100 Best Free iPhone Apps for Educators

100 Best Free iPhone Apps for Educators
100 Best Free iPhone Apps for Educators
Being an educator of any kind, from teaching kindergartners to adults, often requires great organization, hours spent outside of the classroom writing lectures and devising lesson plans, and, in today’s world, the ability to use technology to your advantage. Your iPhone can be a helpful tool in inspiring you with new ways to teach, helping you keep your information organized and ensuring that you’re the best possible teacher you can be. Try out these apps to see what they can offer you and your students.


Check out these apps to leave yourself notes, make to-dos and keep all your ducks in a row.
Evernote: Use this handy app to jot down ideas, make notes, save them and send them to yourself.
Remember the Milk: You’ll never forget to do important tasks again if you remember to put them in this helpful to-do list manager.
30Boxes: Check out this calendar application to keep track of important appointments and days off of school.
iBlueSky: This application will help you brainstorm new ideas and map them out visually.
Attendance Countdown: Count down the days left in your semester or the hours until summer vacation with this application.
Harvest: With this application you can track your finances, contact information for students, lesson plans and pretty much anything else job-related.
QuickVoice: If it’s easier for you to speak rather than type, this app will make it simple for you to record voice messages.
OmniFocus: This application is all about helping you to be more productive, keeping you organized and on task anywhere.
To Do: Here you can jot down all the little things you need to get done for class or at home.
A Personal Assistant: Ever feel like you could really use a personal assistant? This application takes on some of that role, making it easy to stay organized.
ZenBe: This application is all about simple, easy-to-use task management.
FireTask: If you’re all about GTD you can check out this application designed specifically to improve your productivity.

Helpful Tools

These apps will help make your life as a teacher a little easier.
TouchType: Download this application to make typing out an email easier on your iPhone by shifting it to landscape mode.
Spell Check: Make sure you’re not making any spelling gaffes in your communications with students with this app.
Date Wheel: This application will let you easily count down the days between two dates, like until an assignment is due or until spring break.
Mocha VNC Lite: Use this app to access a Windows PC or Mac OS X and see the files, programs, and resources exactly as you would if you were sitting at your desk.
HTML Cheat Sheet: Many teachers these days are responsible for maintaining websites, so this cheat sheet can make it much easier if you can’t remember your coding.
GPA.me: This tool will allow you, or your students, to more easily calculate their GPA.
Assignments: While this app is designed for students, it can be a great tool for teachers as well, allowing you to input and view your class assignments and notes.
Read It Later: Since you’re a busy educator, you may not have time to immediately read every interesting article you come across. This app lets you save that material for later.
QuickOffice: If you need to open Word or Excel documents on your phone, this application will make it possible.
Google Reader: Use the mobile version of this tool to easily read all your favorite blogs.
Free Wi-Fi Finder: If you’re struggling to find a Wi-Fi connection, this app will make it a lot easier.
Blackboard Learn: Professors or teachers using Blackboard in their classrooms will be able to use it a whole lot easier no matter where they are.


You’ll be able to keep in touch with students, parents and fellow teachers through these great mobile tools.
IfbyPhone: iPhone users can sign up to use this app and get iPhone Voice Broadcast and Conference Call services.
Facebook: Keep in touch with friends, family and even former students through the mobile version of this site.
WordPress: If you’re part of the growing number of teachers blogging, this tool is an essential download.
Skype: Talk to anyone, anywhere for much less with this great application.
Beejive IM: You don’t have to stick to AIM to message over your phone–this application is one of the best out there.
Twitterlator: Use Twitter on-the-go with this app that lets you read, post and track your tweets.
LinkedIn: Keep in touch with colleagues and your eyes open for new opportunities with this tool.
Ember: Campfire goes mobile with this app, letting users engage in mobile chatting, see live image previews right within the chat room, and view files right from the chat.


Need to look up a fact in a hurry? These tools will help you to do so no matter where you are.
Dictionary!: This dictionary will help you find the spelling and meaning of over 200,000 words.
Wikiamo: This application makes it easy to search for and find articles from Wikipedia.
Wikipanion: If you love looking things up on Wikipedia, then check out this application that lets you take it anywhere.
WorldCat: Find any research or classroom materials you need from the closest libraries that have it with this app.
GeoPedia: Try out this application to find out what Wikipedia articles relate to where you are in the world.
Google Earth: With this tool you can take a look at any place in the world with the mobile version of this program.
Poptiq: Through this application you can watch all kinds of educational videos from anywhere.
WeDict: Using this tool, you’ll be able to look up just about any word out there, as well as find translations for Chinese words.
QuoteBook: Whether you need a quirky quote for your lessons or just want to find something relevant, this app makes it simple to look up info.
Roget’s New Thesaurus: Find synonyms for any word with this helpful thesaurus.

History and Social Studies

Whether you need help with fact checking or just want to get new ideas on how to present material, these apps can help.
Declaration: This application will let you search through and read the whole Declaration of Independence.
Constitution: If you’re teaching your students about the Constitution, this application can make it easy to look up and reference any part of it.
iPresident: Check out this application for a list and information about all the presidents, former and present, of the United States.
This Day in History: Find out what happened on any day of the year in the past with this daily factual app.
AlltheCountries: Here you’ll be able to find out information about any country in the world–a big help if you’re in need of quick facts in the classroom.
Oregon Trail: You can get an updated version of this classic game on your iPhone and practice trekking across the United States.
Maps of the World: Not sure exactly where Bora Bora is? This application will help you look it up and pass on the information to your students.


These applications can help boost your knowledge and help you pass it on to your students.
VocabDaily Free: Learn a new word each day or find new words to share with your students using this application.
Word of the Day: This application is another way to get access to new words to expand your vocab and teach with.
AccelaStudy Vocabulary Builder: Created for studying for the SAT or ACT, this application is also a great way to boost your own vocab and teach your students new words.
Talking Phrasebooks: Check out this application to learn how to say basic phrases in almost any language out there.
EngLits: Download and read hundreds of classic books through this site.
Classics: If you want to bone up on classic literature, this application offers numerous free reads.
Stanza: Whether you’re rereading something you’ve assigned for class or just want to read more on your own, this application makes it easy.
Bookshelf: This application will turn your iPhone into a Kindle, allowing you to easily read ebooks on it.
Margins: Take notes as you read with this helpful tool that makes it simple to prepare for class.
Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms: If you’re a little shaky on your knowledge of literary terms, then this application can help.
Aristotle’s Complete Works: Read this famous philosopher and thinker’s works for free using this application.


Download these apps to learn and find great material you can share with students.
Astronomy Picture of the Day: Get inspiring and beautiful pictures of the cosmos for yourself or to show in class with this application.
Atom in a Box: Through this app you’ll get real-time visualization of quantum mechanical atomic orbitals. Great for those upper-level courses.
Starmap: Track the progress of the stars through the sky with this application.
iAmino: This application can make it easier to teach and learn about amino acids.
Chemistry Formulas: You don’t need to remember every formula now with this helpful application.
EleMints: Take the periodic table with you everywhere with this tool.
ScienceFacts: Get all kinds of useful scientific fasts through this application that allows you to search or browse through all kinds of topics.
ScienceQuiz: From the earth to the outer limits of space, this application will test your knowledge.
Solutions: Learn and teach about chemistry with this helpful application.
The Chemical Touch: This application will make it simple to reference information about the properties of the elements, the standard amino acids, and the nucleobases.


Do some simple calculations or find better ways to teach mathematics topics to your students through these applications.
Touch Calc: Do all kinds of basic calculations through this helpful calculator.
Slide Rule: This application takes out the nerdy necessity of using the old fashioned slide rule.
Protractor: You don’t need to bring along this geometry tool when you have your iPhone and this application.
Mathomatic: This application will let you double-check your work, with the ability to solve complex algebraic problems.
Abacus: The abacus has been used for thousands of years and this new application brings it into the 21st century.
Formul8: Download this application to get access to the most-used formulas for Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Science, and Chemistry.
Algebra Helper: Learn how to better help your students master the basics of algebra with this application.
Graphing Calculator: You don’t need an expensive graphing calculator to map out a parabola or ellipse–just use this application.
Geometry Flash Cards: Test yourself and your students on their geometry knowledge with this app.
Math Quizzes: With this application you’ll get a better idea of how to make quick math quizzes.
Math Ref Free: Even teachers need a cheat sheet sometimes. This application provides reference tools for geometry, algebra, trig, derivatives and more.
BrainThaw: Boost your brainpower and ability to do mental math with this quick-paced math application.


Whether you want to make great animations to teach with or just find out more about art history, these applications will help.
Animoto: Use this application to make great animations you can use in the classroom.
FlipBook Lite: Make simple flip-book style animations with this tool for fun or educational purposes.
Artist’s Touch: Edit your photos for use in the classroom or elsewhere with this great tool.
Gallery of Painters: Learn more about the painters who have made a big mark on the history of art through this app.
Color Wheel: If you’re teaching students about color theory, this application can be a big help.
MovieMaker: Make short movies for your students with this tool.
OpenCulture: Here you’ll be able to find all kinds of free learning and cultural resources and bring them right to your phone.
Art2Go: Learn about artists who changed the world and get all the facts you need to teach your students form this app.
Brushes: With this application you’ll be able to draw just about anything you want, helping you explain and illustrate any concept.


Check out these apps for all kinds of inspiration, relaxation and help getting through your day.
School of Rock: If you’ve seen the movie of the same name you know what this app is all about, offering to teach you (and your students) about music.
ToyArk: Find some of the best educational toys you can add to your classroom through this online shopping application.
Fact of the Day: Boost your knowledge of random things with these daily fun facts.
BBC Reader: This application will make it easy to keep up with world news from the BBC right on your phone.
Stress Reducer: Have a hard day at work? Check out this application to calm and relax you.
Public Radio Tuner: Learn and be entertained at the same time with this tool that lets you find public radio stations no matter where you are.
The Weather Channel: Want to know if there might be a snow day headed your way? This app will help you keep up with the weather everywhere.
Flash-Me: This application from Cramberry makes it easier to create and share flashcards with your students.
GoogleMobile: Here you’ll be able to search Google from your iPhone easily and simply.

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