100 Twitter Feeds to Sharpen Your Writing Skills

100 Twitter Feeds to Sharpen Your Writing Skills
100 Twitter Feeds to Sharpen Your Writing Skills
Writers who know how to compete in today’s market know that they need to maintain a strong, consistent presence on social media sites like Twitter. But Twitter isn’t just a tool for networking or promoting your own work: it’s a great educational resource, too. Follow these 100 feeds for useful writing tips for blogging, novels, journalism, mastering the writing process, and more.

Business Writing and Practical Tips

Find tips related to business communication and resume writing, plus marketing and branding resources for freelancers.
@writeyourbook: Learn how to write a book that boosts your brand.
@CCTheLowdown: Creative Content Ltd has business writing tips and business communication tips for everyone.
@JobRadio: Job Radio’s feed has great tips for investment writing, writing your resume, writing for social media, and more.
@tech_writer_: Lu K. is a tech writer who tweets writing hacks, editing tips and more.
@HireHeather: Heather can do it all: freelancing, medical writing, finance writing, and more.
@mcort: Michelle Corteggiano helps you communicate more effectively for the sake of your brand.
@RKResumes: This feed shares tips for writing killer resumes and cover letters.
@KrisPlantrich: Kris Plantrich of ResumeWonders has tips for business communication and resume writing.
@evernote: This web organization and bookmarking tool shares tips on how to keep up with all of your research and brainstorming ideas.

Creative Writing

Find tips for writing short stories, poetry, novels and more from these Twitterers.
@StoryBuzz: Timothy S. Miller is a ghostwriter who shares inspiring quotes from writers and writing tips.
@MyBookTherapy: Become a better fiction writer by following this feed.
@kidswritebooks: This feed is full of tips for kids who want to write.
@TheWritingFreak: Get serious fiction writing tips here.
@markdavidgerson: This screenwriter is a writing and creativity coach.
@lydiaruth77: Lydia is an enthusiastic, community-oriented writer of poetry, essays and fiction who likes sharing tips and inspiration via Twitter and her blog.
@kaitnolan: Kait Nolan is a romance writer who keeps followers updated on her progress, favorite tools and more.
@poetryc: Poetry Central tweets about writing poetry and more.
@TheWritersDen: David Hunter loves wine coolers and swapping story writing tips with other aspiring authors.
@kristycolley: Kristy writes fiction and hopes to be a best-selling author one day.
@jamieharrington: Follow author Jamie Harrington on her quest to write a villain book.


Get research and writing tips from a journalist’s perspective.
@MaryCateOMalley: Mary Cate O’Malley helps out-of-work journalists get back on their feet.
@McMedia: Learn about travel writing from Sandi McKenna.
@mediaideas: This feed keeps up with journalism news and hacks.
@helpingmedia: Media Helping Media’s feed has tips for journalists, especially those working in war-torn communities.
@hatch3: Thurston Hatcher tweets helpful tips for journalists who want to get ahead and not look stupid.
@WendyNorris: Wendy is a freelance political/public policy journalist who shows followers how to effectively use Twitter and other social media sites for research and networking.
@macloo: Journalists can find useful web tools, tweet tips, writing tips and more from @macloo.

Blogging/Internet Writing

Learn how to make the most of your online writing opportunities from these writers.
@writing_online: This feed shares tips and highlights great writing from the web, including poetry, articles, essays and more.
@Jocelynfi55: Learn better blogging and business writing tips for the Internet here.
@englishcomp: Jim Burke is an English teacher who enjoys tweeting about writing, web tools and more.
@jlucymuses: Learn about blogging and journaling from Joanna Young.
@suejeff: Sue is a UK-based writer who posts Internet writing and branding tips on her feed.
@SharonGerlach: Sharon is a writer-by-night who can help other writers to get organized online for the sake of promoting their work.
@wordhack: Internet hack writers and copywriters can learn a lot from @wordhack.
@inkyelbows: Debbie Ridpath Ohi is a web writer with lots to say about the industry.
@OnlinePublicist: This account comes from someone who wants to connect books to the online world.
@motsjustes: This feed helps writers and bloggers find the right words.
@contentmanager: Learn all about Internet writing and social media communication here.
@WordPressWizard: WordPress users can tune into this feed for blogging hacks.
@Blogussion: Find posts related to blog style, punctuation, creating content, and more.
@kristofcreative: Kristof shows writers and businesses how to be more creative online.

Prompts and Brainstorming

These feeds are great to follow if you need to overcome writer’s block.
@NoTelling: Get writing prompts and inspiration from Monda.
@Mike_Sellars: This feed has random sentences that can inspire awesome stories.
@TriQuetraMuse: Storytellers head to this feed for inspiration, web design tips and more.
@GenreStories: Find 140-character short stories for every genre on this feed.
@notebookco: This Moleskin store’s feed also shares writing tips and tricks, plus inspiration.

Personal Stories and Essays

Get tips on writing personal essays and stories.
@diannakelly: This writing coach helps people find a way to write their own personal stories.
@djstoddard: This humorist motivates writers to "get outta their own way."
@noveloflife: Follow Lethe Bashar for tips on writing about yourself.
@WritersRite: Kelly is a passionate writer who shares her stories on Twitter.
@dotjas: Follow Jason Ferris for tips on writing personal stories and commercial pieces.


These feeds show writers how to work with publishers, editors, agents and more.
@amaxberry: Annette Maxberry-C. teaches writers the ropes of the publishing industry.
@WritingCoach21: Theresa Wilson is a writing coach who tweets writing tips, overcoming writer’s block, and using tech tools to better your writing prospects.
@DebraMarrs: Debra helps writers get ideas and launch their careers.
@kriswrite: Kris Write has written 16 books, but she also offers insight into managing a freelance career.
@LisaTener: Learn how to publish your nonfiction or how-to book by following Lisa Tener.
@JASStudios: If you want to know how to market your book and become a better author, follow Joseph Sanchez.
@artisancopy: Sally Anne Giedrys can help freelance writers become better copywriters and business managers.
@LukemanLiterary: Noah Lukeman is President of Lukeman Literary Management, and he tweets about finishing manuscripts, editing, working with agents and more.
@WritingSpirit: Get Twitter tips and book promotion tips just for writers from this feed.
@Seagman: Learn how to work with a literary agent from this real-life literary agent.
@JodiCleghorn: This writer/editor/publisher tweets about book festivals, meeting authors, contracts, and more.
@MercenaryWriter: This feed features interesting articles about authors, writing tips, inspiring quotes, and more.
@GetPublishedTV: Get links to videos with tips for writing a book.
@publishingtalk: Writers, editors and publishers learn how to use social media from this feed.
@Bookgal: This author marketing expert shares tips for DIY marketing and more.
@WritersDigest: Learn about publishing, contracts, agents, writer’s block and more.


Get editing, proofreading and grammar tips from these feeds.
@gwextra: GWE helps writers by sharing proofreading and editing tips and services.
@scriptawords: Marg Gilks is an author and editor who helps writers look good.
@LindaAragoni: This writing teacher shares lesson plans, writing prompts and more.
@WriterLor: Get all kinds of writing tips and editing help from @WriterLor.
@writingclasses: Deborah Owen gives free writing evaluations.
@writingc: This feed is full of excellent article links and tips for editing, branding, mastering the writing process, and more.
@FirstForCopy: Caroline is a copywriter obsessed with the English language who really knows her stuff.
@prowritingtips: Editors and professional writers share all kinds of writing tips here.
@hbrianne: Brianne is a freelance copy editor and a "grammar geek."
@cassiemon: Cassie Armstrong shares sensible proofreading, freelancing and editing tips.
@GrammarGirl Grammar Girl Mignon Fogarty shares her tips on Twitter, too.

Author Feeds

Successful authors help other writers perfect their craft here.
@Sirjohn_writer: Follow this award-winning novelist for tips on finding your groove.
@WeberBooks: Steve Webers shares writing tools, inspiring quotes, and more.
@mdemuth: Mary DeMuth is an author, speaker and book mentor who posts about the book industry and writing process.
@JohnMost: Writer John Most tweets about what inspires him and finding time to work.
@schooltimebooks: This children’s book author posts works by other writers too.
@houseofkeon: Jean Lorrah is a writer who tweets about book tours, journaling and more.
@JLichtenberg: This feed features tweets about inspiration, authors and the science fiction/fantasy writing culture.
@alisonkent: Alison Kent has published over 40 works and explains her writing process.
@Writely_So: This writer/poet posts writing hacks, food for thought quotes, and more.
@MissM_writes: Follow Miss M. as she writes and edits her book and blog.
@jessaslade: Jessa is an urban fantasy romance author.
@toniandrews: Toni Andrews is a popular writer and TV producer who wants other writers to be successful too.


For more writing tips, turn to these feeds from writing websites and beyond.
@fuelyourwriting: This feed is full of writing tips for finding inspiration, deciding the best time to write, and posting on websites.
@AdotP_english: This feed collects stories from around the world for an open source, globally minded book. Get ideas and submit your work.
@Greenwritergirl: Sherri wants to save the trees and help writers all at the same time.
@voicesofchrist: This feed is for those who "write as ministry."
@TopicTurtle: Eric Stoffle shares everything from ebook news to social media to tagging tips.
@asuen1: Anastasia Suen has written 114 books and 5 book blogs. She’s also a writing teacher at SMU, and her Twitter feed is packed with tips for all types of writers.
@GetEditingJobs: Editors can find lots of job posts around the U.S. here.
@BeTheMedia: Get innovative tips on connecting with readers and your audience on social media.
@StoryofMyLife: This feed features stories of different people and serves as great inspiration.
@writing: Follow this feed for links to author interviews and writing tips.

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