101 iTunes Feeds to Boost Your Business Savvy

101 iTunes Feeds to Boost Your Business Savvy
101 iTunes Feeds to Boost Your Business Savvy
Business students have to cover a range of fields and subjects before they graduate, giving them a well-rounded, practical understanding of how they fit into the global marketplace. From economics and accounting to international relations and public policy, they’ve got to keep up with the current news stories, research findings and trends affecting every aspect of the business world. Here are 100 iTunes feeds to help you stay on top if it all and boost your business savvy.


Study microeconomics, international economics and more from these podcasts.
London School of Economics: There are nearly 80 tracks from the London School of Economics to teach you about banking, the global economy, and more. [London School of Economics]
International Economics: This feed covers all kinds of topics in international economics, including fixing foreign aid, trade, China, capitalism and more. [Stanford]
Topics on Economics and Other Fields: Tune into this feed to research economics in a variety of cultures, histories and situations, from the Aztecs to Washington. [San Jose State University]
Economics 100A: Microeconomic Analysis: Learn about risk, budget constraint, supply and demand, scope economies and more. [UC Berkeley]
Principles of Microeconomics: Review the basics of production, economic growth, the law of demand, shortage, surpluses and more. [Rose State College]
Business and Economics: Here you’ll watch video interviews and lectures about risk management, teen workers, Boeing, the tobacco industry and beyond. [ResearchChannel]
Economics: This collection of econ feeds cover agribusiness, the Middle East and Obama’s stimulus package. [Cornell]
American Economic History: Study economics by learning about the development of American capitalism. [UC Berkeley]
Finance and Economics: This feed addresses current economic issues, including the global downturn. [University of Cambridge]
Business and Economics: Study Asian economics, from China to India, to how Asian countries are impacting the global economy. [Asia Society]

Business Law and Ethics

Keep yourself and your business legal when you check out these B-law and ethics feeds.
Business and Law: These talks cover legal issues in innovation, tourism, human rights, banking and more. [UNSW]
Business Law: Get lectures about corporate law and business law from NYU. [New York Law School]
Ethics of Business: Learn from a Hindu international business analyst who comments on faith, religion and ethics in global business. [American Public Media]
Ethics Bites: This ethics feed covers censorship, copyright, free speech, climate change and more. [The Open University]
Baylor Business Review: Get talks from the Jesus Freakonomics series and more. [Baylor University]
Ethics and Leadership: These short feeds reveal how leaders’ behavior and character affects business, the brand and relationships. [Center for Creative Leadership]
Ethics and Corporate Responsibility: Listen to speakers from Coca Cola, Jockey International and other companies discuss corporate responsibility. [Georgia State University]
Engineering Ethics: Those who work in the business of engineering will find specific case studies here. [MIT]
International Environmental Law: Learn more about international environmental law and collaboration here. [UC Berkeley]


Brush up on your management skills to compete for promotions and earn more respect at work.
Business Management Research: Learn about customer spending, angel investors, decision-making processes and more. [University of Maryland]
Hotel and Tourism Management: If you’re in the hotel and tourism industry, get management tips just for your niche here. [Southern Institute of Technology]
Yale Business and Management: From corporate leadership to helping a company get through the recession to nonprofit management, study business and management topics here. [Yale]
Management Science and Operations: Check out this feed to learn about management operations in factories and more. [University of Cambridge]
Conflict Management: Discover ways to calm conflict and reduce stress in the workplace. [Center for Creative Leadership]
Business Management: Nonprofit managers especially will benefit from this feed. [Stanford]
Business, Labor Relations and Hospitality Management: From marketing to leadership, learn about managing a hotel or restaurant.
Human Resource Management: Topics covered in this feed include compensation, ethics and fairness, training, health and safety, and more. [Indiana University]
Earned Value Management: Learn more about this specialized management technique. [Defense Acquisition University]
Human Resources Management: This is another HR feed that addresses unions, personality and behavior, recruitment and more. [East Tennessee State University]

Entrepreneurship and Small Business

If you’re thinking of opening up your own business, be sure to visit these iTunes feeds for entrepreneurs and small business topics.
Mason Small Business Development Center: Lessons from this feed include "Build Value in Business" and "But Will They Buy It." [George Mason University]
Utah Entrepreneur Challenge Forums: These forums are designed to help students compete to develop their own business plan. [University of Utah]
Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs: Different business professionals and leaders discuss strategy, creative leadership and more. [Stanford]
New Venture Management: Here you’ll learn how to manage new companies and business plans. [NJIT]
Young Scottish Entrepreneurs: Lessons here include "What is an entrepreneur?" and others. [Learning and Teaching Scotland]
Small Business: Market research, retail, accounting, and good business practices are covered in this feed. [New York Public Library]
Business Operations: Learn about operations management here. [The Open University]
Building a Business: In this feed, you will improve your basic business skills. [University of Oxford]
The Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship: These speakers combine social change and projects with business experience. [Duke]
Business and Entrepreneurship: Learn how to market yourself, manage innovation, find funding and more. [University of Utah]


From the stock market to accounting, you’ll find all sorts of finance-related feeds here.
Corporate Finance: Learn about the rise and fall of Enron, equity funding, long term capital management and more. [San Jose State University]
Financial Markets: Study this feed to learn how to predict economic risks. [Yale]
Finance: Tune into this financial management class for free. [Spring Arbor University]
Financial strategy and private finance initiative: Become a better personal finance manager when you check out this feed. [The Open University]
Finance: Fundraising, taxes, and financial management are all addressed here. [Stanford]
Contemporary Issues in Finance: Study hedge funds, private equity, financial risks, pension schemes and more. [The Open University]
Financial Management: Brush up on financial management skills and theories here. [Abilene Christian University]
Institute for Financial Studies: Credit cards, savings, retirement, and various financial scams are covered here. [Florida State College at Jacksonville]
The Global Credit Crunch and the Global Economy: Find out how the global credit crunch will impact your business. [University of Warwick]
Principles of Managerial Accounting: Get lessons in accounting strategy and more. [Villanova University]

Strategy and Innovation

Manage creativity and innovation while developing a unique business plan when you listen to these feeds.
Innovation: Listen to various professors discuss innovation in business. [University of Cambridge]
Seattle Innovation Symposium: Listen to speakers discuss innovative methods for creating new products. [ResearchChannel]
Innovation: Learn about innovation in tech and engineering. [Carnegie Mellon]
MIT Forum for Supply Chain Innovation: Get in on the conversation about improving supply chain management and operations. [MIT]
Design and creativity: Engineers and business professionals will learn how to encourage new ideas. [The Open University]
Innovation Design: Energy and Sustainability: Discover ways to make your business more green. [The Open University]
Stanford Technology Ventures Program: Here you will learn about growing an innovative tech company. [Stanford]
Ideas to Innovation: CEOs discuss how to turn ideas into innovative business plans. [University of Washington]
The Nature of Creativity: This talk will help you facilitate the brainstorming process by showing you how creativity arises. [MIT]
What Does Creativity Mean in Today’s World?: Discover what the standards are for creativity, art, design and media in today’s world. [Birmingham City University]

International Business

Understand what’s going on in terms of globalization, international politics and cultural and religious issues here.
Duke/CFO Magazine Global Business Outlook: Subscribe to this feed for DFO surveys about global business each month. [Duke]
China and globalization: Study how e-commerce, the auto industry, agriculture and innovation in China impact the global economy. [American Public Media]
Intro to International Business: Learn about international trade, political economies, globalization, foreign currency and more. [Loyola Marymount University]
Yale International: From foreign policy to globalization, this feed will help those involved in international business. [Yale]
Chazen Web Journal of International Business: Get faculty research reports, interviews with global business leaders and more. [Columbia University]
Future of Multilateral Trade: Learn about the future of the WTO and developing nations in this feed. [University of Warwick]
Columbia University SIPA: The School of International and Public Affairs streams to this feed about globalization, religion, international finance, urban policy and more. [Columbia University]
Woodrow Wilson School: Tune into this feed to keep up with international affairs issues, from the war on terror to the global economy. [Princeton]
Canada – US Border Trade Conference: This podcast covered economic health programs, border trade and more between the U.S. and Canada. [Texas A&M]
The Duke-Russia Business Forum: This forum from July 4, 2007, allows students to consider the Russian economy in a global context. [Duke]
Asia and the Pacific: If you do business in Asia, check out this feed to learn more about culture, politics, economics and more in the region. [Australian National University]
Burke Center for International Relations: Learn about conflict resolution, challenges to globalization and more. [UCLA]
International: From the Middle East to Africa to Europe, consider modern global politics and economics. [Cornell]
International Institute: Learn about culture shock, studying and working abroad, labor laws and other issues for doing business globally. [UCLA]
International Development: Learn how China in particular is becoming a more influential global power. [University of Cambridge]
Theories of International Relations: Consider the theories of Locke, Thucydides, Machiavelli, Hobbes, Kant, Rousseau, Hegel and others when thinking in terms of international relations. [American University]
Global Trends and Forecasting: Find out which countries and regions are developing next. [Center for Strategic and International Studies]
Global Affairs: This podcast covers global hunger, U.S. – Mexico relations, the power balance, alternative energy, and more. [UC Berkeley]


Whether you’re a group or department leader or are on your way to owning your own business, improve your leadership skills here.
Business and Leadership: Become a leader in international business when you subscribe to this feed. [McGill University]
Leadership Development: Consider things like religion, storytelling and consensus when improving your leadership skills. [Banff Centre]
Leadership for Change – Making Change Happen: Learn how to manage and encourage change in your company. [University of British Columbia]
Influencing: This feed offers tips for becoming more influential. [Center for Creative Leadership]
Leadership: Conversations from the Corner Office: Various CEOs and business executives discuss leadership techniques. [American Public Media]
New Directions in Leadership Research: Consider things like global leadership and leader responsibility. [Duke]
Leadership and Management: Discover Christian business leadership principles and tactics here. [Abilene Christian University]
Dean’s Executive Leadership Series 2008-2009: Listen to interviews with various business leaders here. [Pepperdine University]
Industry Experts: CEOs discuss corporate governance, e-commerce, business basics and more. [Carnegie Mellon]
Organizational Behavior: Give yourself a crash course in HR and group leadership here. [NJIT]
Fuqua/Coach K Leadership Conference: Learn how to build effective, ethical teams when you check out this feed. [Duke]
Executive Briefings: Business executives talk about their experiences making it to the top. [UC Davis]


From business research to marketing to the retail industry, these feeds will keep you updated on all the latest news.
[email protected]: This online research and business journal streams feeds from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. [The Wharton School]
Business: From accounting to leadership to career advice, you’ll find lots of helpful, practical feeds here. [CUNY - Baruch College]
Management of Database Systems: Here you’ll learn how to manage databases in an office setting. [University of Illinois Springfield]
Research Focus: Learn about business research practices and strategies. [University of Cambridge]
Green Rush: Eco-Business: Find out if and how you should jump on the green business bandwagon. [American Public Media]
Retail: Get overviews of different retail markets like toy sellers and car sellers. [Southern Institute of Technology]
Wall Street Bootcamp: Lessons here include "Wall Street Etiquette" and "What is Investment Banking?" [Pennsylvania State University]
BUSI 7976: Study the economy and more when you listen to this feed from the Executive and Physician’s Executive MBA program. [Auburn University]
What is an Organization?: Discover what really makes up an organization. [Universite de Montreal]
Essentials of Advertising and Marketing: These tracks will teach you more about creative advertising campaigns, brand image, selling propositions and more. [Arizona State University]

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