100 Must-Read Blog Posts for Networking in a New Age

100 Must-Read Blog Posts for Networking in a New Age
100 Must-Read Blog Posts for Networking in a New Age
Today’s college student needs to network now more than ever. With a difficult job market and a super connected world, it’s essential that you know how to make the most of your contacts. Read these essential blog posts to become an expert in modern networking.


Find useful information about networking on these blogs.
How the Company You Keep Can Fuel or Foil Your Success: Here you’ll learn why it’s important to network with the right people.
4 Reasons Why Social Networking is So Important!: This post takes a look at what makes social networking essential.
Networking Advice–non-valley style: Shannon Clark’s advice is full of pearls of wisdom for great networking.
Recommendations and the Reputation Economy: Adam Nash writes about why reputations and relationships matter.
Develop Your Local Network to Improve Your Online Network: This blog post explains how improving your local network will help you build your online network.
Networking for Success: Read this blog post to learn how to be successful in networking.
100 Tips, Tools, and Secrets to Develop a Personal Brand: Check out this blog post to discover a wealth of resources for personal branding and networking.
Will Companies Value Your Personal Network?: See the value in your network through this blog post.

How To

Find guides to networking here.
How to Network: For Introverts: This blog post will teach you how to network, even if you’re an introvert.
Free Money Finance: Free Money Finance offers insight into how to make networking work.
How to Network With Busy People: Read this blog post, and you’ll learn how to network with people who aren’t very accessible.
Social Networking 101: This blog post is all about basic tips for online and offline social networking.
How to Network Like a Kid: This blog post offers networking advice from children.
How to Network like a Human, not a Computer: Read about building online relationships that are useful, while still remaining genuine.
How to Network Like a Man: Here you’ll find out how to network like a man.
How to Network for Life (And Why You Should): This blog post explains why networking is an important life skill.
How to Networking: 12 Tips for Shy People: Use these common sense tips to improve your networking style.
How to Network in a New City: Check out this blog post for some great advice for getting networked in a new city.
How to Network at Conventions: Use this guide to find out how to get connected at conventions.

Tools & Resources

Find out how to make use of tools and resources for networking.
Top 10 Social Networks for Entrepreneurs: This list shares some of the best social networks for entrepreneurs to be a part of.
Turn Gmail (or any Email Account) Into a Social Network Hub: Steve Rubel breaks down how you can use email for your social networking.
Meet Google’s New Social Network: iGoogle: Here you’ll learn about the social networking uses of iGoogle.
Are You Listening for Your Personal Brand?: In this post, you will get an introduction to a variety of tools that can help you monitor your personal brand.
The Top 10 Social Networks for Generation-Y: Read this article to find out about the 10 best social networks for the Generation-Y group.


In these blog posts, you’ll learn the art of personal branding.
Top 10 Rules for Having a Strong Personal Brand: Follow Dan Schawbel’s rules for creating a strong personal brand.
Personal Branding: Are you the real deal?: Learn about being real in personal branding from this blog post.
The Brand Called You: Fast Company’s post shows how important it is to be your own brand.
Positive Word of Mouth and Your Brand: Discover why word of mouth is incredibly important from this blog post.
Leadership Branding: Getting the Edge: Find out how you can get the edge in leadership branding here.
Personal Branding (In 4 Words or Less): Learn the essentials of personal branding from this blog post.
Personal Branding of Yourself is Essential: See why personal branding is essential in this blog post.
Creating an Online Presence to Develop Your Brand: See how you can use tools to build your online presence in this personal branding blog post.
8 Hot Tips to Build Personal Branding Into Your Executive Resume 2.0: This blog post explains how you can make personal branding a part of your resume.
The Personal Branding Shark Tank: Discover how shark tanks relate to personal branding and entrepreneurship.
Personal Branding 101: How to Discover and Create Your Brand: Learn about the difference between personal branding and business branding, and how you can develop your own brand.


Check out these blog posts to learn about the etiquette of networking.
How to Introduce Yourself and Others Politely: This post offers useful advice for networking introductions.
7 Deadly Sins of Networking, and How to Avoid Them: Read this post to make sure you’re not committing a deadly sin of networking.
Social Networking Etiquette-6 Crucial Tips for Quality Online Relationships: Follow this advice for avoiding a social networking faux-pas.
Social Networking Invitation Etiquette: O’Reilly writes about the etiquette of invitations.
Social Network Etiquette: Introducing Yourself: This post advises that you should choose your connections carefully.
Greetings!: TechCrunch offers a primer for proper interaction at conferences and business events.
The Ultimate Social Media Etiquette Handbook: With this handbook, you can make sure you avoid the worst social media mistakes.
Social Networking Etiquette: Find out how to promote your small business in a professional manner.
Wired and Well-Mannered: Get insight into how others use social media politely (or impolitely) from this post.
Web Networking Etiquette Grows Up: Find some excellent advice for online networking etiquette from this post.

Development & Maintenance

Reading these blog posts will help you develop and maintain your network.
Develop Your Networking Relationships: Read this post to find useful questions that can help you develop a deeper relationship with your network contacts.
7 Ways to Build & Maintain a Personal Network that Works for You: In this post, you’ll learn how to build and maintain your personal network.
10 Tips to Build Your Network: Find out how to build up your professional network from this post.
8 Questions to Determine the Health of Your Network: Answer these questions to find out how well your network is doing.
Maintain Your Business Connections: This blog post explains how you can successfully maintain your business connections.

Tips & Advice

Follow this advice to improve your new age networking skills.
A New Way of Networking: This blog post will explain why it’s important to avoid a me vs. them attitude in networking.
Listen before you type: Don’t forget to interact as a part of your networking.
Five Networking Tips for Wallflowers: This post offers tips for people who aren’t natural networkers.
Build Your Network Before You Need Them: Read this post to learn why it’s so important to build a network before you need to use it.
Listening Well: What It Takes to Move People to Action: See why listening is essential to networking in this blog post.
Stop Networking and Start Building Relationships: Dumb Little Man explains why the goal of networking should be to create working relationships.
My favorite networking follow-up tip: Lindsey Pollak shares some great advice for following up after meeting someone.
A First-timer’s Tips for Networking in Silicon Valley: You’ll be able to network like a pro using Andrew Hoag’s tips.
10 Referral Tips for Bagging Big Business: Use this post to learn how to take advantage of referrals.
Networking Advice-useful business cards and other tips: Find out what makes a useful business card and more from this blog post.
Develop Your IM Network: This blog post explains why networking over IM is helpful.
Top 10 Conference Networking Tips: Scott Allen offers some useful tips for conference networking on this post.
Tips for Social Networking: These tips will help you be effective in online networking.
25 Absolute Essentials for Networking Success: Learn about networking essentials from this blog post.

Social Media

Get guides to social media networking from these posts.
My Best Advice About Social Networking: Chris Brogan writes about the value that can be found in social networks.
How Social Media Can Help (or Kill) Your Career and Life: This blog post explains how social media can help or hinder your life.
5 Tools to Build and Maintain Your Twitter Network: Using these tools, you’ll be able to successfully build your Twitter network.
3 New Facebook Strategies for Building Your Personal Brand: Use these strategies on Facebook for a better personal brand.
Looking for Mr. Goodtweet: How to Pick Up Followers on Twitter: Guy Kawasaki explains how to attract good followers on Twitter.
8 Social Media Mistakes You Must Avoid: This post explains some of the mistakes that can hurt your brand the most.
8 Twitter Networking Tips: From Online to In-the Flesh: In this post, you’ll find tips for taking your Twitter interactions offline.
What Does Facebook Actually DO for Me: Find out what features Facebook offers, and alternatives to using them.
The Perfect Way to Lose at Networking Online: Find out what to avoid in online networking from this post.
Build a Facebook Profile You Can Be Proud Of: Neil Patel’s post has great advice for creating an effective Facebook profile.
Break Out of the Social Media Prison: Break out of the facade you create for yourself with the advice in this blog post.
How to: Use Facebook for Professional Networking: With this blog post, you’ll find out how you can make use of Facebook for professional networking.
What’s Your Social Networking Advice?: Chris Pirillo’s post shares common sense advice for social networking.


If you want to learn how to effectively network using your blog, check out these posts.
How to Promote Your Blog Through Networking: Darren Rowse explains how you can use networking to promote your blog.
Five Tips for Promoting Your Blog to Express Your Personal Brand: Use these tips to effectively express your personal brand on your blog.
Killer Blog Networking Tips: Here you’ll find a guide to networking your blog as a beginner.
10 Tips for Getting Started with Your Blog to Express Your Brand: Use these tips to design your blog with branding in mind.
How Journalists Stay Connected (Bloggers Take Note): Get great advice for staying connected from this blog post.
Comment on a Blog that you’ve never Commented on Before: Read this post to find out how commenting is a great networking tool.
5 Things You SHOULDN’T Do When Approaching Bloggers: Heed this advice to avoid alienating yourself from bloggers.
Blog Networking: Find out how to find people to connect with from this blog post.
13 Tips on Asking other Bloggers for Links: Follow these tips when you’re asking other bloggers for links.


Learn how to build your career with networking from these blog posts.
Meet 3 Simple Networking Goals Every Day: Employee Evolution offers 3 important goals for networking every day.
How Networking in Your Office Can Help Your Career (And Help the Company’s Bottom Line!): Read this article, and you’ll see why interoffice networking is essential.
How to Network at a Business Conference: See how you can take advantage of conferences, conventions, and seminars to get networked.
How to Use Social Media in Your Job Search: Discover how you can use social media in your job search from this blog post.
Your Resume Is Meaningless: This blog post explains why your resume just isn’t that important.
Advance Your Career Through Networking: Moolanomy explains how you can create a better career with networking.
Building your Network in an Uncertain Job Market: Read this blog post to learn about the value of building your network.
Maintaining Networking Momentum After You Land the Job: Check out this blog post to find out why it’s important to maintain your networking connections.
Social-Networking Job-Search Advice: Common Courtesy Applies: This post shares why it’s so important to maintain common courtesy, especially in a social networking job search.
Make Sure Your Facebook Profile Doesn’t Lose You A Job: With the help of this post, you can make sure your Facebook profile is networking-friendly.
How to Get ROI with your Branded Resume: Utilize branding strategies found in this blog post to get the most out of your resume.
Four Ways LinkedIn Can Help Your Career: Find out why LinkedIn is a valuable tool for your career.
10 Ning Networks to Help You Land Your Next Job: Using this blog post, you can identify Ning networks that are great for finding a job.
21 Networking Tips for Job Seekers: You’ll find 21 excellent tips for networking as a job seeker in this blog post.

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