50 Excellent Businesswomen College Students Should Follow on Twitter

50 Excellent Businesswomen College Students Should Follow on Twitter
50 Excellent Businesswomen College Students Should Follow on Twitter
If you’re studying business in college, you’ve probably learned how valuable Twitter can be. It’s a great tool for networking, sharing information, and learning from others. A great way to learn from Twitter is to follow influential accounts, and we’ve collected 50 of the best businesswomen that you can follow. Read on to find a great collection of female entrepreneurs, CEOs, coaches, and more that can offer great insight.

Entrepreneurs & Small Business

Find support and advice for starting a business, large and small, from these businesswomen.
@smallbiztrends: Anita Campbell can help you with your small business success.
@IndieBusiness: Coles Johnson regularly discusses indie business on Twitter.
@startupprincess: Kelly is a fairy godmother to women in startups.
@SmallBizLady: Melinda Emerson is an expert in startups, social media marketing, and business reinvention.
@StartupPRella: Ella discusses affordable publicity for small businesses.
@simplicityinc: Michelle is a master of growing small business with simplicity.
@NinaKaufman: Read Nina’s tweets about demystifying small business law for entrepreneurs.
@SmartWoman: Vicki is an advocate for women entrepreneurs and responsible marketing.


These women discuss the finer points of networking.
@TheBOSSNetwork: Follow @TheBOSSNetwork to learn about growth through networking.
@WomensBusClubs: Kelly Stevens is the founder of The Women’s Clubs, a UK networking organization for women.
@leawoodward: Find out how Lea Woodward builds communities to help more people work location independently.


Can you juggle business and parenting? These businessmoms have the secret to making it work.
@mombizcoach: Lara is a mompreneur coach who helps moms create businesses they love.
@motivatingmum: Allison Price is dedicated to helping "mumpreneurs" achieve their business dreams.
@CurrentMom: Energize all of your life’s ventures by following Katherine Lewis’ tweets.
@Susan_Cox: Find out how to be a caring mother and successful entrepreneur from Susan Cox.
@Holly_Hanna: Follow Holly’s tweets to learn about working at home as a mom.


You can learn from these businesswomen who have made it to the top.
@CEOTodayWoman: @CEOTodayWoman offers interviews with top women CEOs.
@Padmasree: Follow @Padmasree, the CTO of Cisco.
@larafelting: Lara is a cofounder and CEO of Biznik, a community for networking.
@MarthaStewart: Martha Stewart can teach you about being an inquisitive entrepreneur.
@JillFoster: Jill Foster is a joy advocate, as well as founder of Live Your Talk and founding editor of WomenGrowBusiness.com.
@carleyrooney: Carley Rooney’s tweets will teach you about becoming a media entrepreneur.
@Oprah: Oprah Winfrey is a great example as an ultimate businesswoman.
@Caterina: @Caterina is the cofounder of Flickr and Hunch.
@richelleshaw: Richelle is the only female African American Public Utility Owner in the nation, and can teach you about business building.
@ariannahuff: Read these tweets from Arianna Huffington, cofounder and editor in chief of The Huffington Post.


Check out these Twitter accounts to find women who offer business coaching.
@kgreenstreet: Karyn can coach you in self employment and small business.
@NancyFClark: Nancy is dedicated to helping women in business.
LJacobwith: Lori shares coaching for fundraising, communications, and more.
@lenawest: Lena writes about social media strategy to help women business owners use social media and the Internet.
@Bernadeen: @Bernadeen offers consulting for growth in small business.
@ZimblerMiller: Phillis can coach you on effectively using social media to attract business.
@paulag01: Paula is a life and career coach who helps women and small business owners.
@ManishaThakor: Manisha Thakor offers personal finance advice for women.
@womanzworld: Natalie is on a mission to help women entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.


Read and discover business insight from these female authors.
@bizauthor: Stephanie Chandler can offer insight on how to grow your business.
@nicolesimon: Nicole Simon offers social media training and organization insights.
@kairarouda: Kaira is a mom of four, speaker, author, and entrepreneur.
@alevit: Alexandra discusses meaningful work and success.
@darnyellejervey: Darnyelle discusses mindset, marketing, and empowerment for business.


These women will help you learn about marketing and related disciplines.
@ShaunaCausey: Read what Shauna Causey has to say about social media and PR for nonprofits.
@sheconomy: Stephanie writes about marketing to women.
@BrandYou: Cindy Ratzlaff offers insight into personal branding and beyond.
@marketerach: Rachel is a marketer and advocate for working moms.
@NikkiPilkington: Nikki helps small businesses promote themselves using social media and SEO.
@lynnterry: Lynn is an Internet marketing advisor and author of ClickNews.com.
@JaneOutoftheBox: Michelle shares her knowledge as a marketing research expert.
@MaritzaParra: Maritza is a product creation machine who can help you make your products come to life.
@ShellyKramer: Check out Shelly Kramer’s tweets to learn about marketing and brand strategy.
@CathyWebSavvyPR: Check out Cathy Larkin’s Twitter feed to learn about social media, PR, and more for women.

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