100 Inspiring Lectures for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

100 Inspiring Lectures for Aspiring Entrepreneurs
100 Inspiring Lectures for Aspiring Entrepreneurs
If you’re hoping to make it big in the world of business when you graduate from college, or even before then, it can be helpful to have a little advice and inspiration to get you started along your path. Luckily, there are plenty of more experienced entrepreneurs out there who are willing to offer theirs, and many of these have been captured on video or audio so that you can enjoy them from pretty much anywhere. Here are 100 of these lectures that will offer you some much appreciated advice, information, and inspiration in your career.


These lectures focus on entrepreneurship in general and offer some great advice for individuals just starting out.
Qualities of an Entrepreneur: Check out this lecture from Elon Musk that explains how entrepreneurs come in all different shapes and sizes.
The Reality of Entrepreneurship: This lecture from Vic Verma explains why entrepreneurs should never go into it just for the money.
Vision, Values and Strategy: Learn while you’ll need these qualities to succeed in business from this lecture.
How to Write a Business Plan: Knowing how to write a business plan can make or break your success as an entrepreneur, so get some inspiration on how to do it right from this lecture.
Entrepreneurial Leadership Qualities: Find out if you have the qualities to go all the way as an entrepreneur here.
Choosing the Entrepreneurial Path: Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, and this lecture will help you make sure it’s the right choice for you.
5 Must-Haves for an Entrepreneurial Career: This lecture will share some of the things that will make a big difference in your entrepreneurial endeavors.
Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur: Listen to this lecture from the University of San Diego to learn why this entrepreneur just couldn’t stay away from starting new businesses.
10 Business Secrets: Get the inside scoop on some things that you may not yet know as a new entrepreneur.
The Challenges and Opportunities Facing Business and Society Today: Use this lecture to better understand the modern business world and make smarter decisions.

Education and Preparation

These lectures offer some advice on getting a business degree and preparing yourself for your career.
Real World Learning: Trip Hawkins, CEO of Digital Chocolate delivers this lecture about how he started his business in college and the lessons he learned in actually running a business versus those learned in school.
Education: Importance of Peers: Guy Kawasaki gives this lecture on the importance of building a strong network with your peers while in school.
Starting a Business during Undergraduate Study: Learn why your college years may be some of the best to start your own business from this lecture.
The Global Future: Get a perspective on what the biggest aspects of business will be in the coming years and perhaps some ideas on what to study.
To Get an MBA, or Not?: Are you still up in the air about whether or not to get an MBA? Get a little advice from this lecture in making your decision.
Executive MBA Programs: Is getting a specialization in an Executive MBA going to take you in the direction you want to go? Learn more from this lecture.
Being an Entrepreneur in Industry vs. Education: Team vs. Individual: Learn how entrepreneurship will differ in the real world versus in college and how going it alone can be very different from working as a team.


Watch these videos to get some great advice on working in the business world.
Career Advice: Five Takeaways: Get inspirational advice on how to make the most of your career, from taking risks to focusing on the details.
Pyramids, Not Ladders: This lecture explains why you shouldn’t just focus on moving up– moving laterally can help your career as well.
Career: Learning from Failure Early On: Every entrepreneur has faced failure at one time or another. This lecture explains how you can learn from those experiences.
Joseph Pine on what consumers want: Do you know what consumers really want? Take some advice from this TED lecture.
Evan Williams on listening to Twitter users: Learn how Twitter can help you in your business endeavors with this lecture.
Selling the Dream: Guy Kawasaki talks about how you need evangelists to sell your dream and change the world.
Lessons for Failure: Entrepreneur Karen Richardson talks about the important lessons she’s learned from the businesses she’s worked with that have failed.
Career Advice: Learn from this lecture why following your passion may be more important than anything else in determining your success.
Passion and the Customer: This lecture lays out two of the most important business lessons: living what you’re doing and listening to the customer.
Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Evan Williams offers his advice in this lecture, telling young entrepreneurs that they should start small and think big.

Getting There

Getting where you want to be in business can be a long, and hard process for many people. These lectures offer support and advice on achieving your goals.
Finding Your Strengths: Learn from the experiences of this lecturer making the transition from engineering to business and how identifying your strengths can make it a whole lot easier.
Experience is Overrated: Check out this lecture to find out why you might be just fine starting out in business with little experience.
Following Your Gut: Your instincts shouldn’t be underestimated as this lecture explains.
Persistence and the Notion of the Big Idea: Getting ahead in business is rarely a straight and easy path. Learn about the importance of sticking to your goals, however big.
Following Your Goal: Lecturer Jeff Hawkins explains the importance of finding your passion and the best way to get to where you want to be.
Overcoming the Fear: A big part of business is taking risks– something that inspires fear in many out there. Here you can get some help in overcoming that fear and making the leap of faith.
How Do You Find Your Passion and How do You Pursue It?: Still seeking your passion? This lecture explains how to find it and what to do when you get there.
Perseverance: Sticking to Your Beliefs: Learn why you shouldn’t just cave it when faced with challenges and why you should stick to your beliefs to help your business persevere.
Choosing the Path that is Right for You: This lecture will help give you some reassurance in deciding on the right business path.
Seeing Failure as Opportunity: Failure doesn’t have to be the end of the road for your business career. Check out this lecture for advice on turning that failure into an opportunity.

Money Matters

Learn how to get funding and even pull yourself up by the bootstraps from these lectures.
The Dynamic Relationship between an Entrepreneur and VC: This lecture can help you better understand the ever changing relationship between investors and business owners.
David S. Rose on pitching to VCs: If you’ve never pitched to a venture capitalist before this lecture can give you the advice and inspiration you need.
Finding Partners & Market Entry: This Georgia State University lecture offers some basic advice on getting your business off of the ground.
Bootstrapping: Bootstrapping isn’t for everyone but if you can make it work it can give you some seriously great business experience.
Venture Financing and Team Building: Check out the lectures in this series to gain some new expertise and confidence in these aspects of business.
Venture Capital Decision Making: This serious of lectures will help you take into account factors like the size of a VC firm, the time it takes to get funding and more.
The Benefit of Picking the Right VC: If you think one investor is as good as another, learn why this might not quite be the case.

For Beginners

Those new to business may have some special needs or concerns when it comes to starting out on their own. These lectures can offer some great advice on getting off on the right foot.
Building the Next Generation Company: Innovation, Talent, Excellence: John Chambers shares his ideas on what will make a great business in the post-economic crisis.
What Special Factor Makes an Entrepreneur Successful?: Listen to this lecture from Fern Mandelbaum on what sets successful entrepreneurs apart from the rest.
Establishing Culture and Values Early On: Learn why you should establish these important aspects of your business early on from this helpful lecture.
Building a Business: Negotiation Skills: Part of being successful in business is being able to negotiate to get what you want.
Piloting a Company through Turbulent Times: This lecture is especially relevant in the current economic crisis, giving you the knowledge you need to weather bad times successfully.
The Consequences of Incompetence: The All-Too-Human Costs of Bad Thinking and Poor Decision-making by People in High Places: There have been a lot of news stories in the past few years about poor business decisions. Learn about how these decisions happen in order to avoid making them yourself.
Achieving Profits Through Customer Focus: Listen to this lecture to learn how to you increase your success in business by putting the customer first.
Mistakes Will Happen: Even the best businesspeople will sometimes make mistakes. Vic Verma explains why you shouldn’t try to never make a mistake but instead take them as lessons and move on.
Get Up and Get Going!: This lecture explains why you shouldn’t get bogged down in all the preparatory work and should step up and take measures to just get things started in your business.

For Women

These lectures offer help and inspiration to women who want to make their mark in the business world.
Entrepreneurial Women: Check out this series of lectures to learn more about women who are making a difference in the entrepreneurial field.
Flexible Employment: How Women Can Own Their Own Careers: Don’t let someone else decide who you should be. This lecture explains how women can take control of their own careers and goals.
A Member of the CEO Minority: In this lecture you can hear from Karen Richardson’s experience as one of the few women CEOs in the nation.
Women and Economic Development: This series of lectures from Harvard will help you understand the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs all over the world.
Joline Godfrey: Social Worker to Entrepreneur: Learn about one woman’s career change and the difference she’s made in many other lives.
Taran Swan: Business Development at Nickelodeon: You can use this woman’s success in the business field as inspiration for your own rise to success.
Definition of Entrepreneurship: Kavita Ramdas, President and CEO of the Global Fund for Women explains how she defines entrepreneurship in this lecture.
A Girl Among Geeks: There aren’t many women in the tech business world, but Karen Richardson is one who has made her mark and shares her experience here.

Startup Centered

These lectures give some inspiring advice and information to those building their own start-up.
Startups: The Need for Speed: Check out this lecture to learn why you may need act fast if you plan on having a start up.
Adventures of a Startup CEO: No Guts, No Glory: This lecture will give you some inspiration for running a startup– showing you the necessity of taking risks.
Phases of a Start-Up: Learn the phases your start-up will go through so you’ll know what to expect from this lecture.
Importance of Family In Building a Start-up: You don’t want to forget the people who mean the most to you when you’re busy starting a business, as this lecture explains.
Start Up Steps: Watch this lecture to better understand the steps you’ll need to take to make your start-up a success.
Building a Company with Great People: You can’t do everything for your company. Listen to this lecture to learn how to find great people to work for you and help make your business a strong one.

Tales of Success

Get inspired by other entrepreneurs who overcame great challenges and were ultimately successful in these lectures.
Growing with Hewlett Packard: Exec Kelly Dunn explains her history with the company and the opportunities it has offered her as it has grown.
Amazon.com: Customer Experience Matters: Learn from the founder of Amazon why customer relationships are important and how it has helped his company.
The First Tycoon: Learn about the success of one of the first railroad tycoons Cornelius Vanderbilt and what make him so good at what he did.
The Manager’s Studio with Mike White: Think you can’t be a business success if you started off in a different field? This lecture will show you otherwise.
How to Make Money and Save the World: Take a page out of the book of Stoneyfield Farm, a company that is going green and making a profit.
The Founding of AgraQuest: Check out this lecture to learn how this woman turned her lifelong passion into a profitable business.
The Early Career of a Serial Entrepreneur: Listen to this lecture to get the perspective of an entrepreneur who knew from an early age that he loved starting businesses.
From Start Up Coach to Venture Capitalist: This lecture will teach you that sometimes the right career path will present itself to you if you’re open to it.
Coming to Silicon Valley: Chong-Moon Lee, chairman and CEO of Ambex Venture Group shares the experiences and setbacks he had that led him to found a business in Silicon Valley.
Robin Chase on Zipcar and Her Next Big Idea: Here you can learn more about how this entrepreneur made her small idea big and how she’s going to take it even further.
Innovate in Technology and Business: The Founding of Google: Learn why you should not only be an innovator in technology but business as well, from one of Google’s founders Larry Page.

Invention and Innovation

Get inspired to create something new or change how business is done from these lectures.
Woody Norris invents amazing things: Check out this lecture to see some of the amazing and inspiring things this businessman has invented.
Inventing and Marketing: Learn how the inventor of the Furby has created and marketed products of all kinds.
Social Innovation in Global Health: When People Come First: This lecture shows that new ideas aren’t just a way to make a profit– they can also change lives.
Savi Technology Creates the Internet of Things: Learn about the path this entrepreneur took in college and beyond to make his business a success.
Chris Leadbeater on Innovation: This inspiring video explains why you don’t have to be an expert to follow through on a good idea.
Inventing and Giving: The inventor of the Segway shares some of his ideas for products in developing countries.
Everyday Inventions: Not every invention has to change the world. This lecture shows how even everyday inventions can make a difference.
Medical Inventing: This TED award winner offers his hopes for new inventions that will hit the market– maybe you could discover one of them?
Fab Labs: This inventor has created a low-cast lab that lets people build the things that they need for less.
Jeff Bezos on the next web innovation: The CEO of Amazon offers his take on what is coming up next in the world of web business.
The Scientist vs. the Entrepreneur: Learn about the different roles each of these individuals play in the success of getting new ideas off the ground.

Green and Ethical Business

If you want to not only make money but to also make a difference and work ethically, listen to these great lectures about the cutting edge of business.
Winston Forum on Business Ethics: William J. Byron discusses why having strong business principles is an essential part of running a successful business.
Ethical Leadership: Qualities and Responsibilities of Leaders in the New Millennium: New entrepreneurs can use this Massachusetts entrepreneur as a model of truly ethical and responsible leadership.
Good Work: When Excellence and Ethics Meet: This lecture will explain how you can not only run a great business but help others as well.
Sustainable Enterprise: The Next Industrial Revolution: If you want to take your business into the next decade, this lecture explains why going green may be the right direction to take.
Jacqueline Novogratz on patient capitalism: If you’re not sure what patient capitalism is, listen to this lecture to see how it can help people around the world.
Green Rush: Eco-Business: Listen to this lecture to better understand why so many business owners and operators are going for green options.
Ray Anderson on the business logic of sustainability: Being a sustainable business can do more than just help the environment– it can also make good business sense as this TED lecture explains.
Corporate Social Responsibility in an Increasingly Flat World: This roundtable discussion focuses on encouraging, managing and improving corporate social responsibility
Strong Ethics, Smart Business: Here you will hear from the CEO of the Xerox Corporation and how the company has managed to make a profit while still focusing on sustainability.
Ethical Challenges in Business: A Leadership Perspective: Bill George explores ethical challenges in business from a leadership perspective in this lecture.
The Role of Entrepreneurship in Solving World Problems: Check out this lecture to learn how business can do more than make you money– it might actually make a difference in the world as well.

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