100 Super Useful Sites for High School Students

100 Super Useful Sites for High School Students
100 Super Useful Sites for High School Students
Youth has been notoriously quick to adopt new technologies. Teens text as naturally as they breathe while parents struggle to keep pace. Despite their tech savvy, modern American students trail in education standards among industrialized nations. Rather than use powerful tools to spread gossip among friends, these sites get students to spend time on their homework instead of Facebook.

Social Networks

Friends help friends with anything especially homework. These sites are fantastic for connecting high school students in need of some study assistance.
MySpace: This well known social network lets users find friends, classmates and meet new people. Now MySpace now allows its members to listen to free music or share video.
Facebook: The most popular social site on the Internet has over two hundred million members and become one of the premier photo sharing services.
Linkedin: Find people who share your interests among a community of 40 million students and professional seeking to advance their career and education interests.
Bebo: Share video and meet new friends around the world. This social network also caters to a large Spanish speaking community.
hi5: An international social network that also operates on a local level, this site allows members to stay connected, while sharing their lives and keeping up with current events.
Friendster: This global social network emphasizes true friendships and discovering new people.
Lovento: An international tourism guide and network providing information on nightlife, sports and art and culture.
MyCool: A social network considering fashion, culture and life this site is great for students looking for a study break.
beRecruited: A network for athletes looking to get recruited for college sports, this site connects students with coaches.
vSocial: An online community built around providing the fastest, ways to share videos.
Alumwire: A network helping students search for career and employment opportunities to find jobs, career and employment opportunities.
b4Class: This simple social network makes it easy for students to connect in order to share notes, test materials and homework.
Campusbug: One of the first social learning networks this educational networking tools connects students all over the world.
Quizilla: A social site connecting teens around the world, this site has security to assure no unsavory elements infect the network.
Student.com: A network for students, parents, and administrators to learn the facts about financial aid, scholarships, loans, jobs, and college majors
studentSN: This social network is an engaged community of students dedicated to learning.
Social Economy Student Network: Connecting passionate caring students with one another, this site is dedicated to saving the world through service.
teengrace.net: A network designed to link Christian teens with one another, this site is easy and functional.
Teens for Planet Earth: A social networking site for teens who want to protect our planet, this resource is great for youth wanting to make a difference.
Habbo: A virtual hangout where users can create and design their own rooms, even throw parties for their online friends.

Research Resources

Whether it’s a research paper or science project, these sites make assignments a snap.
RefDesk.com: The self-proclaimed fact checker of the Internet, this site is great for find quick trivia or references for papers.
American Association of School Librarians: A research resource dedicated to helping students improve their searching skills, this site can help anyone earn better grades.
TekMom: This search tool site is great for students hoping to succeed in school.
A Research Guide: Learn the tricks to better research with this great guide for students of any age for any subject.
Google Scholar: Saving students even more time, Google Scholar finds research articles relevant to any project or paper.
Worthington Libraries: Research tools and links for students provided by a public library based in Ohio.
NoodleTools: Providing premium search tools for students and professional researchers, NoodleTools is a fantastic resource for completing any project.
Encyclopedia.com: Drawing from sources such as the Oxford University Press and Columbia University this encyclopedia is a must tool for modern students.
Infoplease: A complete database of encyclopedias, atlases, thesauruses and other reference material, Infoplease is extremely useful.
Bartleby: One of the Internet’s preeminent reference sites, this resources has great books and other helpful material.
Library of Congress: From the US government, this site gives students access to the wealth of material contained within the Library of Congress.
Google Books: Checkout samples of recent best sellers or get complete textbooks for common classes, Google is quickly changing how people read.
Wikipedia: The site that introduced “wiki” into the common vernacular has become so ubiquitous teachers are desperately trying to break their students’ reliance on the open encyclopedia. Despite accuracy issues, Wikipedia is still a blessing from up on high.

Tools for School

School is an underappreciated full time job. These tools help students manage projects, assignments, grades or anything else that comes along.
Mango Languages: A quick and easy way to learn a foreign language, this site helps students manage goals toward actually learning to speak in another tongue.
NanoLearning: A community made for learning, this site links self-learners and students seeking to advance their interests.
Brain Tune: This interesting site offers students music aimed at boosting brain power while studying.
SocialDesks: Studies prove students learn better with flashcards and this site lets users share their creations with others.
eNotes: With summaries for master works and even minor poems, this site is impressive in its professional offerings.
LearnHub: This site gives its users communities and expert advice to advance student’s educational aspirations.
Mathway: An unbelievably helpful site that takes a shot at solving difficult math problems, tool is a blessing in disguise.
QoolsQools: This site has links, articles and other educational resources for students looking to get better grades.
SparkNotes: Easily accessible and helpful summaries of classic books are the hallmarks of this site seeking to better students’ understanding of literature.
TAMU Student Counseling Service: From Texas A&M University, this site provides students with helpful tips and advice for making smart decisions in high school.
GradeMate: An online course organizer that lets students and teachers keep track of their classes and assignments.
Notely: Providing all the tools a student could ever need to do succeed in school, Notely makes school easy.
OttoBib: This resource generates citations for research papers or tracking your comprehensive personal reading list.
Spreeder: This neat tool speed reads text from any online source and makes skimming articles for research a breeze.
Dictionary.com: One of the most popular online dictionaries this resource is great for expanding your vocabulary.
SpellJax: Most spell checkers fail to recognize medical, legal or other technical terms, this resource spell checks specialty research papers.

Task and Goal Managers

Keeping focus and discipline is often difficult for high school students. These task managers will help any teen concentrate on their studies.
Backpack: A fantastic organizational tool, this site stores documents and allows users to share them with others.
Toodledo: An online to-do list that is simple and easy to use, Toodledo lets students organize and focused.
Google Calendar: Yet another highly helpful Google application, this tool plans by day, week, month or year.
Remember the Milk: An extremely helpful task manager, this site is also available in a mobile format so you always have a reminder of your goals.
Mindomo: A web-based mind mapping tool this site allows users to visualize their task, goals and everyday errands.
Tadalist: A simple, easy to use to-do list application, this tool is reliable and popular among professionals.
Comotivate: Create a goal, then find an online buddy to help you achieve it. This goal networking site is great motivation for anyone needing an extra boost.
Goal Setting Tool: This site helps set goals for the short and long term by providing a guide to success.
e-Task: An easy to use online project management tool that will increase productivity and performance.
Joe’s Goals: An online goal tracker built into a grid, this site helps users visualize their goals.
MyProgress: Life ranking and analysis, this site can help get your academic career back on track with simple step and goals.
eLifePlans: Design a life plan and learn methods for implementing it at this site seeking to give motivation and advice.
iGTD: Tips and advice for simplifying students computer use, iGTD is well researched and well written.
Colege Board: This planner from the College Board gives students a great tool for planning their collegiate destinies.
30 Boxes: An online calendar, this organizational tool connects people for important events like graduations and starting college or a new career.
Time Tracker: A simple tool that increases productivity by tracking the amount of time spent at individual web sites.

Blogs for Homework Help, Study Tips and General High School Life

Read articles and get tips given by these bloggers to make high school a breeze.
Xatal: A blog dedicated to helping high school students answer college questions on passing the SATs, choosing a school, and the intricacies of senior year.
Survive High School: This blog is dedicated to assisting teens and high school students succeed in their social lives and education.
Allied Online High School Blog: Teaching skills geared toward home schooled and self-paced students, this blog is a great resource for disciplined pupils.
High School Information: Free references, tutorials, scholarship and student loan information, this blog keeps students up to date and knowledgeable.
My School Life: What to do and what not to do, this site is the real life story of one high school student succeeding.
Make School Rule Blog: A detailed guide on navigating high school, this blog is great for socially awkward and popular kids alike.
Our Future News: The news produced and reported by and for high school students, this blog discusses the impact current events have on your life.

Online Libraries

Great collections of books are available for free online. These electronic libraries offer great wisdom for class and life.
The Online Books Page: An index of more than 35,000 free English works in various formats that meet very specific standard guidelines.
Project Gutenberg: Thousands of volumes of books complied by volunteers, this site is one of the best on the Internet.
Questia: With over 5,000 books freely and easily available online, this site is a must for students.
Classic Book Library: A free online library containing treasured classics for old and young alike, this database of books is simple and straight forward.
FullBooks.com: Thousands of full text free books, this resource is great for fiction and poetry fans.
Internet Public Library: A wide variety of free, full-text sources for literature on the web.
Classic Reader: A searchable online library featuring works from great authors such as Jane Austen and Charles Dickinson.
Authorama: Featuring completely free books from a variety of different authors, this site allows users to works online or offline
Bored.com: Offering eBooks from a variety of different authors, these books are funny and quick reads.
ReadPrint: A free online library for students providing everything from Agatha Christie to Robert Frost.
The Literature Network: Perfect for required reading and English class this site provides students with a list of master authors and their works.
LibriVox: This site allows users to either read or listen to thousands of books that exist in the public domain.
Classic Bookshelf: With thousands of easily available classics, this archive allows users to catch up on master works from master authors.
Read Book Online: Over one thousand books from hundreds of authors, this collection represents several genres: fictions/novels, short stories, poems, essays, plays.
Chest of Books: Giving readers access to tens of thousands of books, this site is great for readers who happen to be students.

Sites for Getting Involved

Charity is important for character and college applications. These sites are great for getting involved with charities and great causes.
100 Mile Diet: Advocating the local food movement, 100 Mile is a resource for locating farms and tips for cooking.
Do The Green Thing: Tips, tools and advice for going green, this site is great for students just looking at getting involved in environmental causes.
Farm Locator: Find the freshest produce your region has to offer with this farm locator provided by a nonprofit organization.
WWF Footprint Calculator: This tool from the World Wildlife Foundation calculates user’s inputted data to discover their carbon footprint.
Care2: A social community for kids who care, this network helps organize its members based on cause.

Resources for College

It never hurts to start thinking about the future. While most high school students don’t consider the rest of their lives, these sites will help get kids deliberating long term goals.
CampusTours: Not every student can afford to travel the country visiting schools. For the cash-strapped and college bound, there’s CampusTours which allows for a much cheaper virtual alternative to visiting a number of universities.
College Board: The organization behind the SAT is dedicated to getting students into higher education and offers great educational resources.
FinAid.org: Financial aid is a hugely important process for college and career training. Thinking about it early has benefits and this site is a great resource.
Classroom 2.0: A social network for distance and self-learners, this community offers support for its members seeking to learn on their own.
flingr: This network is in continual development, constantly improving on its features and services.
CollegeNET: Scholarship, job information and other resources are available through this site catering to college bound students.
Dojo Learning: Quick career education and learning resources for students and teenagers to complete online in their spare time.
FAFSA4CASTER: This tool helps calculate a student’s expected financial aid based on parent’s income taxes.

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