Example of Night Eating Syndrome Research Paper

Example of Night Eating Syndrome Research Paper
Example of Night Eating Syndrome Research Paper
Night eating syndrome is an eating disorder which is discovered in 10 percent of obese people who are getting treated for being obese. This disorder is characterized by a decrease in appetite for breakfast. In order to write a research paper on night eating syndrome, if must first know what this disorder is. Is it dangerous? Is it treatable? What are the causes of night eating syndrome? What are the symptoms? How is this disorder treated? In this article I have provided an example of night eating syndrome research paper so that you can get an idea of how to write yours.

At the beginning of your research paper writing you must define what this night eating disorder is. For example, the symptoms of this disorder are the lack of appetite for breakfast, the consumption of more than 50 percent of calories after the person has had their evening meal and the waking up of a person in the middle of the night to consume high carbohydrate and protein snacks.

Foods which are consumed in the nighttime being are unhealthy and are often high caloric in content. And because of this night interval the person experiences a lack of appetite for breakfast in the morning.

Try to also give facts and relevant information regarding your topic because the examiner will be expecting you to do so. Refer to this example of night eating syndrome research paper that I have written and read the given example carefully.

Another effect of this night eating syndrome is that the individuals have a lack of hormones that are essential for sleeping, melatonin to be more specific. Many researchers believe that due to a decrease in melatonin levels in the body an individual cannot get proper sleep.

In the third part of your research paper on night eating syndrome you must write about the people who are most susceptible to this syndrome. You must also address the causes of this syndrome. For example, according to a scientific research this night eating syndrome occurs in obese people who are seeking medical treatment for their obesity.

There are many causes of this disorder, depression and anxiety along with interpersonal stressors, boredom and intense dieting are some of the major contributors due to which night eating disorders occur in a person.

In this example of night eating syndrome research paper, I have also given some tips on how to end a research paper. So in your conclusion you must write the various prevention techniques which doctors and dieticians have prescribed for people suffering from this syndrome.

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