10 TV Teachers We All Wish We Had

10 TV Teachers We All Wish We Had
10 TV Teachers We All Wish We Had
We’ve all had terrible teachers we’d like to forget, and fabulous teachers who made a notable difference in our education or in our personal development. Whether your favorite teacher was from elementary school or online college, you probably also have a couple of great memories from the teachers you’ve watched on TV and in movies. Here are 10 of our favorite TV teachers that we wish we’d had in real life.
Roy Hinkley, aka "The Professor": If the castaways on Gilligan’s Island had any hope of getting rescued, it was all due to The Professor’s ingenious ideas. His strapping physique wasn’t lost on Mary Ann or Ginger, but the polite professor was rarely aware of his own charms. Most of all, he was patient, innovative, determined, and very good with a coconut, although he could never figure out how to build a raft.
Ross Gellar: Another hunky-but-dorky professor on our list is Dr. Ross Gellar from Friends. While his family and friends teased him about his love for dinosaurs, Ross was usually well-respected by his peers at NYU, hooked up with one of his students, and even scored a guest-speaking gig in Barbados. Obviously committed to his work, Gellar is always trying to convince friends and even his young son Ben that paleontology is cool. We could never see Dr. Gellar losing his temper or making us feel stupid about our schoolwork: he’s a total softie and has an under-appreciated sense of humor.
Miss Bliss: The Saved by the Bell crew had run-ins and relationships with all sorts of teachers, but one of our all-time favorites is Miss Bliss, played by Hayley Mills. The original title for the show was actually called Good Morning, Miss Bliss, and the teacher served as a mentor for the clueless students. Eventually, the show was renamed and focused more on the adventures of Zack, Kelly, Slater, Lisa, Screech and Jessie, but we’ll always prefer the soft-spoken, understanding Miss Bliss to the goofy Mr. Bald-, er, Mr. Belding.
Peggy Hill: All Peggy Hill — one of the stars of the animated series King of the Hill — wants to do is teach and be one of the cool moms in town. But all Peggy ends up with are substitute jobs in Spanish classes at the middle school, as well as some freelance writing opportunities at the newspaper. Peggy is a pretty harmless woman who seems like the kind of sub who would let us talk in class or even throw a party if we told everyone else at school that she was the best teacher ever.
Mark Cooper: Back when TGIF meant Friday night TV and not happy hour, Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper was one of our favorite shows to watch, along with Boy Meets World and Step by Step. Cooper told the story of basketball coach, PE teacher and high school teacher for Oakbridge High School. He was a fun-loving, energetic character who used to play for the NBA but didn’t seem too bitter about his fall from fame. Plus, he was known for being pretty smooth with the ladies.
Helen Crump: Pretty Miss Crump was Opie’s school teacher on The Andy Griffith Show, starting in 1963. She also served as a love interest for Opie’s dad, Sheriff Andy, and is known around the small town for being wise and independent. Raised in Kansas City, Miss Crump is less domesticated than the small-town Mayberry ladies, but has won Andy’s heart anyway.
Will Schuester: Mr. Schuester is a newcomer to TV, but the Glee star is already one of the most popular teachers in the country. Played by the handsome Matthew Morrison, Mr. Schuester directs the high school glee club and is a real defender of the underdog. Mr. Schuester is in the middle of an ugly divorce but is starting to consider a relationship with the guidance counselor and vocal coach. We just know he’d lend us a hand if we ever needed it, and his commitment to his students and his school is admirable.
Ryan Matthews: When 90210 returned in 2009, most of the attention was on all the new hotties at Beverly Hills High. But 23-year-old English teacher Ryan Matthews — played by Ryan Eggold — is also worth watching. Mr. Matthews doesn’t let his rich students play tricks, get out of assignments or act entitled, but he does allow second chances and helps out whenever a student genuinely needs help. Tangled in complicated romances and a developing drinking problem himself, Mr. Matthews was the wrongfully accused victim of a blogging student’s misperception, which got him temporarily suspended. But despite the drama, Mr. Matthews is a quality teacher who’s passionate about his career and his field.
George Feeny : The grumpy, old-fashioned Mr. Feeny is Cory Matthews’ neighbor, principal and eventual college professor. Mr. Feeny is portrayed as an annoyance and a buzz-kill in the earliest episodes, but he has unfailing faith in Cory and many of the other students, and eventually becomes their respected mentor and friend. Usually seen in either a robe and pajamas or a conservative suit and tie, Feeny is also a constant symbol of comic relief.
Gabe Kotter: One of the most iconic TV teachers of all time is Gabe Kotter from Welcome Back, Kotter, an ABC sitcom that aired in the late 1970s. Kotter gets stuck teaching the "Sweathogs" — the remedial students — when he returns to his former high school to work, but he ends up being wholly committed to their education and even has a soft spot for their rowdy behavior. The social studies teachers is also known for acting out lessons, making jokes, doing impersonations and never giving up on his students.

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