Top 10 Commencement Speeches for Tech Lovers

Top 10 Commencement Speeches for Tech Lovers
Top 10 Commencement Speeches for Tech Lovers
Listening to or reading transcripts of old commencement speeches is a great way to feel inspired to take chances, start a new career, or find out what truly drives you. These 10 commencement speeches, given by leaders in Internet and computer science technology, engineering, entrepreneurship and beyond, are terrific for technology lovers who need a little extra insight into how scientists and techies can change the world.
Steve Jobs at Stanford, 2005: Computer science geeks and Apple lovers who worship Steve Jobs will relish in this moving, inspirational speech from Steve Jobs, who never graduated from college. He talks about quitting, being adopted, and finding your purpose in life.
Bill Gates at Harvard, 2007: Bill Gates is one of the ultimate techie heroes, and he returns to Harvard in 2007 to deliver the commencement address and receive his own degree. Gates prods graduates to consider how they can do the greatest good to help communities around the world, pulling from his own philanthropic efforts to relieve sick children from poverty-stricken nations.
Omid Kordestani at San Jose State University, 2007: At the time of this speech, Omid Kordestani was still the Senior Vice President for Worldwide Sales and Field Operations for Google. The handsome Iran-born MBA’s cheerful delivery meshes well with his own background story, which details the events that brought him to the United States.
Larry Page at University of Michigan, 2009: Google co-founder Larry Page speaks to the University of Michigan class of 2009 about his own family’s legacy at the school. Through his story, Page also comments on the notion of the American dream, family values and creating your own path.
Eric Schmidt at Carnegie Mellon, 2009: Google Chairman and CEO asks the graduating class to consider the statistic that practically every thing they touch was first invented by computer scientists from Carnegie Mellon. He praises the school’s history of computer science, as well as the general tradition of changing the world through technology.
Marissa Mayer at Illinois Institute of Technology, 2009: In her speech to the 2009 IIT graduation class, Vice President of Search Product and User Experience at Google Marissa Mayer discusses the different challenges and methods for finding and searching. Mayer, a pretty blonde and self-proclaimed nerd shares her own experience with discovering real passion and finding new ways to approach the world.
Raymond F. Magliozzi and Thomas L. Magliozzi at MIT, 1999: MIT alumni and beloved "Car Talk" hosts Raymond and Thomas Magliozzi together delivered the commencement address at their alma mater in 1999. Engineers, motor heads and general tech lovers will appreciate the continuous banter, personal anecdotes about their first attempts at being graduation speakers, and process of figuring out how to address technology and inspiration in their speech.
Ray Bradbury at California Institute of Technology, 2000: Science fiction writer Ray Bradbury was introduced to the 2000 California Institute of Technology graduating class by a choral presentation of "Rocket Man." In his speech, he addresses the journey that led him to be a writer and the importance of uniting passion, confidence and dedication in order to achieve the kind of success that makes you happy.
Dean Kamen at Bates College, 2007: Although Segway PT inventor Dean Kamen insists that communicating isn’t his "thing," his dry, calm sense of humor and unguarded sincerity are instantly engaging. During his commencement address to the 2007 Bates College graduating class, he tries to give his audience perspective on the stresses of paying student loans by listing all of the depressing global issues at hand. He challenges the graduates, whom he calls a minority because of their education, to solve those problems and use their advantage in a responsible way. Technology, Kamen maintains, has given him the ability to be more optimistic than he ever has been in his life, and he is excited to see what new ideas the next generation brings to the table.
Dr. Tim Oldham at The Australian National University, 2008: Dr. Tim Oldham helps his audience discover how they, as science and technology graduates, can lead lives that help change the world. By telling them to recognize that they have an edge because of their education; that many of the world’s greatest problems are rooted in science and technology; and accepting "that the world is an increasingly interconnected place," their task will seem less daunting.

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