Celebrity Superfans: 10 Alumni Who Are Famously Loyal to Their School

Celebrity Superfans: 10 Alumni Who Are Famously Loyal to Their School
Celebrity Superfans: 10 Alumni Who Are Famously Loyal to Their School
As an online college student, you may have to work a little harder to promote school spirit and follow campus sports, if there are any. But these 10 celebrities have managed to stick with their college sports teams even after they’ve found success joining the Hollywood scene. From big public universities to the Ivy League, here are 10 famous alumni who are still loyal to their schools.
Matthew McConaughey: Movie star Matthew McConaughey is known for his work in romantic comedies and feel-good films as much as he is for his laid back lifestyle. The Texas native lives in California and is often seen surfing, running, biking, and hiking, but he’s still proud of his country roots. McConaughey was born in the small town of Uvalde, TX, near San Antonio, and grew up in another small city east of Dallas. After graduating high school, McConaughey attended the University of Texas at Austin, where he was a member of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity and attended classes at the College of Communication. McConaughey is frequently photographed wearing his UT hats and t-shirts, and always attending championship football games.
Ron Howard: Child star-turned Academy Award director Ron Howard has produced and directed major, influential films like A Beautiful Mind, Cinderella Man, Frost/Nixon and The Da Vinci Code over two decades, in addition to starring in popular TV series The Andy Griffith Show and Happy Days when he was young. Howard attended the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts and even delivered the commencement address to the graduating class of 2002. In his speech, he credits film schools with challenging students to become deep thinkers with a true "understanding [of] the impact of film stories, and why they work on both conscious and unconscious levels."
Marcia Gay Harden: Academy Award-winning actress Marcia Gay Harden mixes supporting roles in major blockbusters with starring roles in more critically acclaimed independent and artistic films, like Pollock and Mystic River. The greatly respected actress is the daughter of a Navy officer and grew up around the world before settling in at the University of Texas at Austin as an undergrad, and where she majored in theatre. Harden’s parents, sisters and brothers-in-law all attended UT, too. Harden went on to earn a graduate degree from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and currently lives in New York City, but she recently returned to Austin to deliver the commencement address to the graduating class of 2010, in which she declared, "I love this school."
Brooke Shields: Actress Brooke Shields started working in the entertainment industry when she was only five years old, but she still decided to attend college after she was already a full-fledged movie star. The New Jersey native returned to her home state for college, attending Princeton as a French literature student. At Princeton, Shields was a member of the theatre troupe, the Princeton Triangle Club, and the Cap and Gown Club. Shields still warmly talks about her Princeton experience, and is glad that she went to school even though she already had a career as a successful actress.
David Letterman: On his late night talk show, David Letterman often jokes about his Midwest upbringing and his alma mater Ball State University, located in Muncie, IN. The school was his second choice because his grades weren’t high enough to admit him into his dream school of Indiana University, but Letterman still found a group of friends in the Sigma Chi fraternity and graduated from the Department of Radio and Television in 1969. In 2007, the school dedicated its communication and media building to Letterman, naming the building after him.
Adam Sandler: Entertainer Adam Sandler has come a long way since his days on Saturday Night Live, and he’s made millions of dollars making goofy comedies like Happy Gilmore, more traditional romantic comedies like The Wedding Singer and more serious films like Punch-Drunk Love and Funny People. Despite his sometimes raunchy and always silly sense of humor, Sandler has a BFA from New York University’s elite Tisch School of the Arts. The Brooklyn-raised Sandler graduated from NYU in 1988, and has even used his school experiences as inspiration for his comedic work: the song "The Lunchlady Land" was written in honor of his NYU lunch lady Emalee.
John Krasinski: The Office hunk John Krasinski is steadily making a name for himself in movies like Away We Go and Leatherheads, but the Newton, MA, born actor has a very impressive resume when it comes to theater and drama training. Krasinski attended Newton South High School with fellow Office actor B.J. Novak, as well as the National Theater Institute, The Royal Shakespeare Company in England, and Brown University. Krasinski participated in a friendly rivalry with another Office costar, Rashida Jones, who attended the school’s competitor, Harvard University.
Rashida Jones: The daughter of Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton is a successful entertainer in her own right, after roles on The Office and Parks and Recreation and in films like I Love You, Man. Jones was raised in Los Angeles, but she attended college at Harvard, where she was an active member of the Hasty Pudding Theatricals, Black Students Association, Harvard Radcliffe Drama Club, and other groups. The religion and philosophy student remains fiercely loyal to her school despite the jokes made by her former Office costar, Krasinski.
Lucy Liu: Queens, NY, girl Lucy Liu is known for playing sexy, independent, take-no-prisoners females on TV and in movies, from Ally McBeal to Charlie’s Angels to Kill Bill, but she’s also a whip-smart graduate of the University of Michigan. After attending NYU for one year, Liu transferred to Michigan where she was a member of the Chi Omega sorority and graduated with a B.S. in Asian Languages and Cultures. While in college, Liu also starred in her school’s production of Alice in Wonderland.
Kate Beckinsale: British actress Kate Beckinsale has played classic roles in Much Ado About Nothing and Emma, as well as more fantastical characters in Underworld and Van Helsing. Beckinsale is often photographed in glamorous, sexy outfits on the red carpet and hopping around LA with her family, but the Oxford-educated actress is part of a fiercely loyal group of alumni who are proud of their heritage. Beckinsale finished her studies in Paris, away from campus, but she can still credit Oxford with connecting her to legendary actor and director Kenneth Branagh, who cast her as Hero in his famous interpretation of Much Ado About Nothing.

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