Writing Research Paper on Alexander The Great

Writing Research Paper on Alexander The Great
Writing Research Paper on Alexander The Great
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Alexander III, the Macedonian (Aleksander Makedonski) also renowned as Alexander the Great was born in 356 BC in Pella, the capital metropolis in the Kingdom of Macedonia.

A learner of the theorist Aristotle, he came to the throne in 336 BC following the killing of his father, Philip II of Macedonia. (Adrian, 1999)

Alexander was considered a child from his birth until 341 B.C. His prince hood is from 340 to 336 B.C. In 336 B.C. Philip II, his father, was killed, thus making Alexander king. Alexander turns out to be a military leader in 335, and stayed one until his death in 323 B.C. He stayed in power from 336 B.C. until 323 B.C., when he expired.

His armed operation in Persia lasted from 334 to 329, and in 328 he started his campaign in India and Bactria, which lasted until 326. Alexander was only 20 years old when his father died in early 336 B.C. and he took over, throne for 12 years and eight months. Alexander was a potent soldier who inherited his father’s aspiration to obliterate the Persian Empire and conquer the entire world, and rule it. He led the Macedonian army to overwhelm the Persians at Issues then went on to surmount Syria, and the Poetical cities of Egypt, where he established Alexandria. In 331 BC, he routed a colossal Persian army at Arable and announced himself King of Persia. He moved eastwards, capturing Persian cities and got married to a Persian princess. In the summer of 327 BC, he directed his army on a drive towards Asia, entering lands that no one had formerly dared to visit. He crossed the river Indus, entering the vast territory of India where he took the majority of Punjab under his reign.

Alexander and his militia subjugated each army that attempted to halt them. He at last arrived at the Tar desert, an enormous, unfamiliar and strange place that is found at the length of what is now the boundary amid India and Pakistan. Alexander was prepared to march eastwards on his enormous road to invasion, but his military was tired and yearning for their gorgeous homeland. With his soldiers refusing to go further in the tropical rain, Alexander agreed to go back.
History of Macedonia

Ancient Macedonia was originally created in the second half of VII B.C. Throughout the centuries, the Macedonian boundaries changed and Macedonia became “Ruler of the world” with Alexander the Great, who is also known as Alexander the Macedonia.
The originator of the first Macedonian Kingdom was Perdika, who existed and ruled from 707-645 B.C. The route of the forming of this kingdom was not small, and it took another two centuries………

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