101 Useful YouTube Tutorials for College Students

101 Useful YouTube Tutorials for College Students
101 Useful YouTube Tutorials for College Students
Heading off to college is an exciting time for most students as it provides independence and a start on your own life. Despite how ready most are for school, it may come as a surprise to many students that they weren’t quite as prepared as they thought they might have been. Don’t worry if you find yourself in this predicament. There are plenty of tutorials available on YouTube that can help you through just about any situation. These tutorials cover the gamut with practical advice on adjusting to college, learning life skills, dating, and money management, and scholastic advice on study skills, using software applications for school work, writing research papers, and help with science and math.

Adjusting to College

While these videos all offer serious advice for adjusting to college, some of them are done with humor.
Tips for College Freshmen. Get tips to help make your first year at school a successful one.
International Students in USA Tutorial Chapter 2 – College Etiquette Tips. Learn about class participation, what is expected and how to do it, from this video.
Top 10 Ways to Succeed in College. This group of college students talks about ways to be successful at school.
Transition into College Life. Learn some important tips that will help make the move from high school to college easier–and see what you shouldn’t be doing.
How to Live with a Roommate. This funny video shows both good and bad ways to deal with a roommate.
5 Steps to College Life. Watch this college student-made video that shows five important lessons on college life from independence to meeting girls.
How to Get Good Grades. This slide show offers ways to get good grades with tips working through the alphabet and set with some high energy techno music.
College Tips PSA. A guy just finishing his freshman year and another guy starting his senior year share their tips for college freshmen.
Ask a ninja – 38 – College tips. You probably won’t find these tips anywhere else, and you may not want to follow all them, but it might be worth watching anyway.
College Tips – Should You Room with someone from High School. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of rooming with a friend from high school.

Life Skills

From doing laundry to cooking to staying healthy to using public transportation, these life skills are all helpful for college students.
How To Do Laundry: How to Work the Washing Machine. Learn about the different settings on the washer and dryer–and when each should be used.
Grocery Shopping on a Budget : Making a Grocery Shopping List. Making a useful grocery list and sticking to it will save you money. This video tells you how.
How To- tutorial on cooking a simple meal. This college student shares a simple meal that any beginning cook can make.
Easy College Meals – Cheesey Chicken Rice. Find out how to make this nutritious meal easily.
5 easy recipes for college students. Leave the ramen behind with these five inexpensive meal ideas.
OU REEL Students: Making a Meal on a Budget. Learn how to make an inexpensive and healthy stir fry with this tutorial.
Healthy Eating Tips: Eating Healthy Snacks. This video teaches about healthy snacking habits and choices.
How To Get Fat (& How Not To) (College Health Guru). Discover weight loss traps college students easily fall into.
Insomnia On Campus (College Health Guru). Learn about the high rate of insomnia among college students and what you can do for better sleep.
How to Use Google Maps : Getting Public Transportation Directions in Google Maps. If you aren’t sure how to get where you want to go using public transportation, then find out here how to use Google Maps to get directions.
Using the Bike Rack on a Public Bus. Find out why you may want to use the bike rack on the public bus and how you can do so.
OU REEL Students: Indo Boarding. While this may not be considered a life skill by everyone, this video shows you how to use the Indo board, invented by a surfer to keep in practice. This board is helpful for any sport that requires balancing, like skateboarding or snowboarding.


Some might consider dating as big a part of college as taking classes. If you have questions about dating, then check out these video tutorials.
Relationship & Dating : How to Ask a Girl Out on a Date. This dating coach gives practical advice on how to ask a girl out on a date without putting too much pressure on yourself or her.
Dating Tips: Fun Ways to Ask Someone On a Date. Dr. Paul Vehorn talks about using humor when asking someone out.
How To Ask A Shy Girl Out On A Date…. If you’ve got your eye on a shy girl, learn the best way to approach her to ask her out.
Smosh – How Not to Act on a First Date. This silly video is full of great advice for what not to do on your first date.
Relationship & Dating : How to Break the Ice on a First Date. Don’t find yourself speechless on a first date: watch this video instead.
Dating Tips for Guys: A Woman’s Perspective : How to Get Any Girl or Guy’s Phone Number. Get great tips for how to get a phone number from a prospective date.
Relationship & Dating Advice : How to Tell if She Likes You. Find out what kind of body language to look for to determine if a woman likes you or not.
Relationship & Dating Advice : Reading Male Body Language. Women, watch this tutorial to find out what kind of body language a guy who likes you may present.
Leaving the Friend Zone – How to Actually Ask Her Out. Get tips on how to move beyond friendship here.
Relationship & Dating Advice : How to Know You Are in Love. Learn the difference between lust and love with this tutorial.

Managing Money and Finding Financial Aid

Don’t start your career after college already in debt. Learn from these videos how to manage your money and find ways to pay for school.
Smart Money Management Tips for New College Students. This tutorial provides specific money management advice for college students.
Avoiding Credit Card Debt Tips for College Students. Beware of those student credit cards that are everywhere so that you don’t find yourself unexpectedly in debt.
Credit lessons begin in college. Listen to what this smart college student says she does to keep her finances healthy.
How to make a Shoebox budget. This tutorial steps you through setting up a Shoebox budget that can help you get control of your finances.
How to save money when buying textbooks. The advice here is from a thrifty college student who shares tips that work for her.
5 Ways to Pay For College. Learn five unexpected ways to help pay for college.
College Financing 201. Watch this video to learn how you can reduce the cost of a college education.
Student Financial Aid : College Financial Aid Calculator. Discover how to find a financial aid calculator to help you determine for how much financial aid you may qualify.
Financial Aid : How to Find Free College Money. Find out about filling out a FAFSA to determine your eligibility for grants and scholarships.
Surviving Student Loans and College Debt. This helpful video offers cautionary advice when taking out student loans by providing a look at the different types of loans.

Study Tips

If you don’t already have good study habits, start them now with the advice in these videos.
How to Study in High School and College (and get an A!). Learn how to study for a test so you get an A.
Studying Smarter Not Harder. Get time management strategies to help direct your energies in the right way.
Re:Study Techniques That Work!!! (vocab). This video talks about making flash cards on your iPhone to help you remember what ever you are studying.
How to study effectively. Find great tips to help you learn what to do to make the most of your study time.
Should I be "cramming"?. The short answer is no, but watch this video to understand why.
How to Improve Your Study Habits. The video is high on camp, but the study habits they provide really are good advice.
How To Study | Fundamentals. Break your bad study routine to make better scores on your exams.
How do You Study for a Math Test?. Get study tips that apply for both math tests as well as other exams. The Nickelback song playing throughout reminds you this is produced by MTV.
Study Skills 101. From reading every day to keeping a planner, this tutorial provides plenty of tips to improve your studying.
How to Take Notes in School. This English teacher shares a college student’s tips on how to best take notes.

Using Software

From note-taking software to Microsoft Word to Google Docs, these tutorials will help you use many popular software applications you may need in school.
Notetaking with Knowledge Notebook Software. This Princeton student tells how to effectively take notes with this software made just for note-taking.
Google Docs in Plain English. Find out why sharing and collaborating with Google Docs is easier and a better way than attaching documents to emails.
Gmail voice and video chat. If you don’t already know how to use this cool function, then watch this video.
Why Google Apps for Education?. Watch this video to understand why using Google apps works so well in an academic setting and find out how you can use Google apps.
Second Life Tutorial: Beginner Guide-Create Account & Get Started in Second Life. This video, designed for college students, takes you through the basics to get started using Second Life.
How To Use Microsoft Word (Part 1). Get the basics starting with how to create a document in this tutorial.
How To Use Microsoft World (Part 2). This video picks up where the first one left off with tips such as making a bulleted or numbered list.
Microsoft Excel Basics. Learn how to do some of the easier equations within the spreadsheet as well as other basics of Excel.
Powerpoint 2007 Tutorial. If you need a little help learning how to use PowerPoint, try this tutorial.
Microsoft Access 2007 Tutorial. This tutorial teaches how to create a database using Access.

Writing Research Papers

Chances are great you will be writing plenty of research papers in school. Use these tutorials to learn about specific styles, how to organize your research, and different types of research.
College Research Papers : How to Write an APA Style Paper. Students writing a paper for any social science class will want to watch this video that provides tips for writing based on the American Psychological Association.
College Research Papers : How to Write MLA Essay Papers. Most college-level English classes use the MLA style as their standard, so watch this video to learn some of the basics.
College Research Papers : How to Write a Bibliography. All research papers need bibliographies, so learn how to write one with this video.
Concept Mapping: How to Start Your Term Paper Research. Learn how to organize thoughts and ideas in a constructive manner to help get your research project started.
Research Paper: Paraphrasing. Avoid plagiarism by learning how to properly paraphrasing the information you find.
2. Introduction to Research Methods – Dr. A.G. Picciano. Taken from a lecture given by this professor, this video provides an introduction to what happens during the research process.
Quantitative Vs. Qualitative Research at CGU. This panel of professors discuss the difference between quantitative and qualitative research as used at Claremont Graduate University.
Organizing Your Research Paper. This video from the University of South Florida provides solid advice on how to think about and organize a paper to get all the pertinent information in a manageable size.
English Lesson: Sentence Skills (Recognizing a fragment). Sentence fragments are a big taboo, but a common mistake. Learn how to recognize them here.
English 421 Comma Splice Sentence Fragment Run-on Sentence. The other big no-no in writing is the comma splice. Watch this video to learn how to avoid making this mistake, plus other biggies such as the run-on sentence.


Brush up on your chemistry, physics, and more with these science videos.
Chemistry 106 Lecture 01. Skip to 3:30 where the lecture starts with this chemistry instructor from Case Western Reserve University.
Physics 10 – Lecture 01: Atoms and Heat. This physics class focuses on the concepts rather than the math.
Lec 1 | MIT 3.091 Introduction to Solid State Chemistry. Polish up on your introduction to solid state chemistry with this lecture from MIT.
Lecture – 1 Amino Acids I. Biochemistry students can learn more about amino acids here.
Distinguished Lecture in Astronomy: Steven Beckwith. The first part of this video is a type of tutorial on the basics of astronomy and the second part discusses the past 2 billion years of the universe.
String Theory – (2 Minutes). Get a fundamental understanding of string theory in just two minutes.
Lecture 1 | Modern Physics: Special Relativity (Stanford). Leonard Susskind talks about special relativity in this modern physics class.
Transitional Fossils and Common Ancestry. This video looks at fossils and ancestry in an attempt to demonstrate sound science behind the theory of evolution.
Neuroanatomy Tutorial 5 (Gray and White Matter). This anatomy tutorial discusses the differences between gray and white matter in the brain.
The Physics of Starship Battles Explosive Decompression. Learn about the concept of atmospheric pressure from this lesson that uses clips from science fiction films to demonstrate.


These math tutorials will help you learn how to do algebra, trigonometry, and calculus.
Watch Video from YourTeacher.com – College Algebra. This video offers a good review of basic algebra.
College Algebra – Lecture 2 – Language of mathematics. Professor Richard Delaware explains how math is it’s own language that needs to be understood before you can learn the concepts.
College Algebra: Examples of Induction. Get examples of induction from this college professor.
College Algebra: Inequalities & Interval Notation. Professor Edward Burger demonstrates interval notation and inequalities.
College Algebra- Graph Parabolas. This tutorial will help you learn how to graph parabolas.
Math Tutorial – Deriving the Quadratic Formula. Learn how to derive the quadratic formula from this video tutorial.
Basic Trigonometry. This video covers sine, cosine, and tangent.
Trigonometry: The Essentials that You Need for Calculus. This review covers everything you need to remember from trig so you can learn calculus.
BC3 Fundamental Theorem of Calculus Tutorial. Check out this calculus tutorial from Dr. Matsko’s class.
How to Calculus – Differential Equations. These students do a little acting while they teach about differential equations.
The Chain Rule (Calculus). This tutorial offers a clear description of the chain rule.

Job-Seeking and Internships

From using social media to get a job to acing the interview to learning about internships, these videos will help you put all that knowledge from school to work.
How to use social media to get a job. This tutorial offers tips to help you land a job using social media.
College Grad Job Interview Tips job interview strategies for new hires | OneMinuteInterviewTips.com. Learn about using Gmail as a job search tool.
"Making Contact with Employers" – CNNfn (9/3/04). Learn about the power of networking to make contact with a potential employer.
Interview Dos and Don’ts. Get solid tips for making a great impression during the next interview.
College Grads "Will Work For Free". Explore the idea of taking an internship after graduation if you can’t find a paying job with the information here.
College Interns: A Wise Workforce Alternative…Especially During Troubling Economic Times, Slides 1-4. This is the first of three videos that provide tons of information on college internships from the employer’s perspective.
College Interns: A Wise Workforce Alternative…Especially During Troubling Economic Times, Slides 5-6. The second part of this series focuses on how to make an internship work and compensation options.
College Interns: A Wise Workforce Alternative…Especially During Troubling Economic Times, Slides 7-11. The final video in this series covers expectations, type of work, and more.

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