100 YouTube Videos for Your Business Education & Enlightenment

100 YouTube Videos for Your Business Education & Enlightenment
100 YouTube Videos for Your Business Education & Enlightenment
YouTube is a great resource for b-school students and those who are already working in the business world. These videos will teach you all you need to know to stay current in the latest trends in marketing, management, business education, and more.

Business Education and Business School

Watch these videos to learn about the business of business education–from the importance of getting an education in business to tips on getting into b-school.
Importance of Business Education – Bloomberg. Jack Welch, known as one of the best managers in the world, has launched an online business school and discusses the future of business education.
Inside Look – Business Education – Bloomberg. Babson College President Leonard Schlesinger talks about attending and graduating from business school during the economic depression.
Biggest Issues On Corporate America – Bloomberg. Bloomberg goes to campuses across the country to find out what professors have to say about some of the biggest issues affecting corporate America.
Gyohten Discusses the Current Role of Business Education. Listen to what the President of the Institute for International Monetary Affairs and former chairman of the Bank of Tokyo has to say about the importance of a business education today.
The Role of Business in Society w/Dean Sally Blount-Lyon. The dean of NYU Stern talks about the role and importance of a business education.
Columbia Business School Executive Education: Columbia Essentials of Management. Learn about the value of Executive MBA programs that are designed for experienced managers who wish to go back to school for a program to promote their career.
Eugene M. Lang Entrepreneurship Center: Critical to Launch. The co-founders of SoleMates discuss the importance of networking and support at business school to getting their business off the ground.
Entrepreneurship in the Classroom. Adjunct Professor Jack Kaplan talks about teaching entrepreneurship in the classroom.
Episode 17. Choosing an MBA. This video helps you decide what type of MBA program is right for you.
Episode 26. Biggest Mistake. Find out what experts have to say about the biggest mistakes they see on MBA applications.
Levity in an Application. Watch this video to learn if you can include humor in your application–and how to do so.

Management and Leadership

Learn what it takes to be a successful leader in the world of business when you watch these videos.
Business Management During Economic Downturn – Bloomberg. Chairman and CEO of Union Pacific discusses how to wisely manage a business during an economic downturn.
Ram Charan Corporate Keynote Lecture. Ram Charan, advisor to some of the most successful CEOs in the world, shares his tips on what makes a great business leader.
Strategy in Uncertain Times. Prof. Julia Prats. This professor describes what she believes managers can do to help their companies weather the current crisis and come out stronger.
Business Education & Mentoring -What type of leader are you?. Take a look at two different types of leaders and decide which you want to be.
Business Education & Mentoring – Experiencing business chaos. Learn how a successful team will go through chaos, go through three stages, and end up selecting the best leader for the team.
Business Education & Mentor – Secrets of award winning team. Find out what you need to understand in order to create a winning business team.
Principles of Leadership. Hear what leaders have to say about the process of becoming a good leader.
Apprentice 4 – Business Tips Part 1. Get leadership and business tips from Donald Trump from season four of The Apprentice condensed into this video.
New Book by Strategist Gary Hamel Calls for a Reinvention of. Gary Hamel discusses humanizing management as a step in the right direction for the benefit of both people and businesses.
Leadership Interviews. Hear from several East San Francisco Bay leaders on what they believe makes a strong, successful leader.
Scott Blanchard – Two Types of Leadership. Learn about strategic and operational leadership and how they affect the business.
Eric Schmidt at the Management Lab Summit. Schmidt answers questions about management at Google.
W. Edwards Deming on Business/Societal Transformation. From a 1992 presentation, the legendary W. Edwards Deming talks about the need for societal transformation to create a more effective style of business.
The Importance of Urgency. John Kotter explains his theory of urgency and why managers and leaders should embrace urgency for the betterment of their companies.

Finance and Economics

From understanding the banking crisis to interviews with Nobel Laureates in Economics, these videos will enlighten you on finance and economics.
Money and Banking. Douglas E. French explains the basis of a barter system and how that system evolved to a monetary system.
Praxeology: The Austrian Method. Hans-Hermann Hoppe describes the Austrian approach to economics and how they are logic-based rather than based on hypotheses.
Monopoly and Competition. Thomas DiLorenzo talks about monopolies and competition in business.
Value, Utility, and Price. See what Jeffrey M. Herbener says about the connections between concepts such as value and price and human meaning and behavior.
Speech by Professor Edmund Phelps. Phelps discusses the importance of private knowledge that managers and employees have that effect economics.
Deals Of Merrill Lynch And Bank Of America – Bloomberg. See what James Ledinsky has to say about the current state of the banking financial crisis.
Spotlight – Battle For Real Estate – Bloomberg. Barry Sternlicht talks about the real estate market in the current economy and why now is a good time for investing in real estate.
Interview with 2006 Laureate in Economics Edmund Phelps. Weighing uncertainty against job security and a sure thing, Phelps believes that great thinking and a measure of risk-taking are necessary for a successful economic future.
Interview with Paul Krugman, 2008 Economics Prize. Krugman asserts that a better understanding of economics today has prevented another Great Depression from happening.
Greenwald: Look For What’s Cheap, Ugly and Out of Fashion. Professor Bruce C. Greenwald discusses value investing.
Columbia Business School Forum on the Economy (Part 1). Panelists discuss and answer questions on the current financial crisis.
The Descent of Finance. Harvard professor, Niall Ferguson, talks about the future of finance–and a bit of the history of fiance.
The Shortcomings of the Stimulus Plan. Professor Paul Krugman expresses his reservations about the stimulus plan and what he proposes instead.


Get some of the basics on marketing with these videos that will help you understand how best to market your company.
Business Education – You are your brand. This video puts marketing terms into context with its analogy of a guy trying to pick up a woman.
The Simple Truth of Service. Learn about building customer loyalty with this video.
Marketing Strategy – The Product Lifecycle. Understand the product lifecycle and why some have longer lifecycles than others.
Customer Relationship Management and Direct Marketing (CRM). Patrick Dixon explains Customer Relationship Management through real-life examples.
Market Analysis – Market Segmentation. Explore what market segmentation is and why it’s important to make a distinction in marketing.
Fundamental Marketing Terms & Concepts (part 1). Learn the basic marketing terms with this video.
short-history-of-marketing. This video shows the progression of marketing through the years, illustrates how consumers now feel overwhelmed and isolated, and challenges viewers re-engage the consumer.
Positioning: How to Stand Out in a Cluttered Market. Find out about the importance of business being known for one great thing.
4 Secrets to an Effective Strategic Marketing Plan. Watch this video to learn how to promote your company through strategic marketing.
Speech by Professor Bernd Schmitt. This professor from Columbia Business School lectures on the CEM Platform and gives an example of how it works.
Michael Port – small business marketing coach -. Port relates stories to help you understand how to talk about your business.
Seth Godin: Sliced bread and other marketing delights. Find out about spreading ideas and why some ideas work better for getting consumer attention than others.
51 Cool Marketing Advertising Ideas.This video montage highlights 51 eye-catching marketing campaigns.


Knowing how to effectively negotiate is an important skill in business. These videos provide tips as you learn some of the basics.
Prof. Deepak Malhotra Harvard Business School. Professor Malhotra talks about negotiation techniques for businesses.
Effective Business Negotiations. Learn the basics of business negotiations from CEO of Think! Inc., Brian J. Dietmeyer.
NLP – Are You Selling or Negotiating?. Find out the difference between these two terms and why they are both important.
Negotiation Skills: Dealing With Difficult Issues. This video stresses the importance of getting people out of the crossed-arms position to help move negotiations along more smoothly.
Cross-cultural negotiations: Avoiding the pitfalls. Professor Horacio Falcao talks about under and overestimating cross-cultural negotiations.
Interview with Negotiation Expert, Eric Henry. Henry deconstructs negotiation and describes how it relates to study of the brain.
Negotiations Course Part One. Get the basics of negotiations based on the concepts of the book Negotiate to Close.
Active Listening. Professor Jeffrey Berman discusses listening skills and how improving them will help you become a more effective manager and negotiator.
Negotiation. Professor Berman talks about negotiations in a business context.
Comparing American and Chinese Negotiation Styles. Terry Hird, Founder of Negotiation-International, takes a look at the processes involved with business negotiations between America and China.
NEGOTIATION The art of survival & craft of winning. This video offers a basic overview of what negotiation is and how to make it work well.
Stories #1 – To close the deal, you need to negotiate face-t. Learn why negotiation is often best done face-to-face.
The Culture of Deal Making. This video from PharmaVentures talks about negotiating across cultures with some examples of negotiating styles from specific countries.


Many business students aspire to starting their own business. These videos offer insight on what it takes and how to do so successfully.
Importance of a Business Plan. Find out why entrepreneurs must start out with a business plan.
How to Write a Business Plan. Now that you know why you need a business plan, discover how to write one with this video.
Inadequate Funds, Business Mistake. Attorney John Powers explains that many entrepreneurs underestimate the amount of capital they need when starting a business.
Starting a Business Goals, Costs. Management Consultant Gwyn Myers discusses some important goals to set for yourself when starting a business.
The Art of Relationships. This business school student gives tips on starting your own business based on her own experience.
Entrepreneurs Moonlighting, Don’t Quit Your Day Job. Learn why it might be a good idea to keep your day job when starting your own business.
How to Raise Capital: The #1 Skill of an Entrepreneur. Find out why designing a business that can raise money is more important that the product itself.
Skills of Great Entrepreneurs. Randy Komisar talks about what skills are essential for great entrepreneurs.
Lessons Learned from Failures. Many entrepreneurs say that failure is to be expected and is actually an important stepping stone to success. Randy Komisar supports this idea in this video.
Five Biggest Mistakes That Entrepreneurs Make. Avoid these mistakes when you are starting out on your own.
Bill Gates at Salon Des Entrepreneurs Part 1/4. After the introduction in French, Gates talks about starting out as a young entrepreneur.
Strategic Management: Routes to Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition. This video from Stanford Graduate School of Business provides insight from four entrepreneurs relating their experience of acquiring a small business as a path to entrepreneurship.

International Business

Globalization has brought international business to the forefront. Find out what you need to know when it comes to doing business with others around the world.
C.K. Prahalad: "Doing Well by Doing Good". Professor Prahalad discusses businesses assisting with microfinancing citizens of developing countries.
Indra Nooyi, Chairman and CEO, PepsiCo.. Nooyi shares her views on the importance of including Indian women in business.
Muhammad Yunus: Doing Well by Doing Good. Dr. Yunus talks about a US-based microcredit program that lifts people out of poverty and strengthens the global economy.
Entrepreneurship in Africa Master Class: The Team Meets to Discuss Financial Strategies. Columbia Business School and members from financial institutions talk about the financing of The Peacock Hotel in Tanzania.
Social Enterprise in India. Find out about social enterprise in business ventures occurring in India by hearing what Columbia Business School students working in with several businesses in India.
Global Business Tips: Germany. Johan de Nysschen, Executive Vice President of Audi of America talks about the nature of German business people and suggests how to be prepared to do business in Germany.
International Business Development. In a lecture from CITRUS, Sebastian Teunissen, adjunct professor at the Haas School of Business, speaks about applying managerial skills to social and environmental issues in international business development.
Business Management : What Is International Business?. Learn the basics of what International Business encompasses with this video.
Global Economics – Economic Development: A Global Challenge. Explore economic development in countries around the world and why so many countries lag behind others.
Global Economics – Global Exchange: Free Trade & Protection. Discover why international trade has grown over the past 35 years and how this explosion in trade has affected the global economy.
Global Economics – Global Resources: Management and Competition. This video explores the history of the distribution and exploitation of global resources and offers suggestions for managing resources in the future.
Global Economics – Global Capital Market: Risks and Rewards. Find out how the world economy has become integrated and why it has been the center of controversy for many.
The 2008 Index of Economic Freedom. Watch an overview that describes how many countries around the world rate when it comes to economic freedom.

Green Business

Green business is the wave of the future. Learn ways to go green, the importance of doing so, and how others are making eco-friendly business successful.
The Business Of Wind – Bloomberg. Learn about Bluewater Wind and the growing business of natural energy resources.
The Role of Markets in Addressing Social Problems. Professor Bruce Usher discusses the role of markets in addressing social problems, specifically with a look at sustainability.
The Networks of (Green) Innovation. Professor Andrew Hargadon, of the Graduate School of Management at UC Davis, lectures on green innovations in energy.
Can a "Green" Business Also be a Profitable One?. Hear from the CEO of Stoneyfield Farm as he answers whether or not a business can be both green and profitable.
Good Energy Films – Powering a Green Business. Find out how this small business owner uses renewable energy sources to power the business.
Green Business. Learn how this hotel runs a green business and actually comes in with lower costs than other hotels.
CNN Green Business. CNN highlights a green restaurant as a role model for what other businesses can do to set standards for social responsibility.
Starting a Business: Making a Green Business. The founder of Sweet Leaf Tea talks about how to start a business using eco-friendly resources.
Andrew Shapiro discusses Green Business. Shapiro, founder and CEO of Green Order, shares how businesses that are going green are ahead of other businesses as they grow for the future.
Rob Watson, Father of LEED, Talks Green. Watson discusses the green building movement and why it is so important.
Michael Dell Talks Green at IT Energy Efficiency Summit. Dell talks about taking his company to carbon neutrality as he strives to become the greenest tech company in the world.

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