50 Eye-Opening Lectures for the Marketing Mind

50 Eye-Opening Lectures for the Marketing Mind
50 Eye-Opening Lectures for the Marketing Mind
Marketing products is never easy, and an economic crisis doesn’t help make matters any easier. Marketers of all kinds can find inspiration and advice in these great lectures that will help them change their game plan and get back on track with selling their goods.


These lectures explain the economic crisis and some ways that you can make it through with flying colors.
The Financial Crisis and Consumer Debt: Learn how these global business issues may affect your marketing efforts in this panel discussion. [Forum Network]
Resource Allocation Problem: Here you can learn how uncertainty is a big factor in decisions of individuals and how you can work with this. [Forum Network]
Bad Money: The Global Crisis of American Capitalism: Give this lecture a try to learn about some of the factors that may be negatively impacting your business. [Forum Network]
John Gerzema: The post-crisis consumer: This lecture will help guide you to adapt your marketing strategies to the needs of consumers during and after the economic crisis. [TED]
Marketing in a Recession: Listen to this lecture to get some tips on how to market successfully in a recession. [U of Michigan]
Opportunities and Obstacles for the B2B Market in Tough Times: Here you’ll find some great advice on selling in the business-to-business sector. [Wharton]


Learn about companies that have had success in marketing through these lectures.
How Great Companies Get Their Mojo from Maslow: Learn how companies can get inspired from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to discover what customers want. [Forum Network]
The Widow Clicquot: The Champagne Empire: Check out this lecture to learn how one woman turned her business into world-wide, upscale brand. [Forum Network]
How to Make Money and Save the World: This lecture will explain ways that you can turn a profit while still doing good. [Forum Network]
Rebuilding a Company after a Near Fatal Ethics Breakdown: It’s hard to market a company that has had some serious ethical issues, but this lecture shows you that it can be done. [Forum Network]
First and Loudest: The Marketing of Broadway: While musical theater exists in almost every major city in the US, Broadway is still the best know for it. Learn what marketing steps may have led to this success from this lecture. [American Theatre]
Milk Marketing and $5 Billion: This short discussion will detail the great success of the milk marketing campaign. [U of Penn]
Who Develops Breakthrough New Products and Services – Users or Manufacturers?: Here you’ll find a lecture from MIT that will help you understand when to follow your interior developments and when it’s best to listen to customer demands. [MIT]
Bing Gives Microsoft a Boost, but Can It Compete with Google?: With Google having a near monopoly on the search engine market, learn what kind of marketing and branding this new search engine might have to do to compete. [Wharton]
How About Free? The Price Point That Is Turning Industries on Their Heads: With more and more services offered on the web for free, this lecture explains the difficulties of pay sites in competing. [Wharton]


Try out these lectures to get some fresh new ideas on marketing just about anything.
Seth Godin on Standing Out: Learn how to use your marketing savvy to stand out in a crowd with this informative lecture from marketing guru Seth Godin. [TED]
Virginia Postrel on glamour: Glamour can be a big factor in the branding and marketing of many products and you can learn more about the role it has played here. [TED]
Joseph Pine on what consumers want: Get a better grasp of just what it is customers want–or what they think they want–from this lecture. [TED]
Bottled Water: Better Drink or Better Marketing?: This lecture proves that you don’t necessarily always have to have the superior product, just the right way to sell it to come out on top. [Duke]
Marketing to Children and Youth in the Digital Age: Learn how to better market to tech-savvy youngsters from this lecture. [Yale]
11 Big Brands and 10 Marketing Lessons: Listen to this lecture to learn from what other brands have been doing in their marketing that has or hasn’t been working. [U of Melbourne]
Guerilla Marketing: Take a different approach to marketing with this informative lecture. [Yale]
Marketing Mishaps: No one wants to make a huge marketing blunder, and this lecture shares some big things to avoid. [DePaul]
The Evolution of Marketing: Here you can learn more about how marketing has changed over the years. [CUNY]
From Spike TV to P&G: This lecture will give you insights on how to market and the way marketing has changed, no matter what you’re selling. [U Penn]
Traditional Marketing Research Concept Generation Techniques: If you’re hoping to do market research, this lecture can explain some of the more traditional ways of coming up with methods of doing so. [MIT]


These lecture address some of the finer points of advertising success or failure.
Rory Sutherland: Life lessons from an ad man: This lecture addresses how advertising can change the perception of the product without actually changing the product itself. [TED]
Message Delivery? Principles of Paid Media and Advertising: This lecture explains some of the finer points of advertising and getting your point across to consumers. [UC Berkeley]
Clicks and Customers: Learn more about selling products online from this lecture. [Stanford]
Down and Dirty: Why Negative Advertising Works: Taking a cue from political ads, this lecture explains why consumers listen to negative ads. [SUNY]
Advertising Rules of the Future: The nature of advertising may be changing, and this lecture deals with some of the ways that may happen. [Stanford]
"Cool" in Advertising Now and Then: Ads have changed a lot in the past decades, and this lecture explores the idea of "cool" today and in the past. [Higher Education Channel]
Blurring the Lines: Entertainment and Advertising: Many ads today are integrated into entertainment programs or themselves are a form of entertainment. Learn more about this phenomenon here. [Arizona State]
The Power of Advertising: Check out this lecture to learn about the true influence of good advertising. [Coventry]


Find new ways to use technology in your marketing through these lectures.
Mixed Media: Here you’ll find an interesting take on the confusion that can result from so many different types of media–a great way to get ideas on how to avoid it in your own marketing. [Forum Network]
Going Viral in a Social Marketing World: Listen to this lecture to get some tips on using viral marketing to tackle the web. [SUNY]
TV’s New Economics: This lecture explains how TV has completely changed how marketing is done. [Forum Network]
Seth Godin on the tribes we lead: In this lecture, Seth Godin talks about how the web has changed mass marketing and allowed people to connect in smaller, more cohesive groups. [TED]
Chris Anderson of WIRED on tech’s Long Tail: Those working in tech marketing can gain some valuable tips from this lecture. [TED]
Evan Williams on listening to Twitter users: Here you can learn why listening to users can help your product market itself. [TED]
Internet Marketing Strategies: Extending Your Online Reach: This lecture offers listeners a chance to learn a great deal about marketing on the web. [Stanford]
Internet Marketing to Children: As most kids are growing up pretty web-savvy, the web can be a great place to target them, as this lecture states. [Notre Dame]
Major Online Marketing Trends: Learn what some of the biggest trends in online marketing have been in the past decade from this lecture. [Stanford]

Psychology and Sociology

Understand the inner processes behind consumer choices as well as some of the social implications of marketing campaigns in these lectures.
How Our Social Networks Shape Our Lives: Learn how these social networks have a huge impact, including how people make choices about what to buy from this lecture. [Forum Network]
Barry Schwartz on the paradox of choice: Sometimes choice isn’t a good thing, as this lecture discusses, and can actually make consumers less happy. [TED]
Malcolm Gladwell on spaghetti sauce: This well-known author discusses why the advent of so many spaghetti sauce choices hasn’t really been a good thing for the companies or consumers. [TED]
Using Marketing Skills and Media to Keep People Alive: Why not use your marketing for good? This lecture explains how some people are doing just that. [Wharton]
Brain Science: The Magic Bullet that can Help Marketing Hit Better: Check out this lecture to learn what factors may make or break your marketing. [U of Warwick]
Word of Mouth and Social Media Marketing: Take a look at this lecture to gain a better understanding of social media marketing. [U Mass Boston]
Selling Good: Three Marketing Strategies that can Save the World: Learn how to turn your marketing into a positive factor for people around the world in this lecture. [U of Warwick]

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