Getting the Most Out of Your Study Session

Getting the Most Out of Your Study Session
Getting the Most Out of Your Study Session
As a busy college student, it’s essential that you maximize the study time you have to give yourself. Between socializing, making it to class, and enjoying personal time, you may not have a whole lot left, and you have to make it count. Here are some tips for using whatever study time you have wisely.

Don’t goof off. It’s tempting to get sucked into online distractions, TV, or other tasks, but you’ll have to find the discipline to get down to work when you are ready to study. Spend your study time focusing on the task at hand. However, you can take short breaks to refresh your mind and boost your morale. Just be careful not to fall off the wagon and spend too much time away from your work.

Find the right time for you. Everyone has different times of day that offer peak brain function. You may work best in the early mornings, right when you get up. Others seem to hit their stride somewhere around 10PM. Whatever the case is for you, identify the times that you work best, and be sure to leave them open so you’ll be able to use them for studying.

Mix things up. Studying in one place, on one subject for extended periods of time is not an effective way to study. Do yourself a favor and change it up every now and then. If you change rooms, positions, or even the chair you’re sitting in, you can improve your studying retention. Additionally, working on a few different subjects in one study session will help you to stay focused, as working on one subject for hours can simply burn you out.

Be careful with cramming. If you’re short on time to study for an exam, you may be tempted to cram as much information in as possible. But this is not the best way to retain information. You very well may reach your goal of remembering enough to pass your exam in the morning, but eventually, all of what you’ve studied will just fade away, which can leave you in a bind when it comes to passing your final exam.

Studying is an incredibly important task for success as a college student. Follow these tips to be sure you can make the most out of the time you have to study in.

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