College Transportation on a Budget

College Transportation on a Budget
College Transportation on a Budget
Getting around in college is a necessity, but you may not have the money to maintain a car, especially if it spends most of its days sitting in the student parking lot. If you’re living on campus, you can get by without a car and save some cash. Here are just some of the ways you can do it.

Get discount bus tickets. If your city or town has buses, chances are they have a student discount. Talk to your school or the bus company directly to find out what they have to offer you, and get around on the cheap. You might even find that they have free tickets for college students!

Many colleges offer shuttles to get around campus. These are especially helpful if you ride the bus to get to school, or if you live in dorms that are far from where your classes are. Check out your college’s shuttle service to find out where they go and the hours that they run so that you can take full advantage of it.

A great way to get around fast for almost no money is biking. You should be able to find bike racks all over your college campus, and many college-friendly towns and cities will have them as well. You can take bikes on most buses, and on top of all that, you’ll get great exercise from this form of transportation. Just be sure to invest in a great bike lock to make sure that no one takes off with your ride.

For times when you really need a car, or you have to travel long distances, ride sharing is a great solution. Talk to your friends and classmates who have cars and find out if they are willing to share a ride with you. Check out bulletin boards to see if someone is driving the way you need to go for long trips. You can even look in to car sharing services that allow you to rent cars hourly or daily for errands and more.

If you absolutely can’t live without a car, you can still make it work. Buy a reliable older car to save money rather than investing in a great new one-you can do that when you’re out of college and you’ve got a job. Rely on cheaper transportation whenever possible to save on gas. If you don’t use it much, try to find off-campus parking that you won’t need to buy a permit for.

Getting around in college can be easy and cheap, especially if you live on campus. Try these ideas to see how much money you can save on college transportation.

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