100 Motivational Blog Posts for Disgruntled Grads

100 Motivational Blog Posts for Disgruntled Grads
100 Motivational Blog Posts for Disgruntled Grads
If college wasn’t quite what you had planned or you’re struggling to find a job with your very expensive new degree, you may be feeling a little disgruntled about your college experience. With the economic slump, you’re not alone in feeling a little frustrated, but there’s no reason to let a little challenge keep you down. These posts will help you get the motivation and inspiration you need to make the transition from college into the real world and find a way to make the time you spent in school worth it– whether you use your degree or not.

Planning a Career

How do you want to use your college degree? Do you have a plan for making the most of your education? These posts will address some issues you should consider.
Developing Leadership Skills: Written with realtors in mind, these leadership tips will help you in just about any field.
New Grads Quickly Grow Impatient for Climbing the Corporate Ladder: If you’re not advancing as fast as you’d like, this article explains why you shouldn’t be frustrated.
College grads hit the road to find their dream jobs: You may want to follow in a growing trend when starting out your career and take to the road in your first few years after college.
As economy sours, China frets over jobless graduates: Think you’ve got it hard here? Things are even worse for Chinese grads so count yourself lucky.
Our disgruntled young journalists: If you’re in the newspaper or writing business you can get some career tips from this article that will help you be happier and healthier in your career.
Open Letter to College Seniors and Recent Grads: Stop Whining: Need a dose of straight talk to get yourself on the right track? This blog provides just that.
Career Planning Advice: Check out this post to learn about the importance of creating a career plan.
Advice for Recent Grads: Give this blog a read to get some helpful advice on starting out in a new career.
10 Tips for Successful Career Planning: These tips can offer you a little assistance in figuring out your career plan.
Writing a Career Action Plan – Why You Need One: Are you floundering after college? Unsure of what to do? Learn how to create a plan of attack for your post-college life from this posting.

Finding a Job

These days, finding a job for new college grads isn’t an easy feat. These posts will give you some motivation and support.
Makes Me Wanna Holler: This blogger sympathizes with those who are having a hard time finding a job.
7 Common Interview Questions for the New Graduate: Don’t go into an interview blind, prep beforehand by reading this common questions.
Students and Grads: Resume Boot Camp: This post is part of a series where you can pick up some great tips to help you make the most of everything you did during your high school and college career.
Tales of a Disgruntled Graduate: A View from the Front Lines of the Post-College Job Hunt: Get a little inside advice from another recent grad who is looking for a new job.
How to Get the Most Out of Career Fairs: Career fairs can be one place to keep you moving forward on your job search. Learn how to get the most from your experience here.
What I’ve Learned Lately about Job Searching: Here you can read some advice on the job search process.
Starting off on the right foot: If you’ve just found a new job, make sure you keep it with some great advice from this post.
Weak job market is actually mad for grads: Could the recession actually be helpful to new grads looking for a job? This poster seems to think so.
How New Grads Can Take Charge of Job Search Rejection: Don’t let rejection break your will to find a job. Learn how to turn rejection into determination here.
College grads finding job search tough, but not impossible: Here you can find an article that offers hope in the job search for new grads.
Job Hunting 101 For New Grads: Learn some basics of job hunting in this useful guide geared towards those just coming out of college.

Repaying Loans and Financial Responsibility

Many students graduate from college tens of thousands of dollars in debt with few resources to pay it back if jobs aren’t plentiful. Get some support in paying back your debts and learning to manage money from these posts.
10 Financial Tips for New Grads: Read these tips to get a little advice on how you can manage your finances, especially if you’ve never been on your own.
Less Pain for those Repaying Student Loans: There may be some relief for those with hefty student loans under a new policy. Find out if it may apply to you.
Save thousands by pre-paying your debt: For those with a large amount of debt, these tips from I Will Teach You to Be Rich can help you get it paid off sooner.
The $1500 Frisbee: Think those little expenses don’t add up? This post will teach you otherwise.
How to Get Out of Debt: If you want to get out of debt fast this posting has some great advice to offer.
25 of the Best Books About Money: Add a few of these texts to your library so you can learn more about what it takes to be financially savvy.
25 Free Budgeting and Finance Tools for Students and Grads: These helpful tools can be really great for new grads just starting out.
The Different Types of Loans: A Primer: Could you consolidate your loans? This post will educate you on the types of loans and let you know what you could do to save.
7 Great Jobs that Offer College Loan Forgiveness: One way to get out from under those loans is to take on a job that will cover them. You can learn more about the process here.
Student Loans And The Philosophy Of Debt: Read this blog to better understand your student loans and the process of paying them.
5 Loan Tips for the New Grad: Here you’ll find some great tips for addressing your loans after graduation.

Using Your Degree

These posts will encourage you to think of new ways to use your college degree even if you’ve veered off from your original plan.
4 ways to use your IT degree in a job search: Those in the technological fields can learn how to make the most of their degrees here.
Use your qualification: Make sure all that hard work doesn’t do to waste with some advice here.
Top Part-Time Jobs: Use Your Degree to Make Ends Meet: Your degree may not only be able to get you full time work but part time gigs as well.
Ten Ways to Market Your Liberal Arts Degree: Liberal arts degrees are some of the most interesting but the least likely to get you a job. Learn how to make them work for you here.
5 Steps to Achieving Maximum Benefit from Your Degree: Check out this posting to read how you can get all the benefits you deserve from your degree.
How to Make the Most of a College Degree: Ensure that your degree works for you by reading this helpful post.
Coming Out on Top with an Arts Degree: If you love the arts, you can make your degree more useful in the job market with a little advice from this blog.
How to Make the Most Money With your College Degree: If financial security is what you’re after, this post is a good read.
From Degree to Paycheck: Which Degrees Offer the Best Return?: Do you have a potentially lucrative degree? Find out more here.
15 Successful Entrepreneurs Who Didn’t Need College: If you no longer love what you majored in you may not need your degree to be highly successful as these entrepreneurs show.
Many college grads find work outside line of study: If you’re finding work outside of what you studied you may not be alone.

Entering the Real World

If you’ve never had a solid 9-5 job or haven’t ever lived alone, the real world might be a bit of an adjustment. These posts will help you avoid getting flustered by all the new challenges you’ll face.
Tips for Furnishing Your New Place: If you’ve never lived outside a dorm or a furnished apartment this blog post will help you figure out how to create a live able place.
5 Do’s and Don’ts Of Living The Good Life For New Grads: Here you’ll learn how to enjoy your new freedom– within limits of course.
21 Incredibly Practical Tips To Survive The "Real World": Those just entering the real world can benefit from these great tips for survival.
The Real-World Consequences of Dropping Out of College: You can read this blog to learn why your degree might be great, even if you don’t use it.
Welcome to the Real World – My Best Advice for New Graduates: Get some advice from an older person who’s been there and done that.
The "real world": life after college: Learn about what to expect in life after college from this blog post.
Ten Things to Learn This School Year: This blog post can help you determine whether or not you’ve learned some important skills that will help you on the job.
The Post-College Relationship Manifesto: If you want to continue a relationship you had after college is over, this blog can offer some inspiration.
Cemented post-college plans overrated: Not having your plans set in stone may be better than you think, as this blogger describes.
Welcome to Hell: A Real World Guide for Graduates: Whether your life after college is great or a nightmare, this post will offer a little guidance.

Finding Your Passion

Even if your college degree becomes worthless in the process, following your passion in life can be a great way to re-inspire you to love what you do. Read more about it in these posts.
50 People, One Question: If you could do anything for one day what would it be? 50 people answer this question, which can be a big insight into what really matters to you.
To Succeed in Your Career, Follow Your Passion: This blog explains how having a job you’re passionate about can help you succeed in life.
The 5 Reasons Why You’re Not Fulfilling Your Potential: Do you feel like you’re not living up to what you thought you would? This blog will give you some possible reasons why.
How to Doggedly Pursue Your Dreams in the Face of Naysayers: Everyone will face down negative people in their lives. Whether they are parents, professors or friends, learn to follow your dreams no matter what other people say.
How to Find Your Passion: Unsure what goes into finding a passion? Here you’ll get some guidance.
The Ultimate Security: Doing What You Love: This blog explains how there’s much greater job security in finding something you really want to do.
The Emerging Professional: Finding Your Passion: New graduates can find advice on finding a passion in life from this post.
Parents Make Five Common Mistakes Helping New Grads Find the Right Career Path: If your parents are involved in your career planning (perhaps more than you’d like) you can learn what things to avoid let them doing here.
5 Reasons Why Doing What You Love Can Optimize Your Life: Learn why you may want to pursue your true loves in life rather than stick with something you have a degree in if it doesn’t spark your passion.

Other Disgruntled Grads

These posts will help you connect with other college grads who are less than pleased with the results of their college education and let you know you’re not the only one struggling post graduation.
What Were Your Most Useless Courses?: Was there anything about your college experience that was completely useless? Share your thoughts on this blog.
Glowing reference?: Learn how your professors may not be who you thought they were from this post.
Bored and unhappy graduates?: You may be among the growing number of grads who are unhappy after finishing school.
For Most People, College Is a Waste of Time: Read this blog to hear an impassioned explanation about why college may not have been worth it.
Was College a Waste of Time? – Six Mistakes You Made: If you didn’t get what you thought you would out of college this post explains how it may have been on you, not the college.
Pomp In These Circumstances: What’s a College Degree Worth?: If you don’t feel like your degree was worth it you can find commiserate feelings here.
Over-Educated, Under Employed: Was College Worth It?: This blog addresses the possibility of college not being worth the time you put into it.
Writers Block? Pssh…: Was college a boost or a bane to your creativity? Learn more about this blogger’s experience here.
AreCollege Degrees a Waste of Time: Read this posting to help you feel better about your bad experiences in college.

Further Education

College didn’t turn out the way you wanted this time around? Think you can learn more and work harder? These posts will help you determine if you should go back to school instead of heading into the job market.
The Rush to Graduate School: Check out this posting to learn more about the growing number of people heading back to school.
Mad Grads: Graduate school may not be all that you thought it would. Read this post first.
Economy forces 2009 grads to dump dream colleges: This blog offers something to think about when trying to go back to school.
Grad School or the Real World?: Get a little advice on making the decision between jobs and school with this blog.
Going Back to School – Eight Things to Consider Before Going Back: Learn more about the details of going back to school in this blog.
Should You Go Back to School During a Recession?: Many people hide out in grad school during times of economic downturn. Read this blog to learn if this is a smart decision.
Is grad school worth it in This Economy?: Grad school is a big monetary investment and you can get a little advice on making the expense worth it here.
What Is a Master’s Degree Worth?: This NYT blog will educate you on which higher degrees may be worth getting and which may be a waste of time.
Should YOU Go Back to School After Graduating College?: Choosing to go back to school can be a big deal. Learn whether or not it may be right for you with a little help from this blog.

Life After College

These posts are all about easing the transition between the world of the student and that of the adult worker.
Life After Graduation: In this Get Rich Slowly post you’ll find some simple tips to help you adjust to your new life and career after college.
10 Rules for Life After Graduation: While this post is written for veterinary medicine grads, the advice it offers can be helpful to students starting out in all careers.
Life After Graduation (Even if it’s Been a Few Years): Are you in need of some motivation? This post collects some of the best graduation speeches to remind you to stay hopeful, determined and inspired to follow your dreams.
This is it. You’ve graduated. You’ve moved on. Now What?: If you find yourself asking this question then take a look at this blog post.
How to Adapt to Life after College: Here you’ll find a collection of tips that can help you start making the transition to life outside of the college campus.
The Truth About Life After College: This post is focused on getting your finances together post graduation and can help you create a firm foundation.
Lonely in Real Life: Some things are bound to change after you graduate, including being far from your friends, and you can learn a little about it from this college grad going through the process.
Life After College: All Work and No Play?: What did you picture life after college being like? This grad shares her experience and the reality check she got.
10 Things Every Graduate Should Know: Those in need of a little sage advice about life after school will appreciate the answers this article provides to common post-graduation questions.
There is Life After College Graduation: If you’re confused about the direction you want to take after finishing school, try reading this post to see the stories of other recent college grads.
A Look at Life After Graduation: Here you can read about what other college grads are doing.

Changing the World

Even if your college experience wasn’t all you thought it would be that doesn’t mean your life afterwards has to be. Here are some great posts that can help inspire you to do something good with your time, even if it doesn’t use your degree.
Ten People Who Could Change The World: Could you embark on a career that could help you change the world? Let these individuals act as an inspiration for what you can do with your knowledge and ambition.
10 Ways to Change the World Through Social Media: As a product of a technological age, you can use that technology to make a change in the world as this post explains.
30 Things You Can Do to Change the World in 30 Seconds: Don’t let your youthful enthusiasm die out. This blog post offers you small ways to make the world a better place.
8 Steps Toward Becoming The Leader You Need To Be To Succeed: If you didn’t learn leadership skills in college it’s never too late to start. These tips can help guide you to being a great leader at work at beyond.
Become a Role Model: Learn how you can turn your college education into an experience that can serve as a model for someone else.
Young People Who Rock: Check out this blog series to learn about grads who’ve taken strides to change their lives and those of people around them.
10 Ways to help your community in 30 minutes or less: This post offers some basic advice on how you can help your community without giving a huge amount of time.
New Grads Increasingly Turning to Jobs in Service, Volunteer Sectors: Could a job in public service be for you? Learn what options are out there for this post.
Make a Difference: 10 Positive Career Choices: Those unsure of what they want to do post-graduation may want to consider these careers that can make a big difference in the world.

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