100 Awesome Social Sites for Every Aspect of Your Life

100 Awesome Social Sites for Every Aspect of Your Life
100 Awesome Social Sites for Every Aspect of Your Life
Whether you work and study from home, are constantly on the go, or are chained to a desk all day, the Internet provides welcome relief for all kinds of productive networking and indulgent socializing. Our list of 100 awesome social sites for every aspect of your life can help you make contacts in your field, organize your research, get great recommendations, and more.


Keep up with your business contacts, deals and marketing through these sites.
LinkedIn: LinkedIn is one of the most popular social sites for business professionals who are serious about making connections that matter.
Plaxo: Plaxo Pulse lets you network while syncing with Outlook, Mac and your mobile phone.
Ryze: Join Ryze to make deals with new clients and colleagues.
MeetTheBoss: Management professionals network and share content on this site.
Xing: Business professionals who do a lot of work overseas will appreciate this global-minded networking site.
Talkbiznow: This site offers more than social networking: you can collaborate with co-workers, research emerging trends in your industry, advertise your business, and more.
Ecademy: Ecademy is a site for people who want to expand their contacts base, advertise and participate in the greater discussion.
Ziggs: Here you can look for jobs and employees, organize contacts, build up your address book, monitor your online image, list yourself in professional directories, and more.
Networking for Professionals: Business professionals living in New York, Santa Monica, Phoenix, Ft. Lauderdale and other cities network online and at special sponsored events.
Small Business Brief: This site for business owners combines social bookmarking with networking and marketing.
FreelanceSwitch: Freelancers and the companies that hire them keep abreast of news and trends in the self-employment world, can find job listings, and network on this site.
NetParty: Companies looking for young professionals to join their team can set up happy hour networking events through this site.


Use the Internet to learn with others through sites like SecondLife and Gather.
Gather: If you’re in the mood for a discussion, log in to Gather to talk about politics, business, movies, travel and any other topics that members are gabbing about.
Ning: Ning is a social platform that’s completely customizable. Set up your own network for teaching or organizing your own private club.
Meetup: Join a club online to learn about bellydancing, speaking a foreign language, or home brewing. Then, you can organize real-life meet-ups through this site.
SecondLife: On SecondLife, you can learn new skills, experiment with other jobs and living in other cities, and use the site for training exercises.
Whyville: Whyville is a kid-friendly learning site where users create avatars and chat, play games, and more.


Use these social sites to find true love or just Mr. Right Now.
Match.com: This popular dating site claims that 20,000 new users sign up each day.
FriendFinder: Find companionship or lasting love through this site.
BigChurch.com: Christian singles mix and mingle on BigChurch.com.
eHarmony: Members on this site are pre-screened before you search their profiles.
Amigos.com: Latin singles network and find dates on Amigos.com.

News and Information Sharing

Catch up on the latest news and share your favorite stories with friends online.
Newsvine: This news site is updated by everyday readers.
Digg: Share amusing and thought-provoking stories in entertainment, politics, science, gaming and more.
Twitter: Twitter is changing the way the public reviews and accesses news. Share links and even find breaking news stories here.
Reddit: Easily rank news stories and catch up on the bizarre and controversial news items of the day.
Wikipedia: This open encyclopedia welcomes edits and information sharing from practically anyone.


Get travel recommendations and meet up with other travelers around the world by logging in to these sites.
Dopplr: Dopplr lets you submit your travel schedule so that you and your friends can keep track of your travels and meet up when you can.
TripAdvisor: Share reviews of destinations and amenities, learn about hot spots around the globe, and network with other world travelers.
TravBuddy: Here you can set up a profile, post photos of your vacation, meet other TravBuddies, get hotel reviews, view maps and play games, and journal.
CouchSurfing: Find free places to stay and open up your home to casual travelers through this network.
Zorpia: Use Zorpia to meet new friends wherever you’re traveling to.
WAYN: Here you can meet "like-minded people" on your adventures and meet up even when you’re far from home. Also supports photo and video sharing and more.

Shopping and Deals

Learn about special deals and get product reviews from real people.
Crowdstorm: Here you can "ask the crowd" for reviews of certain products before buying.
Craigslist: Find jobs, travel opportunities, furniture and more on this open classifieds site.
Kaboodle: Kaboodle lets you shop with friends online, look up products and brands, learn about fashion, view polls, and more.
Zebo: Zebo celebrates personal style (you can post pictures of what you wear each day) and the democratic shopping experience (members review products and add them to their wish lists).
Reesycakes: Find coupon codes, shopping and style tips, and store reviews on this social site.
woot!: Get consumer-interest news, product reviews and more.

Staying in Touch

These sites make it easy to stay in touch with family and friends by letting you share photos, status updates, links, music, and more.
Facebook: Post photos, links, contact information, music and plenty more to keep your friends and family updated on your every move.
Plazes: Keep track of your friends’ locations so that you can meet up as often as possible.
hi5: This social site features games, photo sharing, music sharing, message capability and more.
Flickr: Post photos from special events or your everyday routine to help faraway friends and family feel like they’re a part of your life.
Blogger: Start a blog with Blogger to keep your friends and family updated and enter into the whole Blogger community.
Flock: Flock is a social web browser that syncs with other tools like AOL mail, bebo, Digg, Gmail, Twitter, Flickr and Facebook.
MySpace: MySpace is one of the original social networks and is still going strong for companies, teens and adults.
Groovr: Groovr keeps your friends and contacts close and notifies you of local events and hot spots.
Tumblr: Set up a personal blog on Tumblr to easily share photos and news about your life.
Mobicue: Mobicue is a social site for mobile users who want to share photos, videos, news and status updates.

Making a Difference

Look for volunteer opportunities and causes to support by networking on these sites.
Bright Light: With Bright Light, you can find causes to join, like environmental groups, human rights campaigns, and more.
Care2: This large network of green living enthusiasts supports human rights and animal welfare, too.
Idealist.org: Find volunteer opportunities, mission trips and nonprofit jobs and news on this social site.
Opportunity Knocks: Opportunity Knocks is a job site and networking finder for the nonprofit sector.
ServeNet: Here you can find networking and social opportunities online for youth who want to make a difference.
Google Groups: Keep your group organized and connected by using a free service like Google Groups.
YouTube: Get the word out about your organization by uploading a video onto YouTube.
TreeHugger: Learn about environmental advocacy groups, research projects, green design, organic eating and more from TreeHugger.
LiveJournal: Get on LiveJournal to share all types of updates about your cause and network with other users.
Etsy: Support independent artists and designers by shopping and connecting on Etsy.com.

Organization and Personal Growth

Stay organized and keep track of your personal goals through sites like meebo and 43Things.
meebo: Streamline your chat accounts with meebo, which supports AIM, MySpace and more.
43Things: List your goals and meet others on a similar journey through this group.
esnips: Use esnips to save and share all your favorite stuff from the web.
Clipmarks: Users share their favorite clips and then send them out to friends via this site, Twitter, and more.
Instructables: Learn how to do anything by reading the tutorials and asking friends for advice on Instructables.
Diigo: This social site lets you collaborate on projects, share annotations, create groups, highlight the web, and more.

Health and Fitness

Learn about healthy eating, get support from patients who are suffering just like you, and find workout buddies on these sites.
Gimme20: Learn about diet, nutrition, fitness and overall wellness on this community site.
iTrainHarder: Trainers, gym reps and individual fitness enthusiasts get together on this site.
SparkPeople: Here you can get tips on living and eating healthy. Access tools and meet other individuals who are learning about becoming healthy, too.
Traineo: This weight-loss community supports goal tracking and more.
MyCancerPlace: Cancer patients share information, upload photos, join groups and find support on this site.
Inspire: All kinds of patients and healthy-living enthusiasts can join this site to find courage and information.
Diabetic Connect: Diabetics connect on this site to learn about treatments, special meals, networking events, and more.

Special Interest

Social sites for women, bookworms, musicians and more are found here.
OSOYOU: This fashion network features celebrity style news, trend reviews, shopping information and more.
Muxtape: Currently, Muxtape is invite only and a place for bands to share music, sell downloads, network, upload music videos, and more.
Shelfari: Those who love to read can turn to Shelfari to get book recommendations and swap titles with new friends.
iVillage: This women’s network features channels, communities and tips for pregnancy, beauty and style, home and garden, celebrities, food, dieting and more.
deviantART: Artists of all kinds connect, find community projects, and learn about contests here.
Quarterlife: Creative people head to this site to post portfolios, set up their own communities, learn about special events and festivals, and find inspiration.
italki.com: Pair up with others intent on learning a new language on this site.


Organize your finances and keep up with trading news here.
Cake Financial: This investment support site boasts a healthy interactive community for learning about what to do with your money.
MarketWatch Community: Join groups, get industry news, and look up other finance-minded people here.
Wesabe: Use this site to track your budget, organize your finances, get quality finance tips, and meet others who are trying to be wiser about money.
Tip’d: On Tip’d, you can rank and submit finance stories.

Religion and Spirituality

These social sites allow you to explore religions and spirituality while seeking the advice of others.
Beliefnet: Turn to Beliefnet to learn more about religion, health, faith and more.
Xianz: This "faith-based Myspace" is a social networking site for Christians.
Gaia Community: This site offers users the opportunity to explore spirituality and discover their talents and passions.
Lime.com: Lime.com is a site for researching "healthy living with a twist" and spirituality.
ShoutLife: This family-friendly social networking site is "safe and clean" and offers space for users to share music, photos, videos and more.


These social sites are perfect for families who want to stay in touch and track their history.
MyHeritage: Set up your family tree on this site. You can also share photos, send each other gifts, and more.
Geni: Geni is another site that lets families build a family tree and organize special dates and photos.
CafeMom: Moms connect, journal, share photos, swap advice and more.
Famiva: Families use Famiva to build a family tree, share photos, share calendars, and more.

Vegging Out

When you want to use the Internet to relax and catch up on mindless news and viral videos, turn to these sites.
bebo: Share videos, music, celeb crushes and more on this site.
Imeem: Get lost on Imeem, a site that lets you discover music and movies that real people are promoting.
Technorati: Quickly browse the topics people are blogging about on Technorati.
Fark: Fark is a social bookmarking site that features categories like showbiz, geek, business, sports, music and video.
Vimeo: Share videos and get lost in the database of music, movies and shows to watch here.
Break: Watch wacky videos like "Dog Attacks Grandma" on this site, which also has games and other mind-numbing features.
eBaum’s World: eBaum’s World has come a long way in the last several years: now you can play games, blog, join groups, submit your own content, chat and, of course, watch weird movies.
Flixster: Watch movies, get recommendations, swap reviews and meet other movie addicts here.

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