100 iPhone Apps to Automate Your School & Work Life

100 iPhone Apps to Automate Your School & Work Life
100 iPhone Apps to Automate Your School & Work Life
The iPhone is a great tool for streamlining your life at school and work. You can find apps that will save you time, offer remote control, and more. Here, we’ll take a look at 100 iPhone apps that can help you get your life automated so you can focus your time and energy on more enjoyable things.

Remote Control

Deal with your home, computer, and more, without even having to physically be there.
Crestron: Crestron Mobile interfaces easily between your iPhone and Crestron home control system.
Jaadu VNC: You’ll be able to get full control of your computer’s mouse, keyboard, and computer screen using Jaadu VNC.
iHome Remote: Use iHome Remote to get remote control of your iHome.
Remote: This iPhone app will control iTunes and Apple TV on the same WiFi network as your iPhone.
iControl: Get remote control over your air conditioner, window shades, lighting, and more with iControl.
Xtenscape: Download Xtenscape for your iPhone to interface with Xtenscape on your PC or Mac, and you can control home appliances from anywhere.
Savant Systems: Control your home automation systems that use Savant’s ROSIE technology using this app for the iPhone.


These apps will make entertainment something you barely have to think about.
Rimote: Rimote will allow you to operate any bathovision TV in your local area network.
Sky+: If you use a Sky+ box, get this app to schedule recordings at home from anywhere.
Shazam: With Shazam, it’s easy to identify songs and add them to your library just by holding your phone up to the music.
Pandora: Create stations in the Pandora app, and you’ll be served with songs that you’ll love, based on the original song and your input.
SlingPlayer Mobile: With SlingPlayer Mobile, you’ll be able to manage your SlingPlayer from afar.
Last.fm: With this app, you’re guaranteed to hear something you like without having to find it yourself.


Gather information with as little effort as possible by using these apps.
Newsstand: Using Newsstand, you’ll be able to collect and read RSS feeds to check out on the go.
Howcast: Use this app to find useful how-to videos wherever you are.
Cooliris: Use Cooliris to get super easy image searching.
LifeCast: LifeCast offers an easy way to blog, upload photos, tag with GPS and more, all at once.
Wake Me If: This alarm clock will wake or alert you in the event of specific weather conditions.
Heads Tails: Use this app to automate easy (or hard) decisions.
Color Harmony: Pull up a photo, and Color Harmony will automatically tell you which colors work well with it.
Snappy Seeker: You can find what you’re looking for on mobile optimized sites with just a few actions on your iPhone.
FedEx Mobile for iPhone: Get up to date shipment tracking information by using this app from FedEx.
SnapTell: SnapTell makes it easy for you to find information about books, DVDs, CDs, or video games just by taking a photo of the cover.


These apps will help make the technology in your life easier than ever to automate.
WifiTrak: WifiTrak can help you automate the process of finding free WiFi.
Ringonator: This simple drag and drop application will turn any AAC file into a ringtone in iTunes, automating the conversion process.
Discover: Download this app to use your iPhone as a wireless device on your networked Mac or PC.
Stage Hand: Use this app to conduct powerful presentations using your iPhone.


Make security a snap by using these apps.
1Password: 1Password will automatically fill forms and passwords for you on your iPhone.
mSecure: Using mSecure, you’ll be able to keep your important numbers and information close at hand and secure.
iHound: iHound will automatically help you recover your lost or stolen iPhone.


Put your social life on autopilot by using these apps.
Loopt: Loopt allows users to see friends’ proximity on the iPhone.
Birthdays Organizer: With this app, you’ll be able to get alerts notifying you that important days are coming up.
Juglir: Use Juglir to update your Twitter, Facebook, and FriendFeed accounts all at once.

Shopping & Customer Service

Use these apps to automate shopping lists, contacting customer service, and more.
pic2shop: With this app, you can take a picture of a barcode to instantly get information about the product.
CompareMe: CompareMe offers a great way to automate price conscious shopping and negotiation.
Dinner Spinner: Use this app to automate your dinner choices.
ShopShop: This free iPhone shopping list app will automate your grocery shopping, offering easy list building.
Shopper: Make your shopping lists easier with this awesome grocery list app.
Dial Zero: The Dial Zero app will give you the information you need to get to an actual human as soon as possible when calling companies with phone trees.
iFood Assistant: iFood Assistant offers recipes that have a shopping list you can take on the go.
Save Benjis: Save Benjis offers information on Internet prices while you shop in brick and mortar stores.


Keep everything organized at work and school with these iPhone apps.
iiBlueSky: Keep your ideas and notes handy on the go, and automatically access later with iiBlueSky.
Google Calendar: Although the iPhone comes with a calendar app, Google Calendar will make it easy for you to sync with other services.
Remember the Milk: Find excellent task list functionality in a format made just for the iPhone.
Bento: Use Bento to organize the details of your life.
Evernote: Evernote makes it easy for you to corral all of your important information, tasks, and appointments.
Personal Assistant: Keep all of your personal accounts and contacts in the palm of your hand with this app.
30Boxes: Make use of 30Boxes in order to keep your calendar updated and automated.
myHomework: Using this app, you can keep track of homework, classes, and more.
Facetime: Using Facetime, you can automate productivity with specifically set times for playing online, and getting work done.
Stuff Finder: This app automates the process of finding stuff, allowing you to photograph and tag items you might be looking for.
QuickVoice Recorder: You can speak and send information using just your iPhone and this app.
Date Wheel: With the Date Wheel, you can use the wheel to determine the amount of time between two different dates.
Print and Share: This app allows you to easily print from your iPhone.
Air Sharing Pro: With this app, you can view your documents on the go.

Communication & Collaboration

These apps make communication and collaboration super easy.
SoonR: Use SoonR to get remote Outlook access on your iPhone.
Pinger: Pinger makes it easy for you to see your voicemail messages in linear fashion, as well as send broadcast messages from your cell phone.
Whiteboard: Whiteboard offers collaborative drawing between iPhones and the iPod Touch.
ProjectMgr: ProjectMrg is the perfect app for automating project management on the iPhone.
iEDL: Make sending mass emails a snap by creating distribution lists in this app.
Email ‘n Walk: Use this app to be able to see the ground below you as you type an email on your iPhone.
AT&T Virtual Receptionist: Give your business a professional image with this small business phone service.
Gubb: With Gubb, you’ll be able to easily and simply share lists with coworkers and colleagues.
Shozu: Shozu will let you upload photos to all of your favorite social networking sites, including Twitter and Facebook.


Get your finances automated with the help of these apps.
Cellfire: Cellfire offers mobile support that helps you not only find coupons, but eliminate the need to physically clip them out, as it shows coupons on your phone.
CheckPlease: Using CheckPlease, you’ll find that calculating split checks and tips are a breeze.
iXpenseIt: iXpenseIt will help you automate daily expense tracking and monthly budgeting.
LionClock Plus: This app makes it easy to automate your time and billing for clients.
Mini Mortgage Manager: Maintain your mortgage repayments with this useful app.
Owed: Owed will help you automate unpaid IOUs and invoices.
Balance: Balance will help you prevent bank overdrafts.
Receipts: Use Receipts to automate the tracking of receipts without a lot of hassle.
Fidelity Monitor: Use Fidelity Monitor to easily keep an eye on your Fidelity accounts.
Mobile Banking: Use this app to manage your bank account on the go for a number of popular banks.
Mint: Keep an eye on your budget and balances using Mint’s iPhone app.
QuickBooks Online: Use QuickBooks to manage and view your accounts on the iPhone.
AT&T myWireless Mobile: With this app, you’ll be able to manage your iPhone’s AT&T wireless account from your device.
Moneytrackin: Moneytrackin will help you keep an eye on your cash flow.

Travel & Local

Whether you’re finding your way around home or exploring a city, these apps will help you find your way without a lot of hassle.
Whrrl: Whrrl makes it easy to find information about places and businesses close to your current geographical location.
Where To?: This GPS offers guidance toward points of interest.
iTrans NYC Subway: Make the NYC subway system a little more automated by using this helpful app.
Trips: Make use of Trips to keep tabs on all of your important travel information.
Parking Meter: Use this app to keep track of when your parking meter will run out, and where you left your car.
TubeStatus: If you’re in London, get real-time updates on delays in the London Underground.
FlightTrack: FlightTrack makes it easy to see real time status for flights around the world.
Take Me to My Car: This app will help you find your vehicle in a super easy way.
Urbanspoon: Shake Urbanspoon to automate the process of finding a restaurant to eat at.
Where: Using Where, you can find local businesses and find your friends nearby.
Cheap Gas!: Instead of driving all over town to find cheap gas, just check out this app before you go.


Without good health, you’re not very productive at school or work, so get your health automated using these apps.
My Life Record: Make use of this app to automate your medical records.
ICE: ICE is an app that can be filled with the details of your emergency contacts.
Glucose-Charter: This app will help you automate tracking of your glucose levels.
Free Menstrual Calendar: Using this app, you can automate tracking of your menstrual cycle.
iMapMy: iMapMy gives you location-based data for running, cycling, and other activities that cover distance.
My Emergency Info: Keep important information close at hand in case of a medical emergency by using this app.
iWatchr: If you’re on Weight Watchers, you’ll love this app that automates point value calculation.
SparkPeople: Track your health progress, food, and more with SparkPeople.
Symptom Navigator: Symptom Navigator offers a great way for you to investigate symptoms on the go.
Steps: Use this iPhone pedometer to automatically track the steps you take every day.
8h20: 8h20 simplifies the habit of drinking eight glasses of water daily.

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