100 Best Places to Appreciate Art Online

100 Best Places to Appreciate Art Online
100 Best Places to Appreciate Art Online
While seeing art in person always offers that special something that pictures just can’t, sometimes you just can’t travel around to see all the famous works you want. Not to worry, however, as there are numerous places to see and learn about amazing art without leaving the house by perusing the web. Here are 100 sites that offer a wealth of culture and aesthetic appeal so you can get your fix of beautiful art and an online education without the budget to travel the world.


Search through these galleries for up-and-coming artists and where to go to see artists you love.
One Art World: Find out about galleries, shows, artists and more on this site and see a great collection of images to whet your appetite as well.
Agora Gallery: Browse through the works on exhibition at this New York gallery on this site.
Gallery Nucleus: Look through online exhibits of contemporary artists and find merchandise to spruce up your home or dorm room on this site.
Matrix Fine Art: Check out this New Mexico gallery for some of the latest work by contemporary artists.
Chicago Art Galleries: If you’re going to be in Chicago and want to check out the River North gallery district or just want to browse galleries online, this site is a great resource.
Art Net Fine Art Galleries: On this site, you’ll find a listing by type of art of hundreds of galleries in the U.S. and around the world.
Art Collecting NY Art Galleries: This site provides you with easy access to the websites of hundreds of galleries located in downtown New York.
ArtScene: Head back to this site regularly to see what’s going on in the Los Angeles art scene, and see what’s up at local galleries.
Saatchi Gallery: Here you’ll find access to some of the works displayed at this relatively new British gallery.
Palazzo Grassi: Learn more about this public gallery supported by Francois Pinault on this site.


Take a virtual field trip to these huge museums through the resources they offer on their sites.
The Louvre: Home to the famous Mona Lisa, this museum houses the largest collection of fine art in the world. If you don’t want to brave the travel or the long lines, check out their website instead.
Metropolitan Museum of Art: Take a virtual trip to New York to take in some of the famous works held by this large museum.
The Getty Museum: Located in Los Angeles, this museum is home to works by some of the world’s most well-known artists.
Musee D’Orsay: With an impressive collection of Impressionist works, this museum is a must-see for those who love French art.
Uffizi Gallery: This gallery, designed by Vasari, has been around since the 1500′s and today houses some of the most famous works of European art.
Art Institute of Chicago: After opening it’s modern wing in 2009, this museum now boasts one of the largest collections of art in the world.
Tate Modern: If modern art is more your style, check out this museums’ architecture and impressive collection of art.
Prado Museum: Get a glimpse into the great art collection of Spanish royalty at the Prado, with works by Titan, Goya, Valazquez and more.
National Gallery of Art: See some great works of American art on the highly interactive site of this museum.
Guggenheim Museum: If modern, avant garde and contemporary art is what you love best, consider seeing what’s on exhibit at this world-renowned museum.


If you’re looking to find some less famous artists to inspire you, these free online portfolios are a great place to start.
artspan: Use this site to find websites and portfolios created by contemporary artists.
deviantART: Users can post their own work and comment on that of others on this site.
Art Break: Through this site, you’ll be able to browse artwork that a wide variety of artists have for sale.
AskART: This site will not only help you find artwork to look at, but tell you how much it’s worth as well.
Coroflot: See some truly great design portfolios on this site.
ArtistPortfolio.net: Look through the portfolios on this site to pinpoint artists that may have a chance at being well-known in the future.
Mosaic Globe: With photos, paintings, sculptures and more, this site is a great place to look for high quality art.
VoodooChili: Use this site to find portfolios by artists who are just emerging as talents.
Absolute Arts: Through this resource, you’ll find artist portfolios from artists who are more established as well as those who are just starting out.
Artist Listing: Look through the featured artists on this site to see a sampling of the talent that can be found.

Artist Sites

These sites will help you to learn more about individual artists, including some big names in contemporary work.
Damien Hirst: Visit this site to learn about the work and publications put out by this sometimes-controversial artist.
Norman Rockwell: Return to the spirit of classic Americana with the work of this famous artist.
FridaKahlo.com: See surrealism with a twist on this site.
David Hockney: From landscapes to cutting edge art, you’ll see all the images and writing created by this artist on his site.
Vik Muniz: With works constructed to fool the eye, this artist’s work is often more than it first appears to be.
John Currin: This artist’s works aren’t always on the safe side, with many sparking controversy by conservative groups.
Chuck Close: As one of the best known contemporary artists, you’ll get a glimpse inside the mind and the work of Chuck Close here.
Lisa Alisa: Check out modern, graphic work on this artist’s site.
Franck de Las Mercedes: Here you can learn more about the work of this Nicaraguan abstract painter.
Olafur Eliasson: See the work, much of which involves public space, of this Danish-Icelandic artist on his site, including his latest work and exhibitions.
Jenny Holzer: Holzer’s work employs text in a whole new way, integrating into it displays of light, technology and traditional materials. See her work on this site.

Image Collections

Visit these sites to see large collections of artwork from around the world.
Olga’s Gallery: Search by artist, country, movement or title to find works of art on this site that collects a wide range of art images.
Mark Harden’s Artchive: On this site you’ll find a collection of thousands of images as well as a number of online exhibitions.
VADS: This site is a free online resource for the visual arts, containing thousands of free images.
World Images: Art and Architecture: Try out this site to find images of art from a range of periods as well as some of the world’s most famous architecture.
Web Gallery of Art: Here you’ll find a gallery and a searchable database for European art.
CARLI Digital Collections: Use this search site to find images of artwork held at institutions around the world.
Courtauld Art and Architecture: On this site you can browse through the holdings of the Courtauld Institute in London.
Collage: The City of London Libraries, Archives and Guildhall Art Gallery have put their sizeable collection of images online using this site.
Visual Collections: Check out this site for over 300,000 images from 50 different art collections.
Art on File: Geared towards students and professors, this site is an excellent resource for anyone studying art.
Art Promote: This site is home to a wide range of image collections, including those of fine art and architecture.

Criticism and Reviews

Take a more critical approach to viewing art through these sites where you can hear from experts and everyday people alike.
London Arts Review: This site is home to reviews on just about everything that could be considered art, from The Office to museum marketing.
Contemporary Art Criticism: Check out this blog to hear one blogger rant and rave about the art world.
Aesthetics On-Line: The American Society for Aesthetics maintains this site, full of very scholarly and professional work.
Culture Vulture: No matter what kind of culture you love, you’ll find information and reviews here.
Aristos: This online arts review magazine is a great place to look for notes on artists, curators, exhibitions, museums and more.
Akrylic: Find information about the latest gallery exhibitions on this blog.
The Brooklyn Rail: This New York site turns a critical eye towards art, politics and culture at large.
Artspeak: This site aims to promote a greater dialogue between visual art and writing.
Painters NYC: Try out this site to try your hand at critiquing art.
Artopia: Art critic for the Village Voice and the Soho News John Perreault shares his thoughts on the NY art scene here.
ArtCritical.com: This online magazine is full of stories, ideas and even criticisms of contemporary art.


These blogs offer great commentary, images and insights into the art world.
Gallery Hopper: Find out what galleries are showing what and which exhibits are worth your time on this blog.
Dali House: Learn more about Salvador Dali and other, more contemporary artists on this site.
Wooster Collective: This blog brings together images of ephemeral and often public art from around the world.
Art News Blog: Keep up with what is going on in the art world through this blog.
Arts Journal: This blog brings together art news from hundreds of journals, websites and blogs around the web.
Art Ravels: If you’re looking for intelligent discussions about the art world, bookmark this blog.
Younity: Get a refreshing female take on the urban arts scene on this blog.
Edward Winkleman: Check out this blog to get opinions on everything from art to politics.
NYC Art: Artist and writer Chris Rywalt shares his take on the art world on this site.
Art Fag City: While not always safe for work, this blog is always entertaining to read and will point you in the direction of great films, art and more.

Online Exhibitions

If you can’t make it out in person, you can take in these art exhibitions online instead.
World Art Treasures: See the hundreds of thousands of images art enthusiast and world traveler Jacques-Édouard Berger brought back with him on this site.
Library of Congress Exhibits: Through this site you can see art exhibits that trace the history of America.
James McNeill Whistler Interactive: This online exhibition from the Smithsonian lets you see into the life and work of this famous American artist.
Glenn Ligon: Annotations: This work by contemporary artist Glenn Ligon was made to be seen online, and asks you the viewer to participate.
Outsider Art: Use this site to see a wide range of outsider art, something major galleries might not be willing to carry.
Art Crimes: The Writing on the Wall: If you love graffiti, give this site a try to see the best works from around the world.
The Visual Front: This exhibition displays some of the most provocative propaganda images created during the Spanish Civil War.
Design and the Elastic Mind: Take an amazing, interactive look into the way design works with the brain in this exhibition from the MOMA.
Without Bounds or Limits: An Online Exhibition of the Plan of Chicago: See Chicago as it was originally designed to be, with mile after mile of beautifully landscaped lakefront, with this great online showing of Burnham’s plans.
The Making of a Polychrome Sculpture: With this site, you’ll be able to see not only the artwork, but how it was made as well.

Journals and Publications

Keep yourself in the art world loop with these great publications.
Art Forum: One of the best known, albeit not the most accessible, art magazines out there, this publication is a must for the budding art scholar.
Art in America: Check out this great publication for news on exhibitions and artists working in America.
CR Blog: This site is the home of the Creative Review, a good source of information on art shows and galleries.
Scene 360: Learn more about contemporary film and arts from this magazine.
Art Signal: While no longer regularly updated, the back issues of this magazine make for good reading nonetheless.
ARTnews: This popular fine arts magazine is accessible in an online format as well, allowing you to read some of the stories without buying a copy.
Juxtapoz: Read this magazine to learn about artists that are outside of the mainstream.
Artnow Online: Here you’ll be able to learn more about artists, galleries, the latest shows and more.
Arts and Letters: This online magazine collects stories about politics, news and art.
ArtNet: On ArtNet’s magazine, you can read reviews, find out the latest art news and learn which galleries to head to.
CultureHall: See some of the up and coming contemporary art through this helpful, curated resource.
Art Review: This contemporary art magazine gives you insight into the art world and lets you know what artists to watch.

Miscellaneous Tools

Use these tools to find and better understand the art you love.
Artcyclopedia: If you need to look up an artist, period or work, this site is the ideal place to find resources on it.
History of Art Virtual Library: Learn more about the history of art through this site.
Art History Research Centre: Those doing any kind of art research will find this reference link collection a lifesaver.
World Wide Arts Resources: On this site you’ll find links to research information and images that can help you study art.
All the Time Art: Find out where to go to see and buy art from this site.

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