95 Finance Lectures Everyone Should Listen To

95 Finance Lectures Everyone Should Listen To
95 Finance Lectures Everyone Should Listen To
Even if you know more than the average person about finance, there are undoubtedly a few areas where you could expand your knowledge. Luckily, education on finance is easier than ever to come by with a little help from the Web. This collection of lectures will have you becoming an amateur financial expert in no time so you’ll be able to bring your knowledge with you throughout college and beyond.

The Basics

These lectures will teach you the basics of finance so you’ll be ready to move onto more advanced topics.
Financial Literacy: Take a listen to this lecture to learn more about just what it means to be financially literate.
Liquidity, Asset Prices and Market Efficiency: This business-focused lecture will help you to better understand these absolute essentials to financial success.
Managing Financial Risks: If you want to know more about investing, you can learn some of the basics from this lecture.
The Use of Derivatives: "Derivative" is a word that gets thrown around a lot, but if you don’t quite know what it means, check out this lecture.
Foreign Exchange and Currency: This short lecture will give you an idea of how different currencies work together.
Financial Strategy: Business owners and regular working people alike can take away some great lessons from this lecture.
Risk and Money: Here you’ll be able to learn about the essentials of managing risk when it comes to money.
Hedge Funds: You’ve no doubt heard of hedge funds, but do you know what a hedge fund really is? This lecture will explain it.
Private Equity: Give this lecture a try to learn more about private equity and what that means for you.
FRAs and Futures: These elements of the economy can be confusing, but you can get a great overview of them in this short lecture.
Financial Math: While focused on the health care industry, this series of lectures can be useful to anyone hoping to learn more about managing finances.
Stocks: Learn the basics of the stock market and its component parts in this lecture.
Options Markets: This lecture will teach you what option markets are and how they can add to a portfolio.

Personal Finance

Make sure you’re managing you’re money intelligently with a little guidance from these lectures.
The Challenges Retiring Baby-Boomers Face: As more and more of the baby boomers head towards retirement, the material covered in this lecture becomes ever more important.
Katherine Fulton: You are the future of philanthropy: This lecture will explain how new technologies and innovations make it possible for even people without large amounts of money to make a difference with philanthropy.
Going for Broke: Middle Class Families: Learn more about the home economics that are a reality for most middle-class families today.
Managing Personal Finances: Learn the basics of getting a handle on your personal finances with help from this lecture.
Paying for College: The Rising Cost of Higher Education: Hear from experts on what the rising costs of college will mean for students and their families in this lecture.
What Retirement Means to Me: In this lecture, you’ll hear a panel of seniors who are economists on what retirement means to them and what it means to many now.
Make Smart Decisions: This lecture aims to help guide you towards better money management.
Money Matters: The Ins and Outs of Personal Finance: Here you’ll get some pointers on understanding and managing your money more intelligently.
The Importance of Saving: Check out this lecture for motivation to keep saving instead of spending.
Personal Finance: Retirement: If you’re wondering how to plan for retirement, this lecture offers basic guidance.
Debt and Self-Restraint: Many people have charged their way into massive credit card debt, and this lecture offers advice on battling debt and keeping spending in check.
Finding Financial Wisdom in Unexpected Places: Learn how you can find financial understanding where you least expect it in this lecture.


Check out these lectures to learn the basics of economics.
Beyond Freakonomics: New Musings on the Economics of Everyday Life: Hear from this well-known University of Chicago professor on his economic ideas and theories in this entertaining lecture.
Game Theory: Take a look at this lecture to learn more about what game theory is and how it can apply to finances.
Financial Markets: This series of lectures will help you understand just what the financial markets are and how they function.
Economic Theory for an Innovative World: Take a look at this Columbia lecture that attempts to show why traditional economic theories need to be replaced with more modern ideas.
Women and Economic Development: In this video you’ll hear from a panel of experts at Harvard on the role women can and are playing in the world economy.
Economics and the Roots of Terrorism: This Princeton lecture will help illuminate some of the economic factors that have helped foster terrorism.
The Economics of Climate Change: In this lecture you’ll see what the real economic impact of global warming may be.
Barry Bluestone: Socio-Economics: Watch this video to learn about the current social and economic conditions of the lower and middle classes in America.
Color of Wealth: The US Racial Wealth Divide: Learn why racial disparities in the US still exist through this financially-focused lecture.
Internet Economics: Through this lecture you’ll learn about the impact the Internet has had on global commerce and how business is done.

Economic Crisis

These lectures will explain the current economic climate to you.
Understanding the Crisis in the Markets: This video from Harvard will help you to get a grasp on how and why the markets are failing.
Capitalism and Confusion: In this lecture, you’ll hear from Nobel Prize winner Amartya Sen on a range of pertinent economic topics.
What’s Ahead for Financial Markets?: Learn what you can expect in the coming years from an economic perspective in this lecture.
Origins of the Financial Mess: Alan Blinder, a professor of Economics and Public Affairs, delivers this lecture on where the current financial problems came from.
The Financial Crisis: Implications for Washington, Wall Street and Main Street: Learn what the economic crisis means for big business and everyday people alike in this lecture.
Financial Crises: This series of five lectures will help you understand where financial crises come from, what they mean and how they can be managed.
Preventing the Next Financial Crisis: Want to know how we can avoid another big economic downturn? Listen to this lecture to find out.
Feeling the Pain: How the Financial Crisis Is Affecting Brazil, Russia, India and China: This lecture will show you how the crisis has affected more than just the US.
The Outlook for the Global Economy and the Challenges That Must Be Met: Check out this video to learn some of the big obstacles that must have been faced before the market can get back on track.
Higher Education and the Recession: Here is a lecture that will show what effect the recession has had on higher education and the long-term implications it may have for society.


Get some help understanding the markets, how you should invest, and more with these lectures.
Why Stock-price Volatility Should Never Be a Surprise, Even in the Long Run: Learn why your investments may go up and down violently, even without market downturns, in this lecture.
Cash vs. Fixed Rate Investing: Unsure of the difference? This lecture will help you better understand what you’re getting into.
It’s Not About the Check: This lecture will explain why good investments shouldn’t be just about the payoff.
Investment Basics: Those who need a basic guide to investing can find some great advice here.
Investment No No’s: Learn just what you shouldn’t do when it comes to making smart investments in this lecture.
The Psychology of Saving and Investing: People don’t always make the best decisions when it comes to saving and investing. This lecture explains some of the psychology that lies behind it.
Equity Investment: This lecture will explain more about equity investments for those who are unfamiliar.
Human Judgment and Investment Manias: How do people get caught up in investment scams and manias? This lecture attempts to explain the reasoning.
What People of All Ages Should Know About Investing in the Stock Market Now: Scared to make investments in this economic climate? This lecture will explain what you can expect and what you need to know to do it well.
Investment Banking: You’ll find a basic primer on how investment banking works in this lecture.
The Universal Principle of Risk Management: If you’re going to make investments, make sure you can understand and manage the risks associated with it with help from this lecture.
Investing for the Long Run: Learn how to get your investments to take you into your retirement years from this lecture.

Business Finance

Whether you’re starting a business now, working in a corporation, or plan on going it on your own later, these lectures offer financial guidance.
Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making: In this lecture, you’ll hear more about the select few who make the bulk of financial and economic decisions worldwide–often to the detriment of others.
Adapting to Market Transformation: Learn how you can keep your business afloat even when the market is changing around you from this lecture.
Business, Knowledge and Global Growth: This lecture will explain how the MBA degree has contributed to the growth of entrepreneurship at home and worldwide.
David S. Rose on pitching to VCs: If you need some cash to get your business off the ground, this lecture will teach you the ropes of finding venture capital investments.
Daily Crisis: Developing Value-Based Companies: Learn how to create a company that will last for the long haul in this lecture.
Startup Garden: Growing Business to Fit Your Life: Creating a startup can be hard work, and you can get some great advice on how to do it right from this lecture.
Social Business Enterprise and a World Without Poverty: Those interested in social entrepreneurship can find a plethora of information on how to get started in this lecture.
Michael Goldberg Shares Lessons Learned on Entrepreneurship and Investing: In this lecture, Goldberg shares some of his personal lessons on these business aspects, letting you learn from his successes and mistakes.
Building a Business: Understanding Financial Control: If you’re a business owner or manager you’ll find some excellent advice on financial management here.
Crackdown on Executive Pay: Learn why giving execs big salaries may not always be the best thing for the long term success of a business.
TV’s New Economics: This lecture will show you the impact TV has had on how business and marketing are conducted.
Finance and the Financial Manager: Even if you’re a financial manger, you can learn great finance skills from this lecture.
Entrepreneurs: Then and Now: Learn about some of the changes that have happened in entrepreneurship over the past decades in this lecture.
Get the Business Basics: Get advice on mastering the basics of good business in this lecture.
Keeping a Financial Focus: It can be hard to keep your business focused on business when you’re trying to innovate, but this lecture stresses the importance of just that.

International Issues

Learn about fiance from a global perspective in these lectures.
Globalization and Markets: David Dapice explains the impact globalization has had on how business, and therefore finance, is done around the world.
Conference on Chinese Capitalism: This video brings together scholars from around the world to talk about how the rise of Chinese capitalism affects politics, economics and more.
China and Financial Reform: Here you’ll learn how the rise of China has shaped financial reform around the world.
The Crisis of Global Capitalism: Professor John Gray explains the economic crisis from a global perspective and how it’s evolved over the past ten years in this lecture.
Navigating Global Economic and Financial Change: This lecture from the London School of Economics given by Mohamed A El-Erian will help you learn more abut the changes occurring today in global economics.
Bad Money: The Global Crisis of American Capitalism: Learn how the "bad money" has changed America’s place in the world economy, and get some ideas on how we’ll rebound and at what cost to the average person.
The Economics of Climate Change: Risk, Ethics, and a Global Deal: This Princeton University lecture will help you learn what the economic effects of climate change are around the world.
The Impact of Economic Sanctions on Iraq: Learn about the real ramifications of economic sanctions and the many lives these political limits had on everyday people.

Finance, Society and Behavior

Learn about the role that finance has played in history and how it is influenced by our psychology in these lectures.
Cultural History of the Great Depression: Learn more about the entertainment and daily life of people living during the Dust Bowl and Great Depression in this lecture, proving you can still have a good time on little money.
Finance and Insurance as Powerful Forces in Our Society: This lecture will make it easier to understand the roles insurance and finance play in our society as a whole.
New Research in Behavioral Finance: Listen as the faculty of Yale discuss their latest research in this interesting field.
In Search of Homo Economicus: This lecture addresses the idea that humans act rationally when it comes to making financial decisions.
Ponzi’s Scheme: The True Story of a Financial Legend: With a name that now is synonymous with get-rich-quick schemes, learn how this man found his own path to riches and ultimate way back down again.
The Democratization of Finance: Learn about some of the most important aspects of risk management, including those that are government sponsored, in this lecture from Professor Robert Schiller.
Human Foibles, Fraud, Manipulation, and Regulation: Check out this lecture to learn how phenomena like magical thinking, overconfidence, and representativeness heuristic cause people to make poor financial decisions.


These lectures offer inspiration and information about the future of finance and much more.
So Damn Much Money: Senior correspondent for The Washington Post, Robert Kaiser, shows how lobbyist money has changed the way government works in this lecture.
Deciphering the Future of Social Security: Here you’ll get some insights into what the major problems facing social security are.
The Widow Cliquot: The Champagne Empire: Check out this lecture to learn about this inspiring woman who built the Veuve Cliquot brand.
Cornelius Vanderbilt: The First Tycoon: If this classic story of rags to riches doesn’t inspire you to strike out on your own, nothing will.
The History of Financial Innovation: This lecture from Yale will give you an overview of how finance has changed over the years.
The Future of Banking and Financial Regulation: Hear from several experts in the field in this London School of Economics lecture on how the economic crisis may impact how finance is done.
The Evolution and Perfection of Monetary Policy: In this lecture, you’ll be able to hear more about how central banks work.
Real Estate Finance and Its Vulnerability to Crisis: Real estate may generally be a good investment, but this lecture will make you think twice before you dive in.

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