Zhang’s electrifying organ performance: See professional musician Qi Zhang perform in this great TED presentation.
New Media Art of Lily and Honglei: Lily Xiying Yang and Honglei Li discuss their work, often a mix of digital and traditional art forms, in this lecture.
The First Emperor’s Terracotta Army: One of China’s most famous archaeological finds, the Terracotta Army of Qin Shihuangdi are discussed in depth in this lecture.
Pearl of China: In this lecture, you’ll hear from Anchee Min about her novel Pearl of China, a fictionalized account of the writer Pearl S. Buck’s life in China.
Chef Martin Yan: Hear more about the future of Chinese cuisine from this world famous chef.
The Meaning of Tea: Here you’ll find an excellent discussion on the meaning of tea in cultures around the world, including that of China.


Chinese politics are often a source of criticism from governments around the world, and these lectures will offer you some insights that will allow you to form your own educated opinions on the subject.
Assessing the Prospects for Political Reform in China: Get insights in this lecture into whether or not the political climate of China can or will ever be changed.
China and Iran: Ancient Partners in a Post-imperial World: Learn about the political relationship of these two controversial nations from this lecture.
The Idea of Communism: Want to understand the politics that formed the basis for Chinese history over the past several decades? Check out this lecture from Tariq Ali.
The Chinese Peasant in Current Politics and Policy: Watch this lecture to better understand the role of the common man in the way China’s politics are run.
Politics of Piracy in China and Russia: Piracy of American clothes, gadgets and even automobiles runs rampant in these nations, making copyrights nearly impossible to enforce – something this lecture highlights.
China: Is Political Reform Possible?: Here you’ll learn whether or not the Chinese political world will see any changes in the coming decades.
China’s Development and China-U.S. Relations: Chinese Ambassador Zhou Wenzhong discusses the relationship between the U.S. and China, focusing on economics.
China, Taiwan, and the U.S.: A Coming Conflict?: In this video, you’ll hear a number of noted speakers discuss whether or not there will be a real political conflict of interests between these nations in the coming years.
Tibet’s Troubles: Tibet scholars Thomas Larid and Robert Thurman discuss the situation in Tibet, exile of the Dalai Lama and the outcry against China in this lecture.
China Watchers Interpret China: Journalists James Fallows and John Pomfret discuss the media’s portrayal of China and the difficulties it encounters in this talk.

Change in China

China has long been seen as a country stuck in the past, but over the past few decades has grown, changed and evolved in a myriad of ways. Learn about some of these changes and the ways Westerners misunderstand China from these lectures.
The Last Days of Old Beijing: Learn about the changing and evolving city of Beiking and where it’s headed in the coming decade from this lecture.
China’s Newly Rich: This lecture discusses the growing middle and upper classes in China.
The Great Transformation: Watch this lecture to learn how China has made the change from the days of the Cultural Revolution to an economic superpower.
The World Turned Upside Down: The Impact of the Return of India and China to their Historical Global Weight: In this lecture, Clyde Prestowitz talk about how the world is getting ready for a major economic shift, something the U.S. will experience as catastrophic change.
Jay Walker on the world’s English mania: Learn more about why nearly two million people around the world, many of whom are in China, are trying to learn English.
Hans Rosling: Asia’s rise — how and when: See the stats behind the economic growth of India and China, and when they are set to overtake the U.S. in terms of economic prowess.
A New China: Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Evan Osnos shares some of the signs that China is a changing nation in this fascinating video.
China Today: ‘The Big Issue Is Mobility’: Peter Hessler shares some of the most common misconceptions Americans have about life in China.


These lectures explore Chinese society, touching on everything from adoption to the cultural clashes that can occur between East and West.
Human Rights in China After the Olympics: China faced a fair amount of criticism for its human rights record during the games, but this lecture discusses whether this outcry really had a lasting effect.
Tibet: Lens on Human Rights in China: Lobsang Sajay discusses some of the ways human rights laws are skirted or do not always protect Buddhists in Tibet.
Internet Censorship and the Great Firewall of China: This lecture will teach you about the reasons behind and the implications of the censorship of the vast majority of internet content to the Chinese public.
China: Future of a Global Environment: This lecture will show you how and why China will be a major player in conservation and economic policies the world over.
The "Me" Generation of China: The youth in China today are different from young people of the past, a phenomena this lecture discusses in detail.
Population in Modern China: See how the large population in China effects policy, economics and everyday life in this lecture.
Postcards from China: James Fallows shares his experiences living in China for years in this lecture.
Sheryl WuDunn: Our century’s greatest injustice: This lecture will enlighten you on the treatment of women in China and the ways organizations are working to empower them.
China’s Open Road: Hear more about author Peter Hessler’s road trip through China in this talk.
Journey to the West: Dr. Anthony C. Yu, who translated the Chinese classic Journey to the West, shares some of the joys and challenges involved in translating cultures.
Advancing Women in Asia: Deborah Soon discusses some of the biggest barriers in Asia for women’s advancement in the workplace.
Children of War and Peace: China is a major destination for couples hoping to adopt a child, but this lecture shows that there are some major social and cultural issues that arise when children are moved across countries and races.

Science and Technology

Learn about technological and scientific research and development as it applies to China in these informative lectures.
The Spirit Force in Traditional Chinese Medicine: While the West may not hold Chinese medicine in high regard, this lecture will explain how it helps to restore spiritual alignment and balance and can actually have some real health benefits.
Gaming in China: With billions of citizens, China is a market ripe for gaming business. In this lecture, you’ll hear about EA Games’ plan to develop games for Chinese markets.
Global Space Agenda: China: Learn how China hopes to explore and navigate the solar system in this interesting lecture.
Globalization of Science: Opportunities for Competitive Advantage from Science in China, India and Beyond: Fiona Murray talks about the growth in the number of scientists coming from China and India and whether or not these countries have the ability to capitalize on these new resources and ideas in this lecture.
Sergey Brin on Google’s China decision: Hear from a Google exec on why the company decide to pull out of China.
Saving Hong Kong’s Air: Leaders from China and around the world talk about initiatives to reduce the rampant air pollution in the densely populated city of Hong Kong.
Climate Aid for China?: This lecture touches on the hotly debated topic of whether or not China should get global aid to fight climate change.

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