Get Your Textbooks for Cheap (or Free)

Get Your Textbooks for Cheap (or Free)
Get Your Textbooks for Cheap (or Free)
Many college students don’t realize just how expensive going to school can really be. One of the major expenses students often fail to account for is textbooks. These can run students hundreds of dollars every semester and many will simply languish on bookshelves unused after courses are complete. Whether you’re on a budget or just don’t want to spend more than you have to on books, there are a wide variety of ways out there to save when you’re getting the books you need for class. Here are a few places to shop for books before you head to the campus bookstore.

Library. Many campus and local libraries will have a copy of the book you need for class on hand. Check with them or put it on reserve as soon as you get the syllabus for the course. If your professor has already put the book on reserve and you can’t check it out, it may be possible to simply go to the library when you need to use it rather than buying it for yourself.

Book rental. There are many services out there these days that let you rent your books instead of buying. For a smaller fee, you’ll get your books sent right to your doorstep. When you’re done with the semester simply pack them up and mail them back.

Book swaps. Numerous websites out there allow people to share and swap books, with no charge except for shipping. If you can find the book you need, even if it’s a slightly older version, you may be able to save big bucks swapping instead of buying.

Online discounts. It pays to shop around when it comes to buying textbooks. Look through online discount booksellers to find the best possible price for your textbooks. You might be able to save nearly half the cost of the book if you find the right seller, so take the time to shop smart when buying books.

Share books. The logistics might be tricky, but if you and a roommate are taking the same course you may be able to share a book. The cost will be split in two and you’ll both get to use the material. It can also be a good idea to solicit friends for books they used in courses in previous semesters if you know you’ll need them. In the best cases, you’ll be able to trade them for something they need from your old textbooks.

Going to college can be pricey, but you don’t have to break your budget on books. Shop smart and you’ll find yourself saving money while still getting the education and information you need to succeed in your courses.

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