Top 100 High School Teachers Who Blog

Top 100 High School Teachers Who Blog
Top 100 High School Teachers Who Blog
Often called one of the most rewarding careers, teaching is also one of the most challenging. One way good teachers improve their craft, as well as stay sane, is by learning from other teachers. So if you are about to finish your online college experience and head off to teach high school, then you will want to put several of these blogs in your reader. Find high school teachers who write about their field of expertise, the state of education, the charm and frustration of working with the students, and much more with these blogs.

Language Arts

Take a look at what these English teachers have to say about education and teaching.
The Scholastic Scribe. This journalism and AP English teacher writes about working with high school students and mixes in great word play too.
The Doc Is In. Dr. Pezz blogs about teaching high school English as well as the state of education in America today.
Gladly Would I Teach. A veteran English teacher getting ready to retire, Edie Parrott shares her insight and experience.
Hedgetoad. Learn about topics such as finding interesting reading material for guys and the politics of education.
Miller’s English 10 Classroom Blog. Find out what Mr. Miller’s sophomore English class is up to with this blog.
A Teacher’s View. This English teacher writes about everything from teacher pay to politics. Teaching 9th-12th graders, this educator knows a thing or two about teaching English, which she shares on this blog.
Bud the Teacher. This former high school English and journalism teacher blogs about new media and writing here.
Jim Burke: The English Teacher’s Companion. Jim Burke shares what it’s like teaching in the current educational environment. Written by a high school English teacher, this blog features poems, information about literature, history of literary figures, and more.
Tom Liam Lynch. With experience teaching high school students as well as instructing teacher training courses, Lynch has experience and knowledge that he shares here.
Secondary Worlds. This blog is written by a former high school English teacher and focuses on ways to use technology to teach language arts.
Enhanced English Teacher. A 9th grade teacher, Tara Seale blogs about using technology in the English classroom.
If Bees Are Few. Charles Youngs blogs here to share ideas on teaching and education with colleagues.
Gently Hew Stone. This American Literature teacher posts on books, education, politics, and more.
Living on the Lip of Insanity. Find out what this English teacher has to say about teaching and inspiring students.


Technology is a big buzzword in education right now, so no matter what subject you teach, check out these blogs.
Cool Cat Teacher Blog. Vicki Davis writes about technology and teaching on her popular blog.
Computer Science Teacher. Alfred Thompson teaches computer science at a K-12 school and blogs about technology in education here.
The Fischbowl. While currently working as the Director of Technology, this former math teacher covers technology in education with an emphasis on math.
Blogg-Ed Indetermination. The Director of Technology at an all-girls school, Steve Taffee writes about education, technology, and the environment. Find news and information about technology and its applications in the classroom on this blog.
Ainslie Hunter. This educator shares ways for other education professionals to incorporate social media in the school setting.
Making Teachers Nerdy. Moving from a technology position back to a classroom teacher, Mrs. Smoke offers resources and advice on integrating technology in a project-based classroom.
always learning. Kim teaches technology in an international school in Thailand, with experience in other countries as well, and shares her knowledge on incorporating technology in the classroom.
The Blue Skunk Blog. Doug Johnson moved from classroom teacher to the Media and Technology Director for Mankato Public Schools and blogs about technology in education.
Fifty-Nine Minutes. This high school teacher ruminates on technology and social media as tools for education.
The Clever Sheep. Stay on the cutting edge of technology in education when you read this blog.
My Island View. This former high school English teacher writes about the implications of technology and social media in society and education.


These science teachers share what’s going on in their classrooms on these blogs.
Room 611. This Canadian teacher includes lots of great information on Earth science, geography, criminology, and more.
Mr. Cantor’s Biology Blog 2009-2010. Mr. Cantor posts assignments and interesting news and stories relevant to the study of biology on this class blog.
Science teacher. This science teacher takes the lessons out of the classroom and into the natural world.
Extreme Biology. Follow this blog to find out what Ms. Baker’s biology students are learning.
Hurricane Maine. Learn about school projects, education policy, and science education in Ms. Maine’s blog.
Reflections of a Science Teacher. Find everything from professional development topics to worm dissection to students and social media.
nashworld. Sean Nash writes about teaching science and the state of education on his blog.
Sustainably Digital. Written by a 9th grade science teacher, this blog explores technology in the science classroom.
Cape May Naturalist. Check out this blog written by a science teacher and amateur naturalist that explores the region where Deleware Bay meets North Cape Bay.
Pathway Horticulture and Science. Read this blog to hear from a horticulture teacher at a private school and all that he and his students are doing.


Find out about teaching math, including topics such as what has worked for veteran teachers and how to incorporate technology into the lessons.
Webmaths. This Australian teacher posts about teaching math and ways to create lifelong learners.
dy/dan. Dan Meyer teaches high school math and blogs about both math and the art of teaching.
The Oddyssey of a TENURED (!!) Third Year Teacher. Ms. Chew blogs about teaching math at an urban school in San Francisco.
Continuous Everywhere but Differentiable Nowhere. A math teacher in Brooklyn, this blogger shares his experience here.
f(t). Kate Nowak posts information about teaching high school math in her popular blog.
Math Teacher Mambo. Teaching seniors at a high school in Texas, this math teacher also blogs information for teachers as well as students.
Point of Inflection. See what this math teacher has to share from his class in a small, independent school.
Miss Calcul8. This math teacher shares tons of great information about teaching math at the high school level.
A Difference. A teacher in Canada, Darren Kuropatwa posts about education policy, technology in education, and more.
MathNotations. This veteran math teacher shares math challenges, practices for standardized tests, and his thoughts on teaching.
Lessons Taught; Lessons Learnt. Jon Ingram blogs about teaching secondary-level math here.
Mr. L’s Math. Mr. L shares a ton of great math resources that are helpful for both teachers and students.
Curmudgeon. This high school math teacher would rather get down to the art of learning that get caught up in bureaucratic red tape.
Rational Mathematics Education. Michael Paul Goldenberg writes about the state of math education in his blog.

History and Government

These history and government teachers share resources, information, and more.
A Shrewdness of Apes. A veteran teacher, Ms. Cornelius writes about education in the classroom and the state of education outside the classroom, with plenty of pop culture thrown in for good measure.
American History Now. This interesting approach to teaching history relies on short stories of a fictional character to demonstrate history.
World History Teachers Blog. Find links, resources, and articles that can be useful for teaching world history.
US History Teachers Blog. If you are teaching US history, then take a look at all the great resources available here.
US Government Teachers Blog. Get lesson plans, videos, and articles that will work well for teaching US government.
Social Studies and History Teacher’s Blog. Take a look at all the awesome posters, videos, documents, and more that will enhance any high school history class.
Education in the 21st Century. This teacher instructs history for ESL students and blogs about incorporating technology in her classes.
teacherken. This veteran government teacher speaks out on teaching and politics.

Social Science

From psychology to social justice, these blogs focus on the social sciences.
The-Daily-Lesson. Written by a high school social studies teacher, this blog explores what works in the classroom as well as the ups and downs of teaching.
Teach and Learn with Sandy. Sandy shares her experience teaching social studies, sociology, and history here and also includes links to teaching resources.
Teaching High School Psychology. Read these blog posts all about teaching high school psychology.
A Passion for Teaching and Opinions. See what this social science teacher has to say about both education and politics.
Mr. Cantor’s AP Psychology Blog. While this blog is intended for Mr. Cantor’s students, it also provides interesting information for others and is an excellent example of how to use a blog with students.
High School Mediator. Dr. Patrician Fioriello is an educator with plenty of experience working with high school students and teachers. She blogs here about issues relevant to students, teachers, and parents.
CWI. This blog is a product of the Grade 11 Contemporary World Issues class lead by Tracy Rosen.
Musings from a Not-So-Master Teacher. John Spencer speaks out on politics, culture, literature, and society.
Room 167. This high school teacher has taught both social studies and special ed and her blog features tons of great information, articles, and videos about social justice.

On Teaching

Whether you are looking for commiseration or inspiration, these blogs are all about teaching and share the best and worst.
Teachers at Risk. This special education teacher has plenty of experience working with teens and blogs here with tons of great ideas and support for teachers.
An Urban Teacher’s Education. Written by a teacher with experience working in urban high schools, this blog explores teaching and sharing of ideas.
Mr. Teachbad’s Blog of Teacher Disgruntlement. This high school teacher vents his frustrations on this blog.
The Dark Side of the Chalkboard. This high school history teacher shares what it’s really like inside the classroom.
Teacher in a Strange Land. This popular blog features the thoughts on education of former music teacher Nancy Flanagan.
Last Year of Teaching. After 38 years teaching, this educator documents what will likely be his last year.
So You Want to Teach?. This teacher is on a mission to help himself and other teachers remember why they chose this profession in the first place.
Learn to Love Teaching Again. This high school teacher examines why teachers get burned out and explores ways to fall in love with their profession again.
180 Days. This high school science teacher describes his take on teaching through cartoon panels he creates.
Confessions of a Burned Out Teacher. This teacher is trying to move from high school to teaching adult learners.
Beyond School. Clay Burell promotes the idea of teaching without relying on the traditional form of education that kills curiosity and the desire to learn.
Leading from the Heart. This Canadian teacher discusses teaching and education on her blog.
Stop Trying to Inspire Me. An English teacher shares what he has to say about public education in America.
Hobo Teacher. This blog is written by two teachers who share their experiences–for better or worse–at school.
Mr. Reynolds’ Blog. Mr. Reynolds reflects on what it is to be a teacher in his blog that will have you thinking.
Tense Teacher. A teacher in a private school, this educator talks about the hard work involved with teaching.
Pissed Off. After teaching for over 30 years, this teacher is angry about the way teaching has changed and vents here.


These teachers’ blogs range from education policy to special education to study skills and everywhere in between.
5/17. This teacher from Washington state discusses education policy and teaching, with an emphasis on regional news.
Study Skills Mentor. While directed specifically to students, this blog is an awesome resource for other teachers who are seeking ways to teach organization and study skills.
The James Logan Courier. This award-winning blog is from the James Logan High School Journalism and News Production students.
Pseudonymous High School Teacher. Working in Hawaii, this teacher shares her life inside and outside the classroom.
The Alternative Solution. This teacher shares the work she is doing in an alternative school to help prevent high school dropout.
AssortedStuff. This blog written by a former math teacher really is an assortment of different stuff ranging from technology to policy to society.
Once a Teacher….. This former high school science teacher posts tons of great resources for educators on her blog.
Pensamientos. See what this Spanish teacher has to say about teaching Spanish and Latin American culture.
I Want to Teach Forever. Mr. D shares a ton of great resources to help teachers of any subject.
Right on the Left Coast. This high school teacher blogs about politics, education policy, and more.
Dkzody’s Weblog. With years of experience both in the classroom and in administration, this blogger has plenty to share about education.
The Life That Chose Me. This high school special ed teacher who works with severe and profound disabilities writes about teaching.
Apace of Change. This former high school teacher is now a school psychologist who writes about education, technology, and psychology.
Senorita in the City. Find out what is going on with this high school Spanish teacher in New York.

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