Guideline For Writing a Research Paper

Guideline For Writing a Research Paper
Guideline For Writing a Research Paper
Before you start to write a research paper, there are a few things to consider that can help you generate a successful paper. Following is a guideline for writing a research paper that will help you experience, gather, interpret and document your research and findings.

A research paper, belonging to any field of study, be it a medical project or an environmental survey, all follow a standard format. This allows students from around the world, to present their research on a unified platform, giving global understanding and rationality.

Your guideline for writing a research paper begins with a few general considerations; you first need to understand a simple division of research paper. These different sections, allow you to cover each and every aspect of your paper.

Another thing to be taken care of is the style format you use; make sure to use one single format throughout the paper, as per instructed by your supervisor. The most commonly used styles for writing research papers include, APA, MLA, and CMS. Follow rules for grammar, layout and syntax in accordance with the style format and you will have an ‘A’ grade research paper in your hand.

Also try to avoid, first person pronouns, like I, He or She, instead use third person writing, like We Will or They Will. Your guideline for writing a research paper also requires you to develop an outline for your research paper before you start write it down giving you enough space and thought to organize the information for reader’s comprehension. You can divide your outline into different chapters naming: introduction, background, methodology, results, conclusions, references and an appendix.

With the outline under your belt, you can now divide the rest of your research paper into different subsections. To begin, add a title page and then a table of contents on a fresh new page, with numbering in accordance to the style format being used.

In Introduction, you will give, introductory paragraphs, statement of the problem, purpose, significant of study and hypothesis. You will then move onto the next chapter, Background. Here you will present the literature review, definition of terms and with the help of a few tables or graphs, the evaluation of previous associated projects.

You will then come to your Methodology, giving population and sampling, instrumentation, procedure and time frame, analytical plan, validity and reliability, assumptions, scope and limitations in relation to your entire research paper. Then you will have to provide, all the possible Results, making certain you highlight each and every failed move as well.

According to a guideline for writing a research paper you will now proceed to your next chapter of Conclusions, presenting a summary of what you have found, explaining your finding, analyzing the results, recommendations and real world applications or benefits owing to your results.

Last but not the least; you will properly state your references, according to in – text citations in alphabetical order, by author. With this insert a list of any instruments used, if possible with a copy of an informed consent form.

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