100 Best Blogs for International Business Students

100 Best Blogs for International Business Students
100 Best Blogs for International Business Students
International business students not only have to learn all there is to know about business, but they also need to learn plenty of other things too, like the culture and society of other countries. The following blogs provide an excellent opportunity for students to find out first-hand about doing business in countries around the world, hear from other b-school students living and studying abroad, find out what professors have to say, and even explore the developing field of microfinancing.

International Business Blogs

These blogs focus on international business, with some discussing specific topics such as entrepreneurship or trade and others covering a wider range of subjects.
globalEDGE International Business Blog. Keep on top of all the latest news on business around the world with this blog.
The Global Small Business Blog. Entrepreneurs and small business owners who are interested in going global will want to read this blog.
Rodriguez’ International Business Blog. This blog is from an international business strategy consulting firm that specializes in the yachting, aviation, Internet, and hospitality industries.
Global Integrity Commons. The posts here provide data-based information posted with the goal of informing the public on what is working and what is not when it comes to corruption and governance around the world.
Deadly Sins of International Business. Highlighting blunders in the international markets, this blog helps to prevent you from making the same mistakes.
Private Sector Development Blog. This blog is devoted to gathering news and resources to empower the private sector to fight poverty.
global american technology alliances blog. Global technology, economics, and finance are the topics of this blog.
Northern Kentucky International Trade Association. With a focus on businesses in Northern Kentucky, this blog provides a great selection of news stories, information, and resources that will help any American with the international trade.
GlobalBX Entrepreneur Blog. Entrepreneurs going global can find a wealth of tips and information here.
Sourcing Guy. This global purchasing consultancy group provides helpful information about doing business around the world on this blog.
Global Progress. This African blogger posts about entrepreneurship, global business, and sustainable practices.
Globespotting. Steve Hamm writes about innovation, leadership, and globalization on this blog.

Business in China

Find out what it takes to do business in China with these blogs.
ChinaSolved Blog . If you are looking to improve business relations in China, then don’t miss the posts on this blog.
China Business Blog. Learn what is affecting businesses in China with the information you find on this blog.
China Comment. Covering energy, the environment, and the economy, this blog keeps readers informed with news that affects all three of these areas.
All Roads Lead to China. Gain a better understanding of China through the posts offering strategic insight and advice here.
China Business Blog. Get all the latest news about Chinese business with these posts.
China Environmental Law. Stay on top of Chinese environmental and energy laws and policies with this blog.
Experience Not Logic. Keep up with the business and legal aspects of doing business in China with this blog.
China Business Blog and Podcast. From a market strategy consulting firm with over 20 years experience in China, this blog features plenty of useful information about life and business in China.
Asiabizblog. Learn the latest news on doing business in China with this blog.
China Economics Blog. Find academic news and information about China’s economy here.

Business in India

Business is booming in India, so be sure to check these blogs out to find out what you need to know about doing business there.
Made in India. Navi Radjou blogs here about India and global business from the Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge.
India Business Blog. This blog covers the news relevant to business in India.
India Stocks. Keep up with what is happening to Indian stocks on this blog from Seeking Alpha.
Ajay Shah’s blog. Ajay Shah writes predominantly about finances as they relate to business in India on his blog.
Emergic: Rajesh Jain’s Blog. Get plenty of information about entrepreneurship and mobile technology here.
Gurcharan Das. Indian business, economy, and politics feature in this blog.
Prof. Jayanth R. Varma’s Financial Markets Blog. Professor Varma blogs about financial markets and their regulation.
India Business Blog. From MoneyMint.in, this blog features real estate, financial markets, the economy, and more.
The Big Picture. The professor of finance and accounting blogs about the Indian economy and banking.
The Indian Investor’s Blog. Deepak Shenoy writes about investing in the Indian stock markets on his blog.
The India Street. Get news and information about Indian business and investing here.

Business in Africa

Africa is often overlooked when it comes to the business world, but it has a thriving business community throughout the continent–as these blogs demonstrate.
Bankelele. Written by a banker in Nairobi, this blog covers both banking and business.
Startups in Kenya. An entrepreneur in Nairobi, this blogger provides information about doing business in Nairobi, including posts on networking, debt, and entrepreneurship.
Nubian Cheetah. Written by Nii Simmonds, this blog focuses on business, technology, and sustainable development in Africa.
Kenya Capital Investment Group. This blog includes plenty of information about investing in Kenya, with information on markets, insurance, and more.
Timbuktu Chronicles. Emeka Okafor, an entrepreneur in New York and the TED Africa Director in 2007, writes on technology, science, and entrepreneurship in Africa.
Startup Africa. This blog focuses on technology and social media in South Africa.
White African. Get features on tech topics, business and entrepreneurship, and innovation with the posts on this blog.
Apprica. Find news on technology, business, and education in the posts available here.
Nigerian Entrepreneur. The posts here focus on entrepreneurship and running a small business in Nigeria.
African Business: Blog. From BusinessWeek, find out what is being said on their blogs about doing business in Africa.
Annansi Chronicles. Stay abreast of business and culture trends with this blog.

Business in Other Places

From Japan to Europe to Latin America, these blogs will keep you informed about doing business around the world.
Yoko Ishikura’s Blog. This business school professor in Tokyo blogs about her classes, student projects, and many other topics.
Japan Economy News and Blog. Get the latest news on Japan’s economy and what is affecting it on this blog.
Bonobo Land. Edward Hugh blogs about the global economy with a European perspective.
Alpha.Sources blog. This Danish business student posts regularly with in-depth analyses of economics around the world.
Eurozone Watch. This blog monitors economics and economic governance in Europe.
Eurointelligence. Keep on top of the latest news concerning European economics, finance, and politics with this blog.
Stumbling and Mumbling. Chris Dillow blogs on politics, economics, finance, and more from the UK.
NevilleHobson.com. Neville Hobson blogs about business, communications, and technology from his spot in the UK.
nowEurope. Stay on top of technology innovation in central Europe with this blog.
TJ’s Weblog. The posts here include business news relevant to the global economy and entrepreneurship.
business with latin america. This blog features news that is important to know for doing business in Latin America.
The Latin Americanist. Covering business, culture, and politics, this blog provides excellent information for those who need to understand Latin America.

International Economy and Finance

Keep in touch with all that is happening with the global economy and financial world when you follow these blogs.
Vox. This blog is a part of a collaboration between leading economists and the UK government to collect views based on research-based analysis on what to do about the global economy.
Division of Labour. Read opinion and news on issues surrounding both US and global economics.
Grasping Reality with Both Hands: The Semi-Daily Journal Economist Brad DeLong. Written by economy professor J Bradford DeLong from UC Berkeley, the posts here explore issues surrounding economics around the world.
Organizations and Markets. This blog discusses various aspects of global economics and is written collaboratively by professors from America and Europe.
The Undercover Economist. Read about the economics of everyday life with a London perspective.
CoreEconomics. Written primarily by Australian experts with a bit of input from the US and Canada, the posts here focus primarily on economics and strategy.
Carpe Diem. Professor Mark J. Perry writes about economics–particularly in America, but he also includes some global economic information as well.
The Transportationist. This blog covers the economics of traffic and transportation systems around the world with plenty of interesting tidbits of information.
Economist’s View. Mark Thomas writes about American economics against the backdrop of a global society.
Financial Intelligence. US and international finance is frequently at the heart of the posts here.
ProfessorVC. Venture capital and entrepreneurship are the focus of this blog.
Investing Insights. Keep up with investing trends and information with the information posted here.

Business Students Blogging from Outside the US

These blogging b-school students are attending schools from Canada to Copenhagen.
MBA Diary. Current and former students at Copenhagen Business School contribute to this blog tells about life at school and after graduation.
The AIM Blogger. This blog is maintained by a former student of the Asian Institute of Management, where posts provide updates and events at the school.
(Out of a Limb) Back in the Saddle. Stay on top of business news as well as what is happening at the London Business School here.
Queen’s MBA: Going the Distance. Queen’s School of Business in Ontario is the focus of this blog that features information about classes and student life.
The Life at Cass Blog. Learn what is going on at Cass Business School in London from the students and alumni who post here.
Ivey MBA Student Blogs. Learn about life as a student at this business school in Ontario from this student blog.
Inside the London MBA. Keep on top of news and information about earning an education at the London Business School with these posts.
Gabriel’s Scarcity Rent. This MBA student from Spain is attending a school in London and living in India for a project he commissioned in his entrepreneurial business.

Business Professor Blogs

While most of the professors are located in the US, the offer a sound base from which to enhance your business education, no matter where in the world you plan to practice.
Rita McGrath Dynamic Strategies. Working with leadership teams in Global 1000 companies, Professor McGrath is an expert on entrepreneurship and innovation.
Robert Salomon. This professor from Stern School of Business features posts featuring global business news, economics, and more.
EconoSpeak. Global economics, politics, and academia are all featured on this popular blog.
sviokla.com blog. Marketing and management feature highly in this blog by John Sviokla, former professor at Harvard Business School.
Stew Friedman Better Leader, Richer Life. This Wharton professor blogs about leadership here.
John Quelch Marketing KnowHow. Global marketing, branding, and communications are the topic featured on this blog from Professor Quelch of Harvard Business School.
Marketing Profs Daily Fix. Learn all about marking from this collaborative blog that touches on global marketing, branding, and more.
sustainable business design. N.E. Landrum writes about making sustainable business decisions as a part of sensible economic and social choices.
Nouriel Roubini’s Global Economic Monitor. Get top-rate global economic analysis on Roubini’s blog.
Ed Batista. This leadership coach at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business blogs about management and leadership skills here.
Tom Davenport The Next Big Thing. A professor at Babson College, Tom Davenport blogs about networking, social media, and other tools and resources for management innovations.
Harga-Blog. Andrew Hargadon writes about entrepreneurship, technology innovation, management, and sustainability.
Open IT Strategies. Learn all about creating business strategies based on the principles of open source in Joel West’s blog.
Andrew McAfee’s Blog. McAfee, a Harvard Business School professor, blogs on technology and business here.

Microfinancing Blogs

Microfinancing has become a hot topic in the international business world. Read these blogs to find out more about it all.
David Roodman’s Microfinance Open Book Blog. This research fellow working on a book documenting the history and impact of microfinance blogs his findings here.
Microfinance and Microcredit Investment. Get the latest news headlines about microfinancing around the world on this blog that is specifically for microfinance investors.
CGAP Microfinance Blog. This blog discusses microfinancing as a solution to empower the poor worldwide.
Creating a World Without Poverty. From the Grameen Foundation, an organization developed to defeat poverty through microfinance, this blog provides news and events supporting microfinance.
Microfinance Insights. Find news, information, interviews, and more that all discuss microfinancing.
Innovations for Poverty Action. Hear from economists, researchers, and more as professionals explore innovative ways to eradicate poverty.
Financial Access Initiative. This initiative is driven by development economists at Yale, Harvard, NYU, and IPA working to expand quality financial services to low-income people. Their blog reports the latest news and research.
Microcredit Summit Campaign Secretariat Blog. These blog posts feature news and research in support of microfinancing.
Center for Financial Inclusion Blog. Learn about the aspect of client protection when engaging in microfinancing with the information available here.
Chris Blattman. This assistant professor at Yale blogs about poverty alleviation, public policy in developing countries, and more on this blog.

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