100 Free Tools to Create Your Own Personal MBA Program

100 Free Tools to Create Your Own Personal MBA Program
100 Free Tools to Create Your Own Personal MBA Program
In the past, colleges and universities maintained a monopoly on advanced career training. With the benefit of technology, anyone seeking to jump start their careers or start a small business can access the best information online. From business books to lectures, getting a business education in your spare time is easy with the right resources. Here are 100 free tools to create your own personal MBA program.

Personal MBA Websites

Personal MBA sites are fantastic resources offering lessons, research resources and advice for learning the basics behind business administration. Check out these amazing personal MBA websites.
MBA Zone: A guide to getting an MBA at home, this community of self-learners is dedicated to advancing business education in their spare time.
MBA Resource Center: Information, news and advice on MBA schools, this site is tailor made for students and professional considering an graduate level business degree.
HowToDoThings.com: One of the Internet’s most venerable how to sites, this guide to getting an online MBA also helps students that want to take courses interesting to them.
Getting an MBA in a Recession: Not every needs higher level business training, this helpful manual discusses whether an MBA is the right decision for you.

Education and Business Social Networks

Learning on your own and succeeding in business is easier when there’s a little help available. These social networks provide support for users dedicated to business and self-improvement through education.
Classroom 2.0: A social network for distance and self-learners, this community offers support for its members seeking to learn on their own.
flingr: This network is in continual development, constantly improving on its features and services.
LooMagoo: This network of students buy, sell and trade notes, study guides and lectures for an array of subjects from nursing to business.
ApSense: Connected through a common purpose, this community of business professional share contacts and job information.
Business 3.0: A network for business students and professionals seeking to use technology in their work and education.
HCCMC Hispanic Professionals Network: Hispanic professional meet and connect on this site dedicating to fostering business connections and community.
eRealEstate: Real estate professional and students can share their wisdom, experience and advice through this community of certified agents and brokers.
Social Professional: A social networking platform designed specifically for professionals, this network is pretty and great for connections or education help.
Advisor Garage: Get financial advice from this site on ensuring the success of your new business.
Blogtronix: A social enterprise platform, this site gives users tools to create a brand among customer communities.
Connectbeam: This social network was built especially with employees in mind, Connectbeam creates better workplace communication.
Doostang: A premium community of elite young professional from top universities and firms, Doostang builds connections among the ambitious.
Fast Pitch: A one-stop shop for professionals to network and market their businesses.
konnects: This social media platform creates online community newspapers updating on a wide variety of topics
ryze: Business networking oriented toward specific fields and establishing quality contacts to further your career.
Professional Social Networks: This networks serves as an online meeting place for business professional to talk shop or discuss anything else that may come to mind.
XING: Find business contacts with the click of a mouse at this network for professionals just getting their start.
Jambo: A social site that allows its members to connect from any Internet enabled handset, Jambo is simple and easy to use.
Jigsaw: Complete, collaborative business information, this site is also one of the largest directories of professional on the Internet.
spoke: Over 55 million users use this network to find business contacts for getting their next job or closing the next deal.

Self-Education and MBA Blogs

Experience gives great insight into success. The posts from these bloggers concentrate on getting a meaningful online education.
MBA Geek: A blog for self-learners looking for quality advice and help for getting an MBA from the privacy of their own home.
Road to MBA: Road to mBA seeks to be a companion of MBA students on their journey from entrance exams to graduation.
MBA Lazard Blog: Written in Spanish, this blog discusses issues relating to Hispanic business professionals.
MBA Game Plan: A blog devoted to news and issues in the world of MBA admissions and graduate business schools.
Seth Godin: This blogger and business author offers a wealth of wisdom for business owner and marketeers.
Dream MBA Blog: An amazing collection of MBA related material keeps reader returning to blog assisting professionals interested in advanced business training.
The R.G.B. Road to an MBA: This blog details the journey of a black male on his road to an MBA. An interesting read for anyone interested in topics relating to the black business community.
Future of the MBA Degree: The MBA degree is little over 100 years old. This blog discusses the potential for growth in business education over the next century.
MBA in Russia: A blog about studying at an MBA marketing program in Moscow, this blog is fascinating for students interested in international business.
MBA Resources Blog: This blog is dedicated to offering business students resources for advancing their studies either formally in school or informally at home.
Online MBA: A website and blog with valuable information regarding attaining an MBA degree online.
MBA Answer & Tips: An excellent blog for MBA students, the posts on this site provide many notes and lectures for accounting and other subjects.
MBA Books Review: This helpful blog reviews books from MBA classes so self-learners can read only the necessary and important information.
MBA Blog: Complete information on business schools, degrees, financial aid, and a whole lot more, this blog has is a great resource for professional considering an MBA.
Memoirs of a MBA Aspirant: This blog was maintained by a business student as he went from the application process all the way to his first job.
MBA in Finance Blog: This blog has strong links with the business community and is designed around the real needs of the ever growing and fast changing business environment.
MBA Game Plan Blog: Admissions advice for applicants from the authors of a guide for getting into business school.
MBA Distance Learning Guide: This blog acts as a guide to distance learning gives you the tools needed to succeed in online business classes.
Slumberic Memoirs of an MBA: This blog is an account of the life and times of an MBA and professional.
SJSU MBA Blog: This blog is maintained by a business professor at San Jose State University and discusses issues relating to MBAs, finance and marketing.
Life in Details: The thoughts from the MBA blogger stray from business to pop culture to politics. The posts on this blog, however, are interesting an well written.

Free Online Courses

These easy to use online classes aren’t easy to take. Online courses range in difficulty from introductory to complicated, with everything in between. Head to these virtual classrooms and get ahead of the curve.
Small Business Administration: This resource from the Small Business Administration teaches users how to properly maintain a business with a series of informative courses.
About U.: A free collection of online business course, About U. is a fantastic resource for learning business basics.
MIT: In addition to being one of the top technical schools in the world, MIT also features on the best business schools. The school offers business courses without credit or certification but the knowledge is invaluable.
Trump University: These courses from entrepreneur Donald Trump teach about varying aspects of business from marketing to closing deals.
Free Management Library: A great collection of books and material for learning about business, this resource covers everything from taxes to negotiation.
Kutztown University of Pennsylvania: This site is dedicated to helping you succeed in business by providing excellent continuing education courses for expanding your knowledge.
My Own Business: A course teaching the basics of running your own business, this site provides lectures, courses and tests for getting the information you need to succeed.
Open Learning Initiative: Offering no instructors, credits or fees, this online database of courses includes business, economics and accounting.
Utah State University: Sometimes brushing up on the basics isn’t a bad thing. This Utah State University economics course teaches the theoretical basis for modern business practices.
Capilano University: An introduction into strategic management, this course teaches business owners methods for managing their work place.
LearnThat: With an array of available subjects such as literature and art, this course resource also provides useful business tutorials.
School for Champions: Covering basics, this site introduces students to common terms and concepts for competing in business.
UOnline: An open and free educational resource for distance learning provided from the University of Utah, this site seeks to advance public knowledge.
Berkeley: The courses provided by this California university cover anything from economics to writing and can help any online learner.
The Open University: Providing high-quality education for anyone with access to a computer, the Open University offers a full complement of business courses.
Wikiversity: Complete with textbooks and lectures, this online university has classes in business, foreign language or law.
Tufts: This Louisiana-based university has business classes for working professional seeking to gain more knowledge or advance their careers.
Stanford: Business courses from one of the most elite school in the United States, Stanford provides classes on everything ranging from finance to computer science.
UC Irvine: A public resource from one of California’s best public schools, this site offers great business courses for a wide range of skill and knowledge levels.

Finance Calculators

Calculating various types of interest is a necessary, and annoying, skill for aspiring business moguls. Use these finance calculators for everyday business decisions and streamline your frustration.
Loan Calculator: This calculator is designed to help you work out various values related to most types of loans.
Debt Calculators: Debt calculators for all kinds of situations, this resource make assignments and homework a snap.
Budget Calculator: This calculator helps users determine expenses and estimate total surplus income.
TCalc Online Financial Tools: These calculators offer a range of services from personal finance advice to calculating theoretical situations.
Credit Card Calculator: This calculator was built to show you how long it will take to pay off your credit card and how much interest you will pay if you only make the minimum monthly payment.
Retirement Calculator: A great personal finance advice tool, This calculator helps determine retirement lifestyle by estimating the superannuation account balances both before and after retirement. Experiment with different figures to see the effect on retirement lifestyles.
Bond Calculator: This calculator was created to calculate bond yields and interest.
: This calculator helps anyone looking to figure out a schedule for an amortized loan.
Savings Calculator: This calculator helps you estimate your interest earned and final balance from a monthly savings investment.
Compound Interest Calculator: This calculator assists bankers and other business types by estimating compound interest from an investment.

Business Reference

Derivative based investments, preferred stocks, bonds, there are a nearly infinite number of technical and legal terms affecting every business. These reference guides are the best on the Web.
BusinessDicitonary: Over 20,000 business terms with clear and concise definitions, this dictionary is a must bookmark for professionals dealing with technical jargon.
babylon: A wide selection of business dictionaries covering diverse fields from real estate to finance and accounting.
The Business Dictionary for International Commerce: Helps you quickly learn the meaning for some of the most frequently used words and phrases in global trade and commerce, this site is great for professionals with international clients.
AllBusiness Dictionary: A glossary of business terms and phrases, this site is perfect for quick reference.
English – Spanish Business: A translator for business professional dealing with Spanish speaking business terms, this tool eases culture communication frustration.
Small Business Dictionary: Great for business owners and investors, this site has terms specific to small businesses.
InvestorWords: The number of terms affecting investors is nearly infinite, this resource aims to consolidate the work and ease the frustration associated with business definitions.
Softissimo: A business dictionary dealing with French and English terms, this site is a great reference site for professionals with clients from Africa, Asia and Europe.
alphaDictionary: An authoritative list of business dictionaries, this site links to the best the Web has to offer.

Business News and Information

Keeping up with the latest news and business related information is tedious and tiring. These sites make it easy and even fun sometimes.
BusinessWeek: First published in 1929, this magazine has lasted depressions, recessions and shrinking revenue to exist as one of the premier business news sites in the world.
Reuters: Reuters is one of the world’s most prestigious reporting outfits covering current events in politics, sports and finance.
MBA Articles Blog: The latest business articles and news for MBA students, this blog is update to date and topical.
Social Networking News Today: Reliable news and advice on how students can use social networks.
Market Watch: Up to the minute information on global markets, this impressive site is more than a stock ticker but also has resources for research investments.
Yahoo Finance: The finance page at Yahoo is one of the most visited and trusted available.
CNBC: The Web site from the financial wing of NBC this resource gives stock information and the latest company news.
Bloomberg: While any number of outlets exist to check simple market info, Bloomberg goes above and beyond by also giving easy access to obscure bond markets and other investments.
Interfax: An international information group focusing on finance, this site includes financial databases that update in real time
Digital Business News: Offering news relevant to digital business, this blog is must for any tech investor or home-based Internet business.
Forbes: One of the most reliable names in business news offers this resource for the latest news effecting small business owners.
Meed: The Middle East has become increasingly important to Western business in the past 50 years. This site keeps investors current on news from the Middle East.
Sustainable Business: This outlet provides global news and networking services to help green business grow by covering all sectors of sustainable business: renewable energy, green building, sustainable investing, and organics.
Global IT & Business News: News from the cutting edge, this blog follow events in global IT and business technology.
UK Business News: The United Kingdom is one of America’s most important trading partners. This blog discusses and provides commentary on financial news from Great Britain.
All Finances: A one stop site for business news and information, this blog gets the latest info as quickly as the biggest media outlets.
Trade Arabia: Business news information from the Arabian peninsula, this site tends to focus more on oil and gas related issues.

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