Don’t Be a Victim: Practicing Safety on Campus

Don’t Be a Victim: Practicing Safety on Campus
Don’t Be a Victim: Practicing Safety on Campus
Your college campus can be a scary place. It may feel like a safe haven, but the truth is that you need to be aware of dangers and take steps to keep yourself away from threats. Here are some of the ways that you can help ensure you’re safe on campus.

Know your routes and schedule. Be sure that you become familiar with where you’re going on a regular basis, so that you notice when something is different or just not right. Most campuses have emergency phones placed at certain locations, so be sure you know where they are along your common routes.

Don’t walk alone after dark. It seems obvious, but it’s so important to practice this simple rule. If your class gets out after dark, buddy up with a classmate who walks in the same direction so that you can both reach your cars or dorm rooms safely. You may also want to see if campus security escorts are available to you.

Use a shuttle service. Many college campuses offer free shuttles to dorms, parking lots, and other common locations around school. Take advantage of these services, especially at night, so that you don’t have to walk by yourself and be vulnerable to danger.

Practice caution at parties. Parties are an especially fun part of the college experience, but unfortunately, they can also be dangerous. Don’t share or accept drinks you haven’t seen poured before your own eyes, and be cautious about who you accept a ride or walk home from at the end of the night. Date rape and assault are very real occurances on college campuses.

Carry personal protection. A gun may not be necessary, but a can of pepper spray or even a taser can provide a sufficient amount of personal protection. However, before placing your trust in your taser or mace, be sure that you have been trained to properly use these devices in a way that can save your life. Even having your cell phone out and pre-dialed to 911 or your campus security can help. Additionally, a self defense course can make a lifesaving difference.

Be secure. Never leave your dorm room unlocked, even if you are inside. Make a habit of locking your door behind you at all times, and practice the same habit with your car.

With these tips, you can help make yourself safer on campus. Talk to your school’s security department to find out about other ways that you can stay safe, and specific concerns for your particular campus.

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