Smart Strategies for Traveling College Students

Smart Strategies for Traveling College Students
Smart Strategies for Traveling College Students
If you’re taking a trip this summer or considering a semester abroad, there’s lots for you to know about. Special deals, experiences, and other travel details unique to students should be on your list before you pack your bags. Check out these strategies for smarter travel as a college student.

Take advantage of deals. Many colleges have a travel office where you can get access to special student pricing. Even if your university doesn’t have one, you can still check out student packages and travel discounts. Travel agents can help you, as well as special student travel websites. You can also sign up for student discount travel cards that can get you deals on airfare, hotels, bus fares, rails, cars, tours, and so much more.

Get a scholarship. Even better than discounts, you can use travel scholarships to finance your trip. Talk to your school’s financial aid office, look online, and check out scholarship books at your library to research any travel scholarships that may be available to you.

Go with a group. By traveling with a group, you can take advantage of discounts in the form of group rates. You’re also more likely to have a rich travel experience. Group travel offers an opportunity to better get to know several of your fellow travelers and make friends along the way. You’ll never be lonely in your travels, and no matter where you go, you will have the added safety that you get from traveling with several people.

Volunteer. Don’t just soak up memories and take souvenirs home-leave something good behind, too. Look for volunteer opportunities in your chosen destination. Volunteering offers a rich experience and a chance to see new places in a totally different perspective than regular tourists. Make a positive impact on the places you visit by taking the time to volunteer.

Be safe. You may already be a savvy traveler, but as a young student on your own, you’re still a target for theft and possibly even violence. Stay aware of your surroundings and belongings, and be sure to travel with a buddy or in a group whenever possible. Remember to lock your doors and keep your belongings and personal space secure at all times.

Follow these tips for an affordable, rewarding travel experience. Whether you’re traveling a few states over or to the other side of the world, have fun on your trip as a college student!

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