Writing a Winning Resume

Writing a Winning Resume
Writing a Winning Resume
Writing a winning resume is one of the first and most critical steps of landing that dream job. So, make sure you have a winner in your hand. There are many resources out there to help critique your resume style and express your work experience succinctly, yet effectively. Make sure you are utilizing all there is out there to ensure you have a resume that’s going to the top of the pile, not the bottom of the barrel. A few tips to write by…

#1. Use quality paper and make sure all your copies are top value with no ink smudges, low ink tone or any other reproduction flaws.

#2. Try to stick to one page and only go more than one page if absolutely necessary. Some employers will only review applicants with one-page resumes; two is lengthy and cumbersome for a busy employer to read. Elaborate during the interview.

#3. Express your relevant accomplishments and marketable skills with action verbs (i.e. conducted, established, and promulgated)

#4. You have an ethical obligation to be honest and accurate in your resume reporting. Don’t underestimate fact checking and don’t minimize how quickly the word can spread if you have been less than truthful about your qualifications.

#5. Try to minimize personal data and let that come up in the interview, not on paper. Talk about your love for sports or passion for skydiving when you are wrapping up and know you’ve made a solid professional impression.

#6. Play around with the format of your resume and use the one that works with your experience and make sure it’s easy to read. A poorly organized resume can go quickly in the trash no matter how remarkable your qualifications are.

#7. Be sure to proofread your resume countless times.

#8. Get a second pair of eyes to proofread for you. There is no better way to guarantee your resume is not even considered if there is a typing error.

#9. Make sure your resume answers the question: "why should this employer hire me?" If you are using an objective on your resume, don’t make it too wordy or complicated, be concise in why you are sending them your resume, what do you want to be hired for (i.e. school teacher, lab assistant—you don’t have to go into much more detail in your objective)

#10. Always include a customized cover letter for each job you are applying.

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