100 Great Web Sites for Poetry Lovers

100 Great Web Sites for Poetry Lovers
100 Great Web Sites for Poetry Lovers
We don’t read and write poetry because it’s cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for. -Dead Poet’s Society

Reading Poetry: Classic

From the sonnets of Shakespeare to the passion of Poe, find your favorite poem at the links below.
Poetry Lovers’ Page: The go-to site for all things poetry.
Everypoet: Search this huge database for your favorite poem; if you don’t find it here, you might not find it anywhere.
Bartleby: With thousands of poems by hundreds of authors, Bartleby.com offers one of the largest free collections of verse, poems and poetry anthologies on the web.
Norton Poets Online: Features essays on poetry writing, reading group guides, bibliographies and profiles of Norton published poets, and more.
Poem Hunter: A poetry search engine for thousands of poems and poets.
Exploring Poetry: This site will bring you back to the basics of reading and appreciating poetry.
Old Poetry: Appreciate the poetic greats! Learn from Whitman, Keats, and all those who spent their life in pursuit of a poetic ideal.
Famous Poets and Poems: This site has all the classic and nothing more.
Net Poets: This link takes you to the Classic section of netpoets.com, where you’ll find the greatest writers in history and their masterpieces.
The Poetry Archive: Feel the power of oral art through this online collection of recorded poetry.

Reading Poetry: Contemporary

Whether you are searching for new talent or looking for a muse, these sites feature work from contemporary poets making their way to the top.
American Poetry Review: Bimonthly issues of original poetry, literary criticism, interviews, essays and social commentary.
Favorite Poem Project: Started by former US Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky, the Favorite Poem Project allows people to submit their favorite poems and personal stories about why these poems touch them so.
Poetry Daily: Experience a new, upcoming poet or poem each day.
Poets.org: A resource from the Academy of American Poets with thousands of poems, essays, biographies, weekly features, and poems for love and every occasion.
Soul of the Garden: Austin, Texas gardener and interfaith leader Tom Spencer shares his favorite poems on his all-inclusive Web site.
Contemporary American Poetry Archive: This is an electronic archive designed to make out-of-print volumes of poetry available to readers, scholars, and researchers. The books are stored as individual text-only files accessible via its Web site.
Poetry.com: A site to which readers can submit their own poetry or read the poetry of other everyday readers.
Contemporary Poetry Review: Poetry criticism, reviews and interviews with distinguished poets, critics, and translators.
PoetryX: A Web site devoted to reading, analyzing, and discussing the best contemporary poetry.
Poet Seers: Poet Seers is a collection of spiritual and illumining poetry by poets from around the world, including many different spiritual traditions.

War Poetry
The War Poetry Site: Poetry and poets of the First World War including biographical information.
War Poetry: World War I and other war poetry offered in remembrance of all war veterans.
A Treasury of War Poetry: The many poems on this site are organized by country and topic, and contain poems from ancient wars as well as current ones.
War Poets: Essays, reviews, opinions, poems, and links from a professor.
Poetry of the Civil War: Get a glimpse into the pain in the hearts of Civil War soldiers and their families.
Poets Against War: "Poets Against War continues the tradition of socially engaged poetry by creating venues for poetry as a voice against war, tyranny and oppression."
World War II: Some of the poems here were written during WWII and some were written in rememberance.
Winning Writers: This site features several types of poetry, including that from wars. If you’re a writer, check out the War Poetry contest, which gives $2,000 to each year’s winner.
George Herbert Clarke on The Great War: British and American poems from the first World War.
Vietnam War Poetry: This Angelfire site is filled with powerful poems written by Vietnam War veterans and their families.

Writing Poetry

Get tips, prompts, tools, and links for great writing with these resources.
PoeWar: A list of poetry writing tips from poewar.com.
Writing with Writers: Study the genre of poetry by taking part in step-by-step workshops with three of your favorite authors. Then have your work published online in our new writers’ showcase.
Approaches to Writing Poetry: Of course, there is no formula or method to writing great poetry, but this site will help you find your own voice, then flaunt it.
Ten Tips for Writing Poetry: Marilyn Singer has written more than 80 books for young children and adults, and she has a few tips about writing successful poetry.
Writing Poetry: Terms and pointers for well-rounded writing.
Writing Poetry (for People Without Poetic Talent): A way to write poetry when inspiration, creativity, and insight fail– using logic and an algorithm.
eHow to Write Poetry: If writing poetry could be broken down into six simple steps, these would be them.
37 Ways to Write Poetry: Here are 37 not-so-obvious tips about quality writing.
Haiku How-To: A printable PDF Worksheet for writing your first Haiku.
Poetry Writing: This writing coach gives you her top 10 tips for clear, readable poetry.


Find your niche in one of these poetry communities.
Writers’ Network: This writing community houses a variety of writers – some are just starting out, searching for mentors and inspiration while others are seasoned pros with a multitude of published books.
YouTube: If you have poetry to share, why not YouTube it? Let the world see what you’re made of.
Writing Network: A network of writers helping other writers review thier poetry, fiction, non-fiction, professional writing and schoolwork.
Writing and Editing Network: An international network of college and university professors dedicated to helping writers edit their work.
Lowell Poetry Network: If you write poetry, enjoy listening to poetry or enjoy reading poetry, consider joining this inclusive network.
Creative Writing @ Ning: Creative writing network for Ning members.
Poetry Dances @ Ning: A place to share your poetry and read others’ work at Ning.
Poetry Critique @ Ning: A social community of writers and authors brought together by their love of poetry.
North Carolina Writers’ Network: Join this network (even if you don’t live in North Carolina) and receive tons of benefits, plus get the opportunity to share your stuff online.

Twitter Feeds to Follow

Follow these Tweets, and you’ll likely find a useful writing tip or a link to a worthwhile poem.
Coffee Table Poet: Daily links and writing tips.
Poetry: Poetry news provided by The Internet Writing Journal.
Poetry Speaks: Follow at your own risk–this publishing company is crazy about poetry!
Mass Poetry: Massachusetts Poetry Festival offers daily news and poetry links.
Poetry Visualized: The Visualized Poetry Network’s Twitter feed is full of links to great visual poetry clips.
Read Write Poem: Useful tips and links for poetry lovers worldwide.
PENAmerican: An association of authors working to advance literature, defend free expression, and foster international literary fellowship.
Griffin Poetry: Advocates excellence in poetry.
Poetry Magazine: Follow the Tweets of this great publication.
Poets & Writers: A source of information, support, and guidance for creative writers and poets.


These bloggers share their favorite classic and contemporary poetry as well as their own, which provides hours of endless reading.
World Class Poetry Blog: Postings and critiques of 21st century poems.
Paul Hoover’s Poetry: This poet and blogger shares his poems, essays about poetry, and thoughts about the art.
The Social Poets: Original poems, funny quotes, news, intelligent politics, common sense and humor.
How a Poem Happens: Contemporary poets discuss the writing of poems.
The Projector is Ripping Your History: Award-winning poet Keith Montesano shares his own poems and opines about the work of other contemporary writers.
Chicks Dig Poetry: Sandra Beasley showcases her prize-winning poetry.
Poetry Instigator: This wonderfully helpful site is brimming with poetry and writing prompts to get those creative juices flowing.
One Poet’s Notes: Edward Byrne recommends readings and responds to recent writings of contemporary poetry and poetics.
Nothing to Say and Saying It: Contemporary poet John Gallaher delivers his works and leaves them open for comment, so feel free to chime in.
New Femme Fatale: Sara (last name not given) shares her love of poetry, music, feminism, and her child. Her writing itself is music, poetry, feminism and life, all in one.
Ron Silliman: A blog focused on contemporary poetics.
1,000 Voices: A collection of experimental poetry.
Average Poet: An ameteur poet and ebook writer posts his proudest work.
Clockwork Lightning: Longtime writer Rcat has a poem or two worth reading here.
The Best American Poetry: Read the poems and poets who win The Best American Poetry Contest.
The Poetry Blog: Experience world-class poetry at this well-established blog.
Dana Gioia: Poems and essays by internationally recognized writer Dana Gioia.
Humming Bunny: Author Brian Fowler shares his poetry and prose.
Blogsboro Poetry Club: Promotes blogging poets around the world.
Joy’s Poetry Blog: This poetry lover keeps her blog updated with tons of personal poetry and life lessons.


These are print and online publications from around the world designed to promote the art of poetry, to inspire readers to write their hearts out, and to make poetry a priority in today’s world.
Poetry Foundation: The publishers of Poetry magazine bring you this Web site, full of links, poems, reading tips, blogs, and videos.
Poetry Bay: An online poetry magazine for 21st century writers and readers.
Strong Verse: Another online magazine published by Orson Scott Card.
Spindle: Spindle is an online literary magazine with a twist, featuring creative non-fiction, poetry and short fiction by, for and about New Yorkers.
Big Bridge: Contemporary poetry for openminded readers and critics.
2River: A literary magazine accessible online that provides tips and tricks for better writing.
No Tell Motel: 52 poets. 5 poems a week. 260 poems a year.
Red China Magazine: A quarterly magazine of fiction, poetry, and art.
Paper Street Press: This site is proud to feature "prose sure of its history and footing, poetry unecumbered by distraction."
Fourteen Hills: The San Francisco State University literary review.


Get honest feedback on your poetry, or comment on other members’ poems, and maybe make a friend or two.
BookRix: BookRix is an online community where poets upload their work and receive feedback.
Disability Writes: Online forum for disabled writers to post poetry, fiction and articles, and receive feedback and news of writing opportunities.
Fan Story: Online forum for poetry and short fiction offers frequent contests for members, with creative and offbeat writing prompts.
Got Poetry?: Literary news, creative writing, discussion forums, and announcements of upcoming poetry events.
Lit.org: Register and post your work for ratings and feedback.
Mr. Africa: Site focusing on poetry by African-Americans.
Our Echo: Writers’ forum for stories, essays, and poetry based on personal reflection and experience. Monthly contest offers $100 for most popular stories on the site.
The Critical Poet: Post your work to this forum for public critique and revision.
The Web Poetry Corner: A friendly, non-exploitative place to publish your poetry online.
Wild Poetry Forum: An online, interactive community of writers and poets 13 and older striving to improve their writing skills and to share their creative thoughts with others.
The Poet’s Sanctuary: Register for a free accound, then post your poetry for reviews and critiques. Be sure to return the favor to other users.

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