100 Best Online Archives for Music Majors

100 Best Online Archives for Music Majors
100 Best Online Archives for Music Majors
Burgeoning Internet technology has been a bane to music companies. But the wide range of available audio resources has made studying music easier than ever. Online music archives host a variety of genres from countries around the world. Here are the best online archives for music majors pursuing their passion.

Popular Genres

Popular music shapes culture and often serves as a soundtrack for current events. Check out these music archives for popular genres such as rock and rap.
Artist Direct: Free downloads and streaming music from the biggest and newest acts.
Iceberg: A Canadian service offering international pop groups in a range of genres from R&B to techno.
CMT: Focused on country music, this site has video, lyrics and more.
Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music: With samples, equipment reviews and a library, this archive is great for anyone interested in techno or electronic music.
Motor City Music Archives: Detroit has a long tradition of great music from gospel to punk rock. This archive is dedicated to Motor City music such as Motown and the White Stripes.
Stoner Rock: Latest news and releases from the world of acid rock, this resource includes samples from up and coming bands in addition to established groups.
Eternity Rock: This music community shares information and archives from varying genres.
Gospel Music Archives: Songs, MP3s and sheet music for modern gospel tunes, this archive is sure to save your soul.
Free Music Archive: A collection of songs from unsigned, unknown bands this archive is a must for indie fans.
digital-music-archives.com: Promoting electronic and electroacoustic music, this archive regularly adds more top quality music every day.
Cosmopolis: This music archive caters to fans with different tastes. Get music in nearly any genre from jazz to classical to pop.
New Gibraltar: A encyclopedia of progressive rock, this archive provides streaming samples and downloads.
Christian Music Archive: A solid site for Christian music fans, this archive is blessed with an easy to use interface.
OpenMusicArchive.org: This collaborative project was started to source, digitize and distribute out-of-copyright sound recordings.
Hyperreal Music Archive: Hosting music representing a range of indie labels across a variety of genres, this archive offers amazing resources for musicians interested in techno.
The Children’s Music Archive: Lyrics and sing-a-long suggestions from this site makes it particular useful to music majors thinking about a career as an elementary teacher.
VGMusic: A kitschy little site specializing entirely in video game theme music this is a must for any geek.
The Music Archive: This database provides detailed information on some of the popular acts in history such as Neil Young and Van Morrison.
ASMA: A massive archive of sounds from the Atari system of video games, this site grows rapidly and now contains thousands of songs.
The Indie Music Archive: An archive for out of publication indie music, many of the bands on this site are Canadian and have broken up.

Classical Music

Studies have shown listening to classical composers such Mozart and Beethoven can boost brain power. Get smarter by checking out the best online music articles.
Classical Archives: One of the largest archives available on the web, this site contains hundreds of thousands of classical tracks from thousands of composers new and old.
Classical Guitar Archives: This database for classical guitar is run by a master musician looking to share his craft with the world.
NOM Classical: Music cataloged by specific instrument, this site hosts beautiful and traditional in classical music
Bach Chorales: An archive specifically dedicated to the German Composer Johan Sebastian Bach
Arman’s Concert Hall: The thousands of piano works available on this site will drastically expand anyone’s classical repertoire.
The Sweet Sounds of Classical Music: A collection of masterful symphonies from the earliest creations to the present day, this archive contains some of the world’s most beautiful music.
Delcamp.net: A free Internet resource committed to guitarists and classical pieces, this archive has thousands of songs and video clips.
Classical MP3s: Free classical MP3s and other music downloads, this site is a lot of fun for classical lovers.
MusicWeb International: Over 100 of the greatest symphonies ever written performed by some of the greatest musicians alive today, this classical database offers reviews, audio files and, best of all, completely free.
Classical MIDI with Words: Classical masterpieces aren’t all instrumentals, some of the best come with words. This MIDI archive of classical works with words is fantastic reference tool.
A-M Classical: News and information relating to the classical community, this database provides quick access to favorites.
Classical LP to MP3: This unique archive gives classical music lovers access to recordings from Dutch radio in the 1950s. These awesome recordings will delight any true fan.
ELIXIR’S MIDI Page for Classical Guitars: A fantastic collection of songs for classical guitar players, this archive contains hundreds of tracks and links for aspiring professional musicians.
eClassical: Crystal clear files are the standard for this classical archive that offers an easy search by composer, title or instrument.
Aji’s Classical Music Palace: Get works from great composers, past and present, at this site for classical music aficionados.
Tina Billet’s Keyboard Creations: These recordings of pieces from master composers were performed by a talented amateur musician based in England and placed into a convenient archive.
Classical MIDI Connection: MIDI music ranges from brilliant compositions to annoying beeping. This database of songs serves as a fantastic reference guide for an amazing number of classical works.
Classical Guitar MIDI Archives: This site gives students a wonderful introduction to classical guitar by providing over 2400 songs from 100 composers.
Classical Music Archives: A simple, no fuss interface, this site seeks to provide users with an amazing classical experience.

World and Regional Music

Countries, cultures and people are greatly influenced by music. Hear what the world has to offer with these great music archives featuring the best world and regional music.
The Internet Chinese Music Archive: Featuring music from various periods of Chinese history, this archive includes modern tracks representing a new China.
Global Music Archive: A fantastic resource provided by Vanderbilt University, this database of world music includes traditional and new songs from around the world.
CaribPlanet: Checkout the amazingly varied genres produced from the Caribbean with this archive specializing in island music.
Canadian Music Archives: This resource provided by the Canadian government preserves the musical history of the great nation to the north. Search this database of Canadian musicians and learn about the culture of Canada.
Hawaiian Hula Archive: This archive ensures the continued perseverance of Hawaiian culture contains hula tracks perfect for parties or study.
Mendocino Music Archives: A detailed archive of music from the Mendocino coast of northern California, this site contains an eclectic mix of genres.
Asobi Music Gallery: A collection of orchestral works and piano duets, this gallery of well-performed music is worth checking out.
The Digital Music Archive: An archive of music and composers this site has thousands of compositions for known greats and modern masters around the world.
World Music Central: A gateway to world music, this site has thousands of artists and albums.
FolkStream: A database for Australian folk songs, this site offers traditional and modern music.
BBC World Music: A complete online archive for world music, the BBC provides an amazing service for students looking to expand their musical tastes.
Wisconsin Music Archive: Wisconsin has a surprisingly rich musical history the University of Wisconsin at Madison stores with a fantastic archive for preserving songs from the cheese state.
NPR: This resource for world music includes songs from every part of the globe provided by American public radio.
RootsWorld: An archive of African music that reveals the wide variety of genres from one of the least understood continents.
New England Music Archive: The music of New England has played an important role throughout American history, this site is a great site for studying

Historical Music

Music is a distinctive feature of any historical period. These archives include music from specific important eras of history.
Folk Music Archives: Focusing on American folk music, this archives stores the creative contributions of common people.
The Internet Renaissance Band: Performing works from the Renaissance period, this site givers users a taste of a more enchanted time.
Ceolas: A Celtic music archive providing the sweet tones of Scotland and Ireland, this database is great for anyone looking to explore cultural heritage.
Folk Music of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and America: A collection of old folk music from the history of English speaking countries, this archive provides artist biographies, genre history and other information.
Acadia Early Music: Sounds from the swamp, this archive gives music students access to songs from old Louisiana.
Folk Music: This archive of folk music is geared toward teaching students how to play old American classics.
Tulsa Music Archive: This site aims to preserve the musical heritage of artists from Tulsa, Oklahoma.
The Jewish Theological Music Archive: A collection of music representing the Jewish tradition, this site connects students with a rich cultural heritage.
Sarasota Music Archive: A public resource from the good people of Sarasota, this site preserves the musical tradition of hard working individuals and their ancestors.
The Greatest Music Collection: Over 3 million recordings starting from the earliest Thomas Edison production, this site is an impressive resource for any music student covering any and all genre throughout history.

Sheet Music

Reading music notation is one of the most important music skills music majors learn. Here are the best sites for getting sheet music for a range of instruments.
Levy Collection of Sheet Music: This resource is provided by John Hopkins University and is one of the most impressive collections of sheet music on the web.
Sheet Music Archive: Providing over 100,000 sheets of music, this archive is a must for musicians looking for obscure pieces to play.
Musica Viva: A collection of sheet music for nearly any instrument, this archive of sheet music also caters to varying skill levels.
Jumbo Jimbo’s Song Lyrics Archive: Tabs and sheet music for guitar players, this archive includes music representing all genres and tastes.
Tabby Cat Music Archive: Tabs for musicians interested in country, this database is a collection tailor made for country lovers.
Ward Irish Music Archive: A public collection of Irish sheet music, this database one of the largest emerald archives in the United States.
Tin Whistler: A sheet music archive for penny and slide whistles, this site is a must for anyone interested in unique instruments.
Fedor Vrtacnik: This database is maintained by a composer and offers pop arrangements and classical scores.
Free-scores.com: A free sheet music resource, this sites caters to any instrument or skill level.
8notes.com: Free sheet music and scores, this site provides pieces for a number of instruments from guitar to the voice and French horn.
Free Sheet Music: Free classical scores and sheet music, this database includes works from Beethoven and Bach.
Eerland: This site contains definitive collections of sheet music from master German composers.
Great Scores: Providing printable sheet music for a vast array of instruments, this site is great for students just learning the basics.
Keystave: A leading classical music site, this resource has sheet music for a variety of instruments.
Lysator: Modern renditions of classical works, this offers 17th and 18th century masterpieces.
Music-Scores.com: Original sheet music for any instrument, this site contains hundreds of songs and composers.
Musicroom: Everything a musician needs for their instrument, this site has sheet music, samples and links to online stores.
MusicaStorica: Specializing in spreading music knowledge, this site is great for locating hard to find pieces.
Notation Machine: This unbelievable archive of sheet music also lets users upload their own work and generates sheet music for others to play.
Archive of Popular American Music: This site is generously provided by UCLA and hosts digital sheet music from some of the greatest 20th century composers.
The Gospel Music Archive: An extensive catalogue of gospel music especially for the guitar.

Lyric Archives

Crafting song lyrics can be frustrating for sonically gifted students. Head over to these lyric archives for idea inspiration from indie gods and popular acts.
The Lyric Archive: Lyrics for popular albums from across genres and generations.
Ohhla: The original hip-hop lyric archive, this site is comprehensive including all rap genres.
My Lyric Archive: User submitted lyrics makes this site excellent for popular lyrics and well-known classics.
SongLyrics.com: An extensive archive of song lyrics from popular musicians and indie greats.
Risa Song Lyrics Archive: Collected from user submissions and other Internet sites, this archive of song lyrics covers all genres and eras.
eLyrics.net: One of the largest song lyrics destination on the Internet, providing access to more than 200,000 lyrics from around 15,000 artists/bands for over ten years.
The Archive of Misheard Lyrics: This archive contains popular lyrics that are often hilariously misunderstood. Check out the mistakes made on popular classics such, “Mrs. Robinson.”
Ireland First!: An Irish song lyric archive, this collection of 391 Irish songs range in emotion from political to funny, some sad, some happy, all worth listening to.
MusicMoz: A free song lyrics search engine with offering searches based on artist, song name or album.
The SKA Lyric Archive: This resource is dedicated to SKA music and is a great site for passionate fans.
Hymnlyrics.org: The largest Christian lyrics site on the internet, this archive has thousands of lyrics to hymns, worship songs, praise choruses and a lot more.
Lyrics Search Engine: A completely searchable database of lyrics including popular hits, classics and indie tracks.
A-Z Lyrics Universe: A pretty comprehensive database of song lyrics that grows daily as a result of an active network of users.
MP3 Lyrics: Large lyrics website with over 150000 lyrics from 7000 artists. The site features a search engine that lets users search by artist, song title and album.
Lyrics Point: Find the words to all your favorite songs by searching thousands of free music lyrics from popular singers and artists.

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