What They Didn’t Tell You in College Orientation

What They Didn’t Tell You in College Orientation
What They Didn’t Tell You in College Orientation
College orientations are great for getting an introduction to your school and college campus. Of course, they are rarely in-depth enough to tell the whole story. Here are a few items that were conveniently left out of the college handbook.

Prepare to lose your innocence. If you’ve been sheltered from drinking, drugs, and sex so far in your life, that’s going to change in college. Even if you don’t participate in these activities, they will be around, and you will definitely be aware of them happening. Think about how you can best deal with these situations ahead of time so that you’re not caught off guard, and if you do decide to participate, learn how you can do so safely and responsibly.

There’s a good chance you’ll gain weight. Your campus cafeteria will probably offer a smorgasbord of food, much of it unhealthy. If you’re not careful, you can overeat and choose the wrong foods. Additionally, the cafeteria is almost never open as late as you’re awake, so you will ultimately end up turning to snack foods like chips and pizza during late night study sessions. Plan ahead for healthy eating and develop good food habits early on in college to avoid gaining too much weight.

Sexually transmitted diseases are everywhere. College is full of hormonal adolescents on the loose, and not all of them are careful when it comes to safe sex. You may be surprised to find out just how many of your fellow classmates have STDs. If you’re going to have sex, be selective in your partners and use a condom. You don’t want to have to explain to your parents why you need money to deal with that little infection you’ve picked up.

You can get great deals as a college student. They’ll probably tell you about some of the deals you can get, like discount movies and meals at restaurants. But most orientations won’t cover the college nights offered at bars in town.

You’re going to be poor for a while. Unless you’ve got a great college job or your parents sent you to school with a huge chunk of change, things will be tight in college and you’re going to have to learn how to live like a pauper. But it’s good practice for saving money once you’re out of college and on your own.

Although you can find great information about school in your campus orientation, keep in mind that there’s much more to learn while you’re in school. Talk to other students and pay attention to learn the ropes and thrive on your college campus.

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